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  1. Definitely two schools of thought here. The camp of "Run Forrest" and the camp of if it all checks out and the price is right then do it. When I priced on NADA with options I was at almost 44 herds of deer for the Low Retail. Granted that would be under normal hours. You guys/gals have been tremendous help. It has been difficult to keep the emotion out of it. We missed out on one 3 weeks ago. The seller and I were communicating and someone came in and paid his full asking price. My wife (CEO of the house) was a tad bummed. This one seems to be perfect as it was on the lake where we are gonna boat, already lifted, already in a paid slip. The only downside is the 454 hours.....
  2. Resell is probably my primary concern at this point. First boat purchase, if we are not a lake family I sell it in a few years. I assume the right price can solve the resell aspect though.
  3. I did the BoatFax report and it provided zero information. Is BoatHistory a better source?
  4. Engine scan results confirm 454 engine hours....
  5. The vinyl has 4 spots that were repaired and the color is off slightly. I have already reached out to the local boat vinyl guy to discuss repairing/replacing correctly. I also found the part #'s from the Chaparral website and had planned to call and discuss costs to repair. The hull appeared to be in great shop. When it rained at the lake on Sunday i took a wet shirt and wiped as much of the boat down as I could. I found one gouge under the rail that goes around the boat. Pretty obscure unless you feel for it. The props and skeg did not appear to be beat up. I took one of the guys that works for me along for the trip yesterday. He has been a long time boat owner. He commented the engine bay was really clean, the other storage areas were clean. The carpets were in good shape.
  6. I plan to wait on the engine scan results. If it comes back with 454 then I will discuss with the owner and see where he wants to go with the price and process. I think he needs to call the dealer he bought from and get the service records and/or the facts about what he bought.
  7. I don't mind traveling....
  8. Exactly.....I am not sure what to tell the owner I think the answer is to the high hours. Will wait on the engine scan and when 454 is correct I will walk. Tough break but that's life....
  9. Mystery possibly solved while I wait on the engine scan.......Once the dealer (not a Chap dealer) that sold the boat to the current owner in Kansas rejected my request for service records I called the only Chaparral dealer within the area. I spoke with one of their sale people and explained the situation and provided him the HIN. He was very helpful and looked through his sales records from 2010 and the boat did not show up on his log. He then asked if the boat had a ton of hours (ding ding ding). He said the dealer who sold the boat is known for buying boats at auction off of Table Rock Lake in Missouri. I told him the approximate hours and the in service date of April 2010 and sales date of November 2010 and he said sounds like a rental to me. The unfortunate part is the guy selling the boat was adamant it was not a rental when we spoke earlier. It even makes more sense the sales person that sold the boat was so firm on the US Patriot Act and not telling me anything about the boat they sold. Still will see what the engine scan shows but unfortunately if the hours are legit at 454 I am walking and will continue my hunt. Thanks for everyones help and recommendations.
  10. I haven't paid anything yet. The marina in Kansas said they would not release the service records to me, only to the person that bought the boat from them.
  11. Plot thickens....The owner is the 2nd owner. It's a 2010 model that was purchased in November of 2010 in Kansas. So I assume one summer on the boat prior to his purchase. Boat fax confirms a certification date of April 2010. I just called the dealer he bought from to track down the service records but was told the US Patriot Act would not allow them to release the service records to me, only to the original owner. If you assume his 100 hours since he purchased it that means 350 hours in the one summer. Hard to wrap my head around.......fingers crossed it is a faulty gauge or leaving the key in the ignition has run the hour meter up.
  12. Scan happening this morning hopefully I can get to the bottom of this.
  13. Thanks for all the help guys. Looks like an engine scan is next.
  14. I took a pic of the hour meter and sent to the owner. It shows 454.0 I have racked my brain every which way to try and understand the hours. Only thing I know to do is pay the 100 deer and have the engine diagnostics run. Anything else I can check?
  15. The hours seem off based on what he says his usage was. They only used the boat 3 times last summer. When you remove that summer it is even more difficult to get your head around the hours. For 100 deer the marina will run the diagnostics and check the run hours and RPM (I think).
  16. I don't know if the key was left on or not. I apologize for my lack of knowledge but I thougt the engine had to be running to accumualte hours? Hull was in a good shape. The inside had a few spots where the seats were repaired (discoloration). Engine bay was very clean. Props and skeg are spotless.
  17. Well the lunch visit to the marina involved a curveball. When i checked the boat out Sunday the batteries were dead. I went out today with a battery jumper and got the key to turn over and to my surprise there were 454 engine hours. The owner thought it was in the 100 range...
  18. I have been shopping for a 22-24 foot Chaparral for about 4 months. My wife really liked the Sunesta 244 when we attended the boat show in January. We did a sea trial of a 244 in March but came to the conclusion it was too many deer for us on a first time boat purchase. That led me to hunting and scouring Craigslist all over the US and BoatTrader. I was open to a 224 or 244 if the right deal came along. Well after emailing, calling, and driving to check out boats local and even a few hours away I had given up on finding something for this season. We went to our local lake yesterday and had a reservation for a pontoon for 4 hours. I bought a tube and tow rope so the kids had something that was suitable for their ages. As I parked the car I saw down at the marina a black/white Chaparral all covered up and what also appeared to be a For Sale sign from 40 yards away. I immediately went over and pulled the cover back and low and behold I saw "244". My heart started racing and I immediately texted the owner. As luck would have it, the skies opened up and it rained the entire time we were at the marina so I was able to speak with the owner and look over the boat. It's a 2010 with everything option we are after but the table. The owner and I came to an agreement this afternoon on the boat, trailer, lift and I take over his slip. The marina is about 15 minutes from my office so I am going out tomorrow for a sea trial and if all goes well she will be mine. All the service was done by the marina and I spoke with the boat mechanic that did all the work. My wife kept telling me something would pop up when we least expected it. She was right again.... Sorry for the novel!
  19. Would the low profile windshield be a deal killer? I have found a good deal on a 224 sunesta, the only issue I have with it is the low profile windshield. I have 3 young kids (6,4,2) and not being able to close the windshield and bow door does not seem practical. We live in Oklahoma so can't imagine too many days where we would need to close it up.
  20. Talked to my dealer and they can order the transom gate. Cheaper than I expected.
  21. The parts list shows a Transom Gate for a 2009 226ssi. Will make the call to the local Chap dealer in a few hours.
  22. So it's as easy as calling my Chap dealer and ordering. New to the new boating world so pardon my complete ignorance. I do like the electric fence idea though....
  23. Is it possible to add a transom gate on a 2009 226ssi? The gate on the sunesta was a strong selling point with the MRS. We have found a 2009 226ssi not to far from us but the open transom has the MRS concerned about kids getting through while in motion. I have seen pictures online of 2010s equipped with the transom gate but nothing on a 2009. Any help would be appreciated.
  24. Thoughts on the low profile tinted windshield? I found a 2008 224 sunesta not far from me but it has the low profile windshield and not the wrap around. Pros/Cons?
  25. in Oklahoma....there does not seem to be alot of 224s available. Alot of 244s which is more than I want to bite off for a first purchase.
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