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  1. delaney

    Wave Height and Safe Boating

    combo of wave height and spread - on the GL's - anything more than 3' is just painful - 33' boat can handle it but your fillings will be rattled out. anything over 5' is a no-no and requires quartering the waves or risk the next wave to crash over your bow.
  2. delaney

    Changing water impellers on Volvos 5.0L GXI

    i agree with the dish soap as well, and on the water is pretty easy w/ the volvo - just 4 screws & a bracket to loosen up
  3. delaney

    Torch Lake

    weather & water temp can vary alot in northern Michigan in July - bring some cold or cool weather gear and hope you won't need it - during the evening the temps can drop and the water at that time will be a bit chilly but refreshing. lake is very clear and plenty to do around the area
  4. delaney

    Spectrum gelcoat patch can it be rolled on?

    Corners are difficult - rough sand prior to application, apply and overlap an entire area, cover w/ Mylar and use a roller to push the gelcoat into the voids and obtain a "rough" smoothness. let it dry. you mentioned starting w/ 220 grit and moving up. hopefully you are wet sanding - sounds like you are pushing too hard, this is a process that requires patience, once a dull finish exists and there is a ever so slight raised area, switch to a polishing compound and or the highest grit you can find 1000 grit or higher, continue to wet sand with almost no pressure at all. it is hard enough on a flat surface, you have a tough corner - patience once you start to see even a slight shine, i switch to a wool pad and a power buffer to finish it
  5. delaney

    SSX 337 refrigerator

    it should get cold. if i have mine turned to max - anything on upper shelf becomes frozen. something is not operating on yours
  6. delaney

    Fake or original spark plug

    Click image to open expanded view Denso 5071 Spark Plug by Denso Be the first to review this item Price: $6.93 Free Shipping for Prime Members Get a $125 Amazon.com Gift Card upon approval for the Amazon Business Prime Card. Terms apply. Note: Available at a lower price from other sellers, potentially without free Prime shipping. these are what i buy from Amazon - replace every other year and have worked great.
  7. delaney


    we ended up w/ the 155 wake - and love it. we did have to send it to the shop the braking system malfunctioned thankfully no wreck or injuries but the brake would not work and throttle stuck in idle forward. they replaced the entire unit under warranty and all is better. as far as pulling skiers, i am 6-2 and about 220 - with my teenage boys both on it driving and spotting i take off at launch #4 - wakeboard at 22mph. my youngest 14 and a bean pole we use launch 3 - 19mph for wakeboard. tons of power with plenty to spare. if anyone feels they need the wake 230 i would say thats just not true. i am sure the 230 will top end much higher but for me, safety and 3 teenagers who drive it 55 mph is more than enough
  8. delaney

    Transducer on SSX line?

    Technology is always upgrading but for what you can use this info. mine is a Garmin 5208 display and with this unit you set up a series for add -ons. i basically have the gps, depth, fish finder, water temp. and i added the VHF radio to it as well - plenty of other options to add on such as engine, fuel, wind, radar, etc. components to make this work are: Chartplotter GSD 22 Sounder module Transducer w/ Temp offset 20 deg various T-connectors
  9. delaney

    What engineers do in their spare time

    that is awesome!!
  10. delaney

    What is the smallest chap that has twin inboard

    probably true for outboards and smaller boats, just not the 327. the working engine cannot reach WOT RPM, due to drag of the hull and part of the skeg of the other. i attempted to peg the throttle, the boat actually moved faster while not trying to get on plane. not to mention the crazy amount of fuel i burned on the one engine getting back to harbor. you would think that 375HP would be enough to get that boat on plane - perhaps if the outdrives were single props the WOT could be reached but the DP just didn't have it
  11. delaney

    What is the smallest chap that has twin inboard

    just so you know, losing an engine w/ twins will only allow you to travel at idle speeds. the boat will not get on plane w/ only 1 engine and if you lose your starboard engine you won't have power steering either. i wouldn't worry too much about needed twins on Lake Michigan, instead invest the $$ in a very good VHF w/ distress call. i would guess that 95% of all recreational boaters stay within a few miles of shore - fishermen may be the exception. no reason to be 30 miles offshore i know the above is true because it happened to me - lost the upper & lower output gears on starboard engine, tried raising the engine, lowering it, etc. but one engine would not get my boat on plane. i was 1 mile off shore and 8 miles from New Buffalo harbor. steering w/o power steering is a great workout
  12. delaney

    Thoughts on the New 287 SSX?

    a few differences will be the noise level should be lower unless you flip the captains call switch. Certainly more area to use at the stern w/ platform and sunpads. more $$ to maintain for sure and harder to access.
  13. delaney

    Bottom Paint - Interlux VC-17 or Pettit Vivid??

    i used to slip my 327 in a channel marina that would cause the fur to grow. i use the Pettit bright white, it made a huge difference. i would take the boat out and do a general wipe down while at anchor. The brown color wipes right off and each fall i buy a gallon and just paint the water line and any spots that need it. last summer was the first time i purchased 2 gallons and rolled the bottom. i like the white - from a few yards away you cannot tell the bottom is painted - highly recommend . initial cost is high, but for fresh water it performs well
  14. delaney

    327 SSX aft curtain

    I had mine redone - including upgrading the removable windows at Canvas Innovations https://www.canvasinnovations.us/welcome they did a great job - not sure where you are located. i do not believe you will be able to blind order any canvas as zippers, snaps and straps have to be measured to line up.
  15. delaney

    Chaparral 246 SSI Through Hull Transducer

    the factory installed one is most likely just forward of the engine i would guess starboard side protruding from the hull (black plastic) that info is then wired to the smartgauge. i would agree w/ Iggy, get a transducer this one is from Garmin and includes the water temp (8 pin) if you want fishfinder features you will also need a GSD sounder along with this - and of course the chartplotter to see the fish. BOAT - "Break out another Thousand"