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  1. e-Xtreme

    Rudeness on the lake -- How to handle it?

    A friend suggested using our ballast bag portable pump and spraying them down. Gotta love a water cannon fight, right?
  2. e-Xtreme

    Rudeness on the lake -- How to handle it?

    Ha, funny thing is right after we left, we came to the conclusion that Barry on our iPod and wattage would have been the best solution.
  3. Scenario (happened to us on Thursday): anchored at our favorite Tahoe cove, as are about 10 other boats. There's a beach also, with about 20 families enjoying their land-bound day at the lake. Nice and quiet, everyone's happy. Then, a new model wakeboard boat comes in, four 25-30 year olds (two men, two women), tosses out their anchor and proceeds to light up about the loudest sound system I've ever heard (convert worthy). Of course, subjecting everyone to THEIR music (some electronic stuff that didn't agree with us). We put up with it for about ten minutes, then pulled up our anchor and moved down the lake to another cove. I felt bad for the families at the beach, who paid for parking and relocating wasn't an option. Of course, I was pissed the rest of the day and left wondering "how to you handle this kind of situation?" I've never had this happen before.
  4. e-Xtreme

    5.7 L Volvo Penta with a cracked block

    Great post -- and fix. Had no idea this kind of stuff existed (but, have been a fan of JB Weld for years and years; minor fixes).
  5. Bose aviation headsets, but you're looking at $1k each plus whatever intercom system you'd need.
  6. e-Xtreme

    Seadek flooring

    Our 244 has SeaDek installed tip-to-tail. Wonderful stuff, wears well. Once or twice each season I'll clean it with a stiff plastic brush and a bit of Simple Green: wet it down, spray the Simple Green sparingly, brush, then rinse with fresh water. If we're on a lake and I feel the need to clean, I'll skip the Simple Green and just brush and rinse. My only complaint is it tends to absorb oils -- so I'm quick to pick up spilled potato chips, etc. However, the cleaning as described above takes care of dirt and oil.
  7. e-Xtreme

    Pulling new cable for stereo remotes...need help

    Pull it by hand or use a fish where needed (short runs). Then just zip-tie the new cable to the old cable(s). You'll spend more time with the zip ties than pulling the cables; sure wish someone would invent a pair of clippers that would eliminate the sharp edges of cut zip ties (you have bandaids on the boat, correct?).
  8. e-Xtreme

    Just ordered a 264

    Absolutely love our 244; a 264 will be awesome. Have a great summer!
  9. e-Xtreme

    best way to clean grungy swim platform

    I've had good luck using a stiff nylon scrub brush with a touch of Simple Green. Don't let the Simple Green sit too long and wash thoroughly.
  10. e-Xtreme

    Direct Contact with Chaparral

    Chap, if you're listening, I highly recommend you establish a "Level 2" customer support team. For a customer, the initial contact would be with the dealer, but there needs to be a method of escalating an issue directly to the factory. We're buying expensive machines; we expect support, at least for the first few years. It's clear from the posts on this forum that there are some issues some dealers just aren't equipped to handle and a customer just needs to know the factory is there to help. For years, I've owned Toyotas. My initial support comes from the dealer. Toyotas are very solid vehicles and rarely have we had a problem, but a couple of times we've asked the dealer to have the area Toyota representative take a look at an issue and they've responded quickly and with a solution (in one instance, an air conditioning compressor failed at 36,700 miles -- on a 36,000 mile warranty; Toyota stepped in and covered it).
  11. e-Xtreme

    Oil Change-The Extractor

    +1 on this. Old engine oil remaining in the block upset a buddy of mine so much that after sucking out the old, he'd add 3 quarts of new oil, let it mix, then suck that out before adding the new oil. We're used to letting that last drop drain from a vehicle's oil pan. Not so on boats. What do you think a dealership does?
  12. e-Xtreme

    Direct Contact with Chaparral

    I have to ask: What the heck is going on at that factory where these kinds of defects make it through QC?
  13. e-Xtreme

    OK.. THAT was expensive!!!

    And if you want even more pain, buy yourself an airplane!!
  14. e-Xtreme

    Cleat Nut Size

    We used a large crescent wrench to tighten ours. My skinny 16 year old did the dirty work; no way I would have fit! Do yourself a favor and put a few drops of Loctite on the threads before reassembling. Why Chap did not use Loctite in the first place is beyond me -- even though there's a lock washer in place, it's stainless on stainless and doesn't seem to want to grab.
  15. e-Xtreme

    Duel Batterie Issue - 244 Sunsetta

    Switch the batteries over -- move #1 to #2 and #2 to #1. If the problem moves with the battery, it's the battery. If not, connections are likely the culprit.