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  1. Nice looking boat. Congrats!
  2. +1
  3. Well best of luck. I'm done posting on this thread. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Sincerely, Joe
  4. My bad Brick, it was Chap247 Sorry for the misquote...
  5. Then you should read every one's reply besides mine. Plenty of rudeness to go around. Again I agreed with Cyclops2 post. I think Brick was equally as rude, but unless your his wife I would let him speak for himself. For the record most people don't know how to change their own oil and I also stated plugs as well. By the way did you buy the boat since you started this thread?
  6. If you start a thread and ask for members opinions than you shouldn't be offended by the responses. I only agreed with Cyclops2's opinion and then all the VP owners jumped in. I received a PM from Todddavid and responded to him privately and somehow it ended up here. I personally like all Chaparrals and really don't care what out drive or engine combo any one has, but there has always been issues with these types of threads comparing VP to Merc. Then you get smart asses like Brick saying "someone is drinking the black cool aid" I think a lot of people are just pissed because their season is over and they have to put their boats away for another 6 months. While here in Florida we are just getting started. Regardless, I'm a Merc 496 BB guy and thats just the way it is. How much longer to you want to keep this stupid thread going???
  7. Not at all I enjoy these conversations and have nothing against any genders. Why are you posting when you don't even have a dog in the discussion?
  8. Don't be such a a dick-The calculator I used was reversed my boat runs (last weekend) 53.87 knots or 62 MPH. My boat sips fuel compared to my friends 264 with the 6.0 380 VP. He's also had it in the shop for multiple issues and my 09 236SSX has never had to go back to the dealer for any repairs since it was new. You probably don't even know how to change your own oil or plugs. You guys crack me up lol......
  9. PM Replied to Toddavid. I stand by my original opinion. Just saying
  10. Okay so here goes without offending you or your choice in engine and motor combos meaning VP vs. Merc. The 6.0 VP 380 is a GM LS Based truck engine used in the GM HD pickup trucks. VP and your engine are considerably lower cost for any manufacturer to procure for new boat construction. Mechanics also love them because the cost of replacement parts is also considerably higher than Mercury. Mercury owns and operates one of the most technologically advanced engine plants in the world. They even have there own foundry where they produce their own engine blocks, cranks and heads. Their R&D program is far more advanced than Volvo Penta. Volvo makes comfortable profit on there engine and drive packages and so do manufacturers.Thats why they sell so many, but that is changing. Back to my original comment. Torq moves the boat period. rather the engine has 380 hp or 250 hp. The larger cubic inch 8.2 will work at 50% duty load vs. the small block 6.0 which operates at 75-80 percent duty load. In the short term the small block feels just as powerful, however after a few years of constant use such as towing tubes and hauling heavy loads against current and winds etc. your maint cost will be considerably higher with the 6.0. Mercury tried using chevy blocks with there 8.1 496 but even that combo had its issues. in regards to the 6.2 engine it requires premium fuel 91 octain or higher which also impacts your operating cost. Shepard did not even respond to that comment I made because he is aware of the detonation issues with Ethonal based fuels or non Ethonal 87 octane. a 287 full fuel and fully loaded and optioned weighs at least 7250 lbs. The 6.0 truck engine is not really designed to manage that much load. Besides the VP outdrives are junk in my opinion. Look at how many posts here on the forum are related to maint and failure issues with there drives. Thats why you can no longer get a high torque big block from volvo any more. Now from a true performance perspective. Volvo does not even exist in that market. Just Saying enjoy your boat and don't be so sensitive. If you do your own maint, you can probably make it live for a long time. P.S. My boat weight is 5895 lbs. and runs 62 knots all day long with 5 less h.p. than yours.....
  11. +1 for Cyclops +1 That motor does not deliver enough torque to move that heavy boat. It seems pretty beat up for a 70 hour 2015. Have a survey done and moisture check the entire haul especially around the out drive. Not a huge fan of the VP 6.0 combo. It should have the 8.2 Merc in it... Good luck all of those little repairs can add up to big deer.