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    Winter Storage

    Beeing North I thought I was the first one to winterize. Glad to see I am not I usually winterize after the canadian Thanks Giving, this year, 11 Oct. Still a few weekend for Labor Day weekend we will be in Burlington.
  2. Hello Out=ed. I did not consider that three days was fast, we did between 7 to 9 hours a day, this include taking gaz and lunch. We left around 9 h 00 and stop around 6 h 00. Throughout the Champlain canal you have 10 locks to go through + the Troy lock. The NY state locks are pretty easy to get through and usually do not have to wait to go through. We went through them on a Tuesday, less traffic. When you are going to go trough the Troy lock, do not do like us, we look for any rope and there is none. You have to use your own and attach it around the pipes. The Champlain canal is very safe you just have to follow the speed limits. Most of the speed limit on the canal is around 10 mph, so when we where able to go faster I did not get shy (there is some speed limit around 40 mph). AS of note we left the Richelieu river Monday at 9 h 00 and arrived at Whitehall around 18 h 00. Left Whitehall around 9 h 30 on Tuesday and arrived at Albany around 6 h 30 (and it rained all day). Left Albany around 9 h 00 and arrived in NY at 18 h 10. There was no problem going through the Hudson river, very nice and clean a few ship here and there. Hopes this help
  3. Hello all, I tought I could share my vacation from last week. We left Richelieu river on Monday 2 Aug for NY city. We were 3 boats and it took us 3 days to get to NY. We arrived at Liberty Harbor Marina Wednesday at 6 pm. The trip was just fabulous, nobody had engine problem, but we had a lot of laughs. Going throug the Champlain canal was just an exciting experience. Going through the locks was something else also, thanks to our friends that did the trip before us, we brought our gloves with us and you really need them. We were taking by surprise at the Troy lock as we were looking for the ropes but there is none, when ask the lock master said it is because the lock is free . We stayed 4 nights in NY. I do not know if it is since 2001 but the people of NY were very helpful in helping us finding our way whether in the subway or in the streets. We will definetaly go back and this time will also go to Atlantic city. The highlights was Time Square, St-Patrick cathedral and of course we tooke one of the boat to go to the statue of Liberty and according to the police who stop us a little bit too close. I tried to download pictures from Photobucket but could not do it. So I am posting the link. Richard http://s573.photobucket.com/albums/ss178/naomie_12001/
  4. I second the life style. And by the way, are we ever getting closer to L-Day (launch day). I just bought a condo, will get the keys at the end of May, wonder which will get all my attention, boat or condo, hum....
  5. I do not know if it makes me feel more depress to read all the boat talk topics at this time of year or more eager to get my boat out, but here in Montreal, still have at least another month and a half to wait before SHE will be in the water. And with all the nice weather we have been having lately my co-workers keeps asking when the boat will be out, it just make me want to
  6. Hello all, I know this is a bit early, but I am planning a trip to NYC next summer it will be in late July or early Aug. I will be leaving from Richelieu river through Lake Champlain going through the locks, I expect to take 2 days to arrive to NYC and spend 4 to 6 days in NYC. I have searched the internet, there is a few marinas, any ideas which one is the best and tips? By the way, Joyeux Noel and happy hollidays.
  7. I have a Raymarine A-50 Chartplotter GPS, I am trying to figure out how to get the trip km (or miles) in action. I have read the manual in french and english and can not figure out how to get the ''trip'' on. I know where to go to reset the trip (I could reset four trips). I want the trip calculator to help me calculate hown many km (miles) I do everytime I go out with my boat. I did sent the question to Raymarine but they did not acknowledge or reply. I was wandering if anyone has that GPS and know how to use that set-up. Thanks.
  8. I have bought a 1000 Kipor portable generator, as I am going on vacation on Lake Champlain this sunday for a week, I did a test this pm. Everything works fine, excepts for the stove. When the gen is running and I turn the stove switch on the main switch board the (I know I am going to get this spell wrong) polaris light comes on the main switch board. I figure that my gen is not capable of getting the stove running. But just in case, I am asking you guys. Merci.
  9. Bonjour à tous, I puchased a RayMarine GPS A-50, as I am trying to figure out all what(getting tire of reading the 1k pages) I can do with it, the only thing I find so far to measure speed of my 240 Sig, is the Speed Over Ground (SOG), I would like to know if SOG has better accuracy than the speedometer, although on my boat, they usually show the same number. So, should I go with SOG or speedometer of the boat. Merci.
  10. I agree, with everyone about the money except for one issue, last year a friend of mine and his family, 2 kids, camped in the boat for a weekend, during the day we rented a tub to pull his kids, I never saw a fuel gage go down that fast, as the are teenagers they wanted to go fast and to have some waves, so I did. My friend notice the fuel also (probably I had something to do with it) and offer some money, and I accepted. Now if friends want to tub their kids, I tell them in advance that it will cost them, since it is for a day, I ask them how much it would cost them if they spend a day in a water park and I settle for half of it. As for red drink, I learned the hard way, I am still cleaning red wine from last year.
  11. Bonjour à tous, The boat has been at the marina for two weeks now, youppi, as I was checking, cleaning, vacuming, washing, etc, I noticed that my navigation light are not working. Yes, first thing I did, was to check the fuse, fuse box is below the wheel, but I did not find any fuse with the mention navigation light. I have check the anchor light wich is the same ''button'' as the navigation light and when I put the anchor light pole, it works. So I figure it is not the fuse (wherever it is). It could be the light bulb, but it would be a coincidence to have the port and starboard light bulb and the white light bulb being dead at the same time. Since I am not an electrician, I did not dare tcheck the wiring. Any ideas? Merci.
  12. Hi all, and thanks to everyone for the kind words. As for the ''lamb'' her name is Maya, she is a cross dog from a Bichon and a Poddle. I do not have her with me anymore, because of my work, I have to leave my apart often. And this story did influence the decision, as I weight 240 lbs and beeing 6 feet tall, one day I was walking the dog on the bicycle path, and one of my friend did not recognize me at first but find it very strange to see a guy as big as me walking such a small dog and they do say dog are like their owners.... So..... As for the BBQ, when I bought the boat it was already set up thay way. A question, I did I end up in the Site Suggestions & comments, how do I post on the ''normal'' one? Merci. Richard
  13. After more than 9 months of lurking, I decided today to show up. I bought my 240 Sig last Jul. I live in Saint-Jean sur Richelieu in QC, it is near Mtl. I navigate on the Richelieu river but as I just passed my 5 weeks course, I will be on Champlain lake this summer. Why did I buy a boat, well, do not want to make you guys cry, but as my wife past away from cancer 2 yrs ago, I decided to live one of my dream and get a boat, did I have experience? Only on a pedalo (do not know the name in english). So, I did enjoy it, and life is good again to me. As I know that you guys like pictures and since it took me a while to figure out how to post them, here is some of them, this is the hot air baloons festival in Saint-Jean, I took them from my boat. By the way, if my english is not good, you can correct me, but just be nice, I am a French canadian after all.... Richard
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