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  1. It's coming with the new L5P Duramax...They might already be available if you build one.
  2. pick up a short block, have your cylinder heads checked out and bolt everything from you old motor to your new and your set for 1/3 the cost. Do it in your garage and bring the engine to your mechanic for installation. .02 cents
  3. Thank you.
  4. Steve, We had the same issue on our 236. I used black 3M 4200 vs. 5200. You just have to go slow, loosen all the fasteners, find a plastic non mooring pry tool and work the entire assembly away from the hull. Apply new sealant and then put it back together. I also sealed the threads on the three screws for each side. Good luck.... Nice looking 236! Joe
  5. Eric, Glad you got her repaired. You will have to wait until Wing or Sheppard to chime in. I would just vary the throttle and cruise all day. Keep an eye on the outdrive fluid level and go have some fun. It should drive great....
  6. I would put a hydraulic roller in it, port the heads while the valves are out and you could get 275-300 out of your V6. Fun project.
  7. +1 Changes the whole attitude of the boat. Nice smooth ride at 60.All around great addition. The 1212E's fit perfect on the 236. You just have to exchange the actuators for the shorter ones. Good luck.
  8. +1
  9. Congrats! Very nice boat.
  10. That's harsh calling the heat on a fellow boater......The Harley guys say "loud pipes are safe pipes"
  11. You too brother. Hope the rain stops for you.
  12. Has anyone considered or completed adding a Power Tower to an existing boat with an arch? Ours is able to be lowered but its not something I would want to do on the water. PIA, Anyway just curious I saw a U Tube Video of a 257 SSX 2016 Model with the electric tower option. I wish that was available in 09, but would consider trying to retrofit the system on our boat. Does Jay Kay still build the arches for Chappy? Thanks,
  13. +1
  14. Tuxedo gloss black. With all the water sports your family is doing you will enjoy having complete control over your boat. Best of luck with the install. measure three times, drill holes once. It was a little scary drilling into the transom, but the templates that come in the kit work great.
  15. Eric, Happy Easter! You will be good with the 1212e's they fit almost perfect to our style transom. There is a mounting location close to the power trim pump for the small reservoir for the trans fluid. I actually think the hydraulics work a little faster than the electrics, but regardless you will like having complete control over the ride of your 236SSX. No wedges required I will try and post a picture of the final install. Bennett is great about exchanging the actuators. They turned mine around in about a week. Tabman was great to work with. If you choose while you're waiting for the shorty actuators you can have the tabs powder coated if you choose. I worked for Akzo in Philly. They have some of the best powder coating on the market. You sure you don't want me to just ship my boat up there? The admiral and I have been looking at out board cuddy cabin boats lately. She wants the cabin and I am intrigued by the new 400R Merc. I always played with BBC's, but these out boards are very cool. I wish Chappy made an outboard Suncoast Cuddy with a 400. Good luck, Joe