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  1. Take a look at a Meridian 391. We moved up to one from our 04 Chap 270. No lower helm. TONS of room. Long story short, we will NEVER go back to a non-sedan/flybridge boat.
  2. We had the Chap for 3 years in brackish. I was pretty diligent in flushing regularly. But only when I put the boat on the lift to go out of town on a trip. When I was home, the boat would sit in the water for as many days as I was off, and I never flushed it in the water. 3years like that and I had zero indication of any ill effects when we sold her. I wouldn't even worry bout it till you put er on the trailer, then I'd flush it for awhile. Not at idle either.....bout 1300 rpms. Have a blast!!!!!
  3. When I hooked up my mercs to a VesselView I only got info from one engine. I had to take it to a guy that had a computer and he "assigned" the motors as port and stbd as they come from the factory standard assigned as port motors (could be stbd......it's been a few years and I've since sold the boat). Guy did it in less than 5min.....didn't even charge me, so he got a nice tip.
  4. Garmin BlueChart mobile app can xfer routes to a new Garmin. I don't know how though, as my 1 generation old Garmins don't have wifi connectivity without buying another component.
  5. Jeff I'm not sure it's possible to love a boat anymore than we love this one. It's absolutely a dream! Hope you're enjoying S FL!!!
  6. I had hard water on my old Chap from my sprinklers that were next to dock. Could not get them off with anything short of buffing out. Then Denny came along and shared his secret......a container of a few inches vinegar, a few squirts/tablespoons of compound (any will do) and a red mechanics shop rag. Soak the rag in the mixed up solution and wipe the boat. The spots melted off after a few seconds of elbow grease. It was amazing! Left a nice shine too. Thanks Denny!!!!!
  7. Their Facebook page says they will have more "old" ones in stock soon......but they'll likely sell out again very fast due to the price reduction.
  8. No, I've only been over there (Bradenton) 2x to look at the boat and then the survey. I'll check it out though when we head over to pick her up Tuesday. I'll grab a growler for the ride home!
  9. 65 just sold out. I got a 45 coming now too! Thanks again!
  10. Ours is right near there, Twin Dolphin Marina.....south side of the river in Bradenton.
  11. Well, I think we are on our way.....Chap was picked up 2 weeks ago, survey and seatrial on the 391 are done, oil samples are back clean. We are planning on closing on our new boat on Tuesday and motoring home from the Tampa area, through Lake O, and up the east coast to Merritt Island. I'll be lurking in the future for sure! Here she is:
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