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  1. delaney

    Quick question on starting

    my next step would be to check on wiring harness and conncetions to the spark plugs and any loose cables on the starter
  2. delaney

    2017 307ss gas tank

    interesting as why Chap would have different fuel tanks - it would be reasonable to me that they standardize this. on my 327 i have (2) fuel tanks 80 gallons each. not connected in any way. so it sounds to me on the first post that you filled 75 gallons was your gauge showing full? if so, your tanks are like mine - separate, FYI, i always have a bit of fun w/ the kid working the gas. i have him put a nozzle in each fuel port and and bet me which tank will fill faster. if he wins, i give him $15 - if he loses he only gets $10 - i always let them pick, starboard side has the power steering so probably works a bit harder and port is always first to fill.
  3. delaney

    Anchor Rode Locker Capacity

    you shouldn't use your windlass to bring in the rode under much stress, if your locker holds 200' - get 150' of line and 50' chain. your windlass should - if slack - pull the rode into the boat and unless you are anchoring in water greater than 50' your chain should grab when your anchor is vertical. pulling your boat by the winch isn't a good idea ever
  4. delaney

    Convince me: AGM vs lead acid

    over the years of boating i've found that - ALL batteries eventually die, so as long as they meet the specs, series 27 either starting or deep cycle (i have 2 of each) - i look for the best deal. some Optimum batteries are well over $200 each, i can usually find a standard Interstate battery in each category for around $100. they last 3 maybe 5 years then replace, not worth the extra expense as long as the engines start.
  5. delaney

    Opinion: Snap in pad for swim platform

    for your platform i would get the SeaDeck or CoolTeak or similar - i agree that any snap will corrode -
  6. delaney

    Oil capacity of a 8.1

    both my 8.1 have a plate on top that lists all capacities and mine is 6.5 quarts
  7. delaney

    White vs Black Hardtop

    the top of the hardtop will see sun all day and will require hard work to keep the shine, black shows water spots and will fade - when clean the black looks great but i say go w/ white
  8. delaney

    Top Speed Question

    what is your prop size?
  9. delaney

    To change or not to change Impeller

    I guess that is a plausible way to use it. just more effort IMO. square footage on a boat probably 200 or less - grabbing a drink from the fridge or cooler in the cabin vs moving ice and drinks to that location for me more effort than its worth. FYI - same issue i ihave with bow cooler as well. at least that one stays dry but you need a rubber mat to prevent cans and never put bottles up there - ask me how i know that one!! my wife cut her hand on broken glass from the bow cooler (that was pretty obvious after the fact and 100% on me) storage is always a plus and i just use them for dry storage and more stuff. still believe for the huge $$$ these boats run actually asking owners what they would change or improve seems to me a good idea. i dont ever recall being asked by anyone other than my dealer and that was if i was happy with their service.
  10. delaney

    To change or not to change Impeller

    if its a cooler it is the worst cooler ever. it is not water proof - it does have a plug but any ice you would put in there once you slow down the water comes over the platform and floods it. i don't put lines or ski stuff in there as it will always be wet
  11. delaney

    Can I retrofit a slider seat?

    i believe you would lose the cooler under the seat if you this mod
  12. delaney

    To change or not to change Impeller

    from the pics on the 347 - it certainly looks like a tweaked or updated version of the 327. bascially the same hull they keep refining what overall length is but changes in the dash i do like as i consider myself a gadget guy. seating layout is exactly the same. although i prefer how my back facing seat turns into a complete sun pad and stretches all the way, or my wife likes that. i do like the switch location, i mentioned that day one i bought mine. having it only on the dash seems weird. love the retractable sun screen but the main hardtop is so big its almost not needed, plenty of shade on mine. other comments on what Chap should do to this line. 1. make the helm seat a double bolster 2. have the cooler under the port front seat on a glider so full coolers can be easily accessed by kids - coolers can get heavy and we end up always just removing it 3. not sure i like the removal of the stern port side storage locker. i keep a stern anchor in there and 2 sets of snorkel gear. not a big deal on the snorkel gear but the stern anchor location is perfect on mine. the swim platform storage locker is a huge waste - never used it for anything other than a frisbee. it just collects scum that needs to be cleaned dual ladders would be better 4. i expected the newer models to start integrating the bow anchor into the bow plate like the competitors do and not just a bolt on like they currently have - nothing wrong with it but i think it looks better the way Cobalt does it 5. i think a pull out frig is better than the door type. this boat is really not a cruiser and when you drive it you want to drive it like its a 24' ski boat. cans move around too much - a drawer type would be better thanks for the complement on the boat, like most of us on this forum i probably spend more time cleaning than is healthy
  13. delaney

    To change or not to change Impeller

    if you have a volvo - its a 30 min job if you have a merc - limber up
  14. delaney

    Toilet Questions - 275 SSI

    Don't forget to add to your yearly maint. list a new vacuum tank in line vent filter.
  15. delaney

    Wave Height and Safe Boating

    combo of wave height and spread - on the GL's - anything more than 3' is just painful - 33' boat can handle it but your fillings will be rattled out. anything over 5' is a no-no and requires quartering the waves or risk the next wave to crash over your bow.