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  1. HB226

    Prop Question

    Like so many things, no short cuts, thank you both
  2. HB226

    Prop Question

    Just spent 13 months living outside Austin in Hill Country near Lakeway. We were between Lake Travis and Lake Austin and in Travis the most. My Bravo 3 Dual Prop that isn't a stainless shiny finish is now dull and milky looking so I assume this is a purely aesthetic question. How do I get steel colored again, even shiny maybe using something in my driveway? I assume I can let someone do it who does it for a living but what's the fun that?
  3. OK here is my new digs We will be boating today with air 95 and water 85
  4. Tillys Marine owned by Brett Tilly, they are the SoCal authorized Chaparral dealer and they have locations in Huntington Beach, Norco and Ventura. John is the mechanic in HB and one of the best, Jack Saranpa runs HB and both have 30+ years each in boats. If you saw my post about replacing my whole outdrive from an accident it was John who gave me a better than new boat. All my service has been through them for two Chaparral's. I would recommend them to anyone for any boat. 714-840-1163
  5. Well we did it. I am in a house in Hudson Bend on the lake. I walk about 100 yards to the shore. So far I am still on a trailer because I have a huge asphalt spread around all sides of this property. The back towards the shore has a football size lawn with a giant BARBQ pad and then down to the dock that my friend/landlord/neighbor has. I am shopping for a house anywhere but Hudson Bend but in and around Travis. I'm still learning the area and I haven't decided if I am cashing out of HB or leasing. Great deal for a first stop getting the month to month why we pick. Been here about three months
  6. https://www.facebook.com/MomsGotInk/videos/882544665149537/ no reason to post this except it is funny
  7. HB226


    I had a 190 and bought the 226 in 2013 and I have 0 regrets. I consider it the perfect boat. Someone was near mine in the water in Havasu last year and reached over and nudged it and proclaimed "it's like a kite!". I totally agree with that statement. In fact, here is my old boat looking for owner #4 http://www.tillysmarine.com/pre-owned-boats.html/2005/CHAPARRAL/190-SSI/19-FT/HUNTINGTON-BEACH/CA/US/details-5274422#info, the last owner was a Harbor cop in Los Angeles Harbor and he kept it as nice as I did and now he wants a Robalo.
  8. https://twitter.com/Fox35Keith/status/627275019421401092
  9. I read AP posted a story that the Coast Guard ceased efforts in their search followed by the Coast Guard posting a response stating the AP story was not true and the search was ongoing. The parents hang on to hope letting us know the boys are strong and that they did not have permission to be out of the local waterways and on the open ocean. IMO it is shaping up to be a tragedy of innocent adventure gone wrong.
  10. I have lived at the edge of the ocean all my life. If they have access to a boat as we always did you keep venturing out further and further. It is no different than when you had your first bike or car and you keep expanding your known world. Maybe the parents didn't know their plan and wouldn't have approved, I don't know. What I do know is we did many things we knew better than to ask permission to do. I hope they are safe, but I agree it doesn't look good. If they got their vests on I think the water there is warm and being young they can tread for a long time.
  11. "The drive was ripped out. The boat was never the same after 20k in insurance covered work..." That's not good to hear
  12. This is an interesting twist, I sure hope they find these kids Former football player Joe Namath will hold a press conference about 2 missing teen boys in Jupiter, Fla.http://www.cbs12.com/news/top-stories/stories/coast-guard-searching-2-missing-14yearold-boys-aboard-19foot-boat-near-jupiter-27806.shtml?wap=0&
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