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  1. I'm a bad influence on a friend of mine... took him (and wife) for a day on our 244 Xtreme and now he's looking to buy one. Any for sale? Fresh water, trailer as well. He's in Oregon. Hi to all -- I've been busy boating and haven't been on the forum for ages!
  2. If you see this, check your messages. Thanks! 

  3. Ouch, tough to watch. Tow vehicles are nice (Toyota Tundra CrewMax here), but tough to get into a normal-sized garage, so exposed to storms like the one you experienced.
  4. I'd say it was caused by the manufacturing process and not being properly stress-relieved after forming. I'm not sure how they form those windows or the chemistry of glass, sure would be an interesting process to watch however. And, from the pricing for tempered glass, it must be complicated!
  5. Just offshore of Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe. We're in about 35' of water, on the hook.
  6. Their suggestion -- they'll work on it during the slow winter months. The shop is heading into the busy winterizing season starting about now. Our boat will be in heated storage. I'd like to change the oil on it before the winter, but no doing that now unfortunately.
  7. Had our mechanic pull the drive yesterday. What he found was that the upper seal (where the drive shaft enters) had failed; this was compounded by a small leak in the bellows that allowed water intrusion -- where the gear oil that passed by the upper seal and into the bellows area had frothed. There was also talk of replacing the gimbal bearing. So, we're done for the season. Drive will remain off for the winter (and at the shop), and we'll get things going again in the spring. Estimate of repairs: $1500. Not happy about that, but the boat's been very reliable for us since we picked it up (used) over 5 years ago, so can't really complain.
  8. Mechanic says he thinks it's isolated to the outdrive. It will be next week before he can pull it and get an idea of what's going on. He suspects an upper seal; didn't listen too closely, as it was all speculation. But, it's frothy gear oil.
  9. Glad it didn't happen during the one-week camp trip!! We had one day of boating post-camp and that's when it decided to go. Thankful for that.
  10. Thanks for a great explanation! Fingers crossed it's an easy fix, outdrive and NOT engine.
  11. About 300, fresh water only. Yeah, way too young to have this kind of an issue.
  12. Yep, after pondering it for a few hours, that's what I'm thinking. Not sure of what the makeup of an outdrive consists of, but a gasket must have failed. I'll know more tomorrow. My shop, thankfully, said "we're a bit slow, bring it on in..."
  13. Check the crankcase oil. Plenty of it and it looks normal. Smelled the leaking oil again and it may be from the drive. Tough to say.
  14. Definitely oil. The front drip came from the bellows and has some white stuff mixed in. No real smell to it, so likely engine oil vs. drive oil.
  15. Well, we've had great luck with our boats until today. Noticed this -- oil -- under our outdrive today. It's been parked a few weeks, so must have blown the head gasket on our last outing?? The oil is dripping from the exhaust areas -- where exhaust and cooling water exit the engine/outdrive. Pretty certain it's engine oil and not outdrive oil. No real smell to it. Volvo 5.7. To the shop tomorrow morning.
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