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  1. I have a norcold de 351-d ac/dc ffrig on my 1998 Signature 300 that is not working on DC side. Can anyone tell me which model will replace it. I'm looking for a new refrigerator not parts to fix old one. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Anyone have some advise/tips on winterizing a signature 300? I have an onboard engine heater, so I'm not sure what all I need to winterize. Would like to know if anyone around Nashville area could give me some info on what they do for the winter months. Still plan on taking it out some more this year, but this being my first winter with a boat I don't want to mess it up. Thanks
  3. I've got a Norcold DE-351D refrigerator in my 1998 signature 300, took it out this weekend and it stopped working. Got back to the dock and plugged in shore power and it started working. I know it is a dual unit AC/DC but now the DC side is not working. I have checked the fuse and it is ok, anybody else have this problem or know how to fix the problem. I'm really trying to avoid having to buy and new one but got a gut feeling that if I want cold beer its going to have to be from AC power or ice. thanks
  4. Does anyone know the best place to get replacement parts for 1998 Signature 300, wiper blade is one part that is stumping me. Its hard to find any parts for a this later model. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks that will get me started. Pretty excited, we purchased the boat yesterday. Thanks again for the reply.
  6. In the process of buying 1998 signature 300 with twin 5.0 mercruiser and bravo 1 out drives. This will be our first boat! Is there any websites to order replacement parts everything I've found only goes back to around 2002 and can't find a parts list. Any advice and/or tips about the boat is appreciated.
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