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  1. Was this a "real" post? - you are new to boating and want to venture with 4-6 people across 4 great lakes and back on a 28' vessel? Chicago to I assume Toronto and back I would suggest booking a cruise for that journey unless you had a rather large sailboat or 45' or larger cruiser https://greatlakescruising.com/find-a-cruise/
  2. All you need to do is close your seawater intake valve, open strainer and turn on AC unit, use a hose to fill the strainer while the water flushes through, i do this every year prior to launch and also it is how i winterize the AC unit but with RV antifreeze instead of the fresh water. once pink water flows out the discharge i shut off the AC and fill the strainer and walk away.
  3. delaney

    Holland MI

    your top pic while you are underway is lake mac, what lake are the others from? also, by the looks of your storage, it appears to be in the chriscraft marina storage - my boat is probably just to the north of your boat in the same storage place. you can almost see my place in your first lake mac photo but the trees are hiding it. i look forward to getting out there in a few more months
  4. If you use the "muff's" - water is pulled from the lower unit, through the water pump and circulated around the block and back out the lower unit, until the engine is hot enough to trip the thermostat and then water is added throughout the entire upper and lower portions of the engine - then back out to through the lower unit. the blue hose bypasses the lower unit to allow for flushing of the engine while the boat sits in the water to remove salt water or dirty lake water - you first connect a garden hose but do not turn on, once connected, start your engine, then immediately turn on the wate
  5. if you are in the water, i agree, do not try to start until a thaw, but you can disconnect your intake water lines to the pump, plug those lines or attempt to add RV fluid, pull impellers, pull thermostat and try to flush RV antifreeze through your flush out ports, if damage is done, its done, but block and lines haven't cracked, you maybe able to lower the freezing point a bit more, any water that is left in the outdrive and hose are in the water and above freezing. a hand pump forcing RV fluid into manifolds and block hopefully can at least mix with the standing water or ice and keep it fro
  6. it has been awhile since i routinely visited this forum and posted. When i did, i thought this forum changed from boating and advice to how to pick up senior women, find the best escorts and marital aids What is going on with this forum????
  7. i get the outboard craze on ocean use boats, especially the center consoles with twins, trips, quads and more!!! ....but other than that, how you boat i think determines the true advantages or not. we cruise the inland lake, cruise the big lake and anchor and enjoy the dunes and other boats in the area. that means kids and adults are hanging out at the stern, swimming - an outboard takes the best part of the boat away - the swim platform. for maint, and probably performance the outboards win but for memories on the water, I'll keep my I/O
  8. i boat on fresh water, have Petit White bottom paint. the initial cost is the real hit. they sand, prime and apply the bottom paint. unless you get close the paint is hard to notice. for the 1st few seasons i had a wet slip. the waterline will get a slight bit of brown color, but a boat brush while washing removes it completely, at end of every season, i acid wash the hardware that is underwater and sterndrives, and apply a coat of new paint (paint brush and roller) to the waterline. every other season add another coat to the bottom. the sides get it every season as the repeated brushin
  9. for me, I go out on the boat to escape noise, except for the V8's that i like. but anchoring i prefer to just hear kids playing and waves. best gadgets are my Canon binoculars w/ the stabilization & the solstice 10x8 inflatable mat. it stows so easily and inflates in a few minutes. attach to swim platform and instant 80' add'l square footage
  10. check that the leads from the lights are connected securely to the bus bar - they may not have been attached and wiggled out - hopefully all of your connections are labeled but from that end easy enough to trace
  11. could those terminals be for winterization? a location to hook up a battery to open your engine hatch?
  12. like others have said, go w/ the highest HP you can, and check if your lake can service - if yes to service, flip a coin if HP the same. learn how to do the maint changes yourself. invest in the basic tools to service -
  13. 2 tips 1. check the vent line from the tank to the fill nozzle. if there is "extra" hose it could act like a p-trap - shorten if you are able 2. sometimes - my starboard tank has this issue, for what ever reason the fuel pump nozzle covers the vent or restricts it enough to cause a slow fill. I bought a Jumbo straw and i extend the vent line away from the fill nozzle. helps keep the fuel flowing. i put it into the vent line (straw is about 1 foot long) - and then i fill the fuel and seems to keep the fuel nozzle from auto clicking off. just the starboard tank for me, port side i
  14. your issue sounds like a fuel pump to me. i would start by disconnecting the electronic fuel plug connector and reconnecting. it could simply be loose and not triggering the HP side to engage - that would be the easiest and obviously no costs - from there, there are options to buy a re-built pump, new pump or try to repair your pump. they are not cheap to buy new
  15. the ceramic coats look very interesting to put on the gel coat as well. for your windshield once the water spots are removed - vinegar or ammonia etc. - buy the product RainEx - put that on your windshield - it will wear off unlike the ceramic but its cheap and water beads and rolls off
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