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  1. mike2155

    Bilge stays on

    Thank you both. I crawled down there and took a better look. There was some debris under the float that I couldn't see from up top. As soon as I cleared that out, everything was working perfectly. Thanks for the quick responses!
  2. mike2155

    Bilge stays on

    I have a 2014 206ssi and had to replace the battery today. As soon as I did, I realized the bilge was staying on, and that must have been what killed the battery. The toggle switch for the bilge is lit, but I can't turn it off. I put some water in the bilge and it pumped it out just fine. It just won't turn off. Do you think the problem is with the toggle switch or the actual pump itself. For now I've disconnected the battery. Also wondering whether it is safe to run the boat before I get this resolved. Is it a problem for the pump to run dry? Thanks in advance. UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your help. There was some debris stuck under the float for the bilge pump. I cleaned that out and everything is working properly. Thanks again.