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  1. CHAD SSI 210

    Do you use your snap in carpet?

    Hey everyone, Just wondering how many of you use your snap in carpet. Also wondering if you would order a new boat without the snap in carpet. Chad
  2. CHAD SSI 210

    257 SSX

    Hi, We are thinking of pulling the trigger on a new 2013 257SSX. I was just wondering what are the differences between the 2013 and the 2014? I see the 2014 can hold a couple more people and the weight limit is 400lbs. more. Also, I see the max hp is higher too. Any reasoning? Chad
  3. CHAD SSI 210

    257 SSX and Sunesta 244 overall height

    Just wondering if anyone knows what the overall height on the trailer of the 257 SSX and the Sunesta 244 both with the arch?
  4. CHAD SSI 210

    Torn between Sunesta 244 and 257 SSX

    Hello all, We are looking at trading up from our 210 SSI. For years we were Sunesta 244 all the way, until we climbed aboard the 257 SSX. Both are beautiful boats and the layouts are somewhat similar. We haven't done a demo yet, but are looking to do one in the future. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts between the two boats?
  5. CHAD SSI 210

    Ipod Connection

    I plugged into the back of the aux. ports in the JBL stereo with a red/black wiring which came with a plug in female side that you drill a hole and mount it in the dash. I believe I bought it through Crutchfield. It really turned out nice.
  6. CHAD SSI 210

    Cracking of Gel Coat/Fiberglass

    I'm sure that this question has been asked before. I have a 2005 Chaparral 210ssi that has a crack behind the windshied, in the floor behind the ski locker to the bench seat, and in front of the windshield. Is this type of cracking normal? The boat is trailered to the lake and stays on the trailer over winter. Hopefully the pictures are good enough to see the cracks.