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  1. Thanks Wingnut! Can You help me find where / what to buy? I felt the manifolds and neither of them were too hot to touch. The solid beep only happened for 2 to 3 seconds. The rest of the time I was trying to figure it out, it would only intermittent beep over 1400 RPM.
  2. Hello Everyone. I hope someone has had this happen and can point me in the right direction. 2005 Chaparral 256 SSi Engine 8.1 GXI-E 3869285 4012149875 Drive Unit DP-SM 1.78 (M22) 2868912 4202133431 Transom Assembly TSK SX-MHP 3868850 4151085733 This weekend we were cruising along at 3000 RPM when I go t a constant beep and it cut power. Beep turned into long intermittent beep when I put the throttle in neutral then went away completely after about 20 seconds. All gauges reading normal, shut off engine, raised engine hatch, not hot, nothing out of the ordinary. Checked all fluids, they were all normal. Started the engine up, once I get past 1400 RPM it starts an intermittent beep. It will cruise "all day" as long as it stays under 1400 RPM. I can put the throttle at WOT and it will run up to 3000 for about 3 seconds then constant beep, cuts power, down to about 2200 RPM, intermittent beep until I power down to 1400 RPM. If I leave it in WOT, it will go from 3000 RPM down to 2200 RPM and back to 3000 RPM, over and over until I change throttle position. The whole time it is a constant beep. I only did that once just to see if it would help diagnose the problem. I am not sure if the marina has the proper scan tool to tell me exactly what it is or if their scan tool just says it is a faulty sensor, faulty ???. I hate to pay them to scan it if it won't give me a definitive answer and now I just become a parts changer until I find the right sensor, etc. Thank You all in advance!!
  3. Hello! I bought a 2005 256 ssi and it did not have the aft center cushions. I have heard that a lot of people never use them. Does anyone have them that they would want to part with? Chaparral no longer carries them so I would have to have some made. Thank You!!
  4. Thanks Drewm3i. It has Corsa exhaust. Where would I look to determine bad flappers?
  5. This started when I was idling out of the cove. Knocking and slight squealing, dead center, lower, rear of engine. No loss of oil pressure. Nothing in oil. No engine vibration. When rpms increase, squeal gets a lille more pronounced and knocking sometimes gets intermittent and increases in speed as well. Used a long screwdriver to listen and can hear it on the exhaust tubes inside engine compartment, somewhat on the "bell housing" and somewhat on the transom mount on the inside of hull. Can only hear gears moving on the lower unit. I have an audio file if I can send it to you. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  6. Thanks jdsdls05, The squeal only happened for a couple seconds at the start of the ticking, changed pitch and then went away completely when the ticking became constant. I replaced the fuel pump 1 week ago, made a big difference in throttle response! I was told the risers were replaced prior to me purchasing the boat.
  7. Thanks again Wingnut!!!! What can You make of the "squeal" that was heard just prior to the ticking? I also think it sounds a lot like a lifter issue but thought I would have a "dead" cylinder with a collapsed lifter. I am not very familiar with this engine yet. When I layed across the engine and looked down between the engine and transom, all I can see is the a red painted fly wheel cover. It has a small, rubber "inspection" cover. I removed it and didn't see anything out of the ordinary.
  8. Thanks Wingnut, If the lifter was collapsed, would the engine still run normal? It seemed to be running the same, no vibration, no hesitation. How do I look around the coupler alley?
  9. Thanks Duane, As loud as it is, I was afraid to do anything other than get it to the slip and put it on the lift to check lower unit. The sound is loud and happens all the time, in gear, out of gear, etc.
  10. Delaney, Thanks for the reply! I didn't hear anything from the area where the flame arrestor is located, front, top of engine. It makes the noise no matter where the throttle position is, just change speed as engine speed is changed.
  11. I didn't notice any exhaust smell when I was looking at the rear of the engine while it was running.
  12. I wouldn't say anyone has been hard on me! Thanks crvtt771. Does anyone know what I am up against on my clicking noise issue?
  13. Thanks, Boy do I look like a dumb a$$ now! Sorry everyone!
  14. Brick, do You know how to delete posts? Sorry about that!
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