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  1. Update! I went on the second water test last Sunday with a freshly rebuilt carburetor that I purchased, instead of taking the time to rebuild the old one. here is a tear down of the old Mercarb, http://hookedonboatingforum.com/thread/326/mercarb-tear-inside it's a wonder it ran at all that first lake test The new rebuilt Mercarb did excellent, except I still have a flat spot/slight bog in the throttle up, under load. If I hammer down on the throttle to get on plane the engine has no issue and it's surprising how fast she gets out of the hole:) so got to figure out what's going on with that. Now the other issue I'm concerned with it blow by, no smoke, just lots of air. Rebuilt Mercruiser 3.0 crankcase pressure concerns. I think the molly rings haven't had enough hours to seat to the piston bores? what is your opinions?...btw no smoke coming out that I can see. https://youtu.be/StDd5mASc34
  2. Been good brother!Boat is doing better than expected, just a few issues to iron out. I'll update my Thread on this forum today, so to bring everyone up to speed! I put a pic of your truck with Drew's boat in tow, on the www.hookedonboatingforum.com I need to resize it lol Stay cool, brother
  3. Wow!!! Hatem, what a story and all that @#$%@# over a bottle of emxhaust drink... Hope you were packing...some crazy folks out there...
  4. Great job!! Not many folks would even do what you folks did for Drew, truly amazing...it is!!
  5. Thanks Hatem. I appreciate it!I need to rebuild the carburetor now So it will be another week or so before I get her back to the lake for second test
  6. Thanks to all who supported me and kept me going when I needed it the most:) I know know what she floats, runs and looks good! just have a few bugs to work out thanks again:) stop by www.hookedonboatingforum.proboards.com for some fun! and there is no pressure to join, you can pick a fake guest name and just hang out... Cheers!
  7. Really? Drew, if so something is off and it could be the carburetor or anything ignition related...got to think on this one
  8. Thanks Tom, and yes, the bilge pump worked great, now just need to iron out a few things. I'm beginning to think this Mercruiser 140/3.0 is a tough engine:) All I have been through with the rebuild ect. I didn't expect for it to run this good, however my tach was only registering bout 2000 rpms tops, but I know we were moving approximately 37 mph WOT according to gps with full load...does this sound right?
  9. thanks! Dennis. I thought something was messing up..and I don't think my tac is not working correctly, will have to get another one
  10. Good news!!!! loaded up and ready for the lake @ 7:30 am doubled checked all safety chains and tie downs, lights ect...all was good :biggrin Got to the ramp about 8:15 am and I just backed the boat down the ramp with Bud (my youngest daughters boyfriend) in it. We left the transom tie downs on and just backed the boat in deep enough to get the out drive submerged, so we could check for any water entering the bilge from a loos plug or a bellows. We used the tilt/trip up and down, moved the drive from side to side..(remember I took a chance and skipped changing out the bellows at this point) , even though I have the kit for it...no water was entering the bilge, so we decides to slip her off the ramp into the water. The engine fired up as it has been, so we moved her to the dock, to wait for my wife and me to board the boat. We had a full load! 18 gallons of fuel, 4 adults, gear and food and pushed off from the dock, put her in gear and off we went :lol8...I was feeling good at this moment "VICTORY!!!" so.... we idled through the NO Wake Zone without any issue. I passed the No Wake zone, trimmed the drive down against the transom and HAMMERED DOWN on the throttle :thumb. The Chap had plenty of power until I got to half throttle and she bogged down and QUIT!!! Oh! CRAP!! Mother #%&*%^!!!! >. I then took a deep breath and restarted her, np started right up :lol8 and again off we went :thumb. I started to slowly hammer down again and when I got the the spot where she wanted to bogg down I just slowly powered through that spot and the engine came to life! and we were up on plain :lol8...Holy @#$%@#!! It's gonna work out :biggrin...I was high as a kite at this time, so I decided to go up the lake a piece and see what she will do. I got up to the end of the lake area, started to make a port side turn around and started back down from where we put in at...all this time I'm watching my mechanical gauges that I still had attached to the engine, thinking it all looks good. The oil pressure 50ish and temp 140-160 up and down as it should full throttle with full load. The next thing that happened was I looked back at the temp gauge and it was on "0" WTF!!! steam everywhere! in engine compartment and engine started running above190 ish! . I immediately shut her down and scratched my head thinking " I know I put all new core plugs in with aircraft sealant, what is going on??" Well after a cigarette or two and the engine cooled down a bit so I could get into the engine compartment and see what blew out!. I found the issue :biggrin It was the water hose from the out drive impeller pump nipple, blew off! thus causing no water to the engine for cooling, but filled the bilge up. I reconnected the hose back on the nipple/cock with a new band clamp, started her back up and all was good for the rest of the day :lol8 except for the dead spot in the carburetor (I think it maybe a power valve) not 100% sure, but other than those two issues and the boat being smaller once everyone wad on board with gear and full tank of fuel....WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME ON THE LAKE :lol8 just got back 45 minutes ago... I almost forgot to mention that when I go from forward drive to neutral thengine feels like she cuts out for a split second, so I think some adjustments are needed? please give me some input. I appreciate all who has supported me through this long process. It was joy to get her on the water today :lol8
  11. Named the boat today...first splash Tomorrow (Sunday) at Lake Jackson, Ga...
  12. no Dennis, to someone else, darn it!!! not sure if you guys saw the truck? but it was a 2003 Dodge 2500 5.9 171,000 on the clock one owner, extra clean...$12,900 If I remember
  13. thanks again for the info I appreciate itSounds like these diesel today need extra special attention
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