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  1. Fuel was filled up basically that day, it definitely is not old. It will run for a minute or so (maybe a few minutes when first cold) and then it does what it shows in the video. Try to start it back up, takes a few cranks as though it's a bit flooded, but then it starts runs a minute (or a few) and it sputters out again same way. I know one thing we noted is that at this point is very rich as the exhaust water smells of gas, but I don't know if that is a result of it trying to correct the lean condition, or what...
  2. 42 ft!!!! Lol. On the mud puddle I boat on that's 4.2ft. Sorry for interruption but I couldn't resist.
  3. The link to the video below was taken of the symptoms of my generator issue. The panel breaker was off so there was no load. Load or not, it does the same thing. The following other things were checked: impeller is good, strainer was clear, water was pumping fine, water output temp was cool, plenty of fuel in tank. The boat is "new to me", so I have never tried the generator till this weekend. It has 18 hours on it from previous owner. I have no idea on the condition of the fuel filter or spark plug, but considering the way it runs before it seems to be trying to close the choke, I don't think those are issues, but I'm not expert. Please help! https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=F48C2D467190B489!3692&authkey=!AIyaZllofLgBED4&ithint=video%2cmp4
  4. 10% is pretty standard. Check out Pops Yachts too.
  5. Mr. Bill, looks like we are neighbors! Bald Knob on Pistakee will give you free pump out for every 150 spent on gas. Their gas docks have attendants and are really easy to access, and their gas price is reasonable for the chain. There are a few more that do this, but I personally only use Bald Knob. The attendant turns on the pump, you open your cap shove the hose in the hole, have someone hold the pedal down a bit to keep the ball valve open.
  6. Well, I have some updates for those that will find this via search... 1). The vacuum generator on my 05 Signature 270 is behind the cabinet in the aft berth. Take out the cabinet by removing the 4 screws inside it.2). To test the vacuum switch, jumper B to B connection on the limit switch which sits atop the vacuum switch. B is the contacts that are open when the plunger on the limit switch is out, ie: time for pump to stop..3) Limit switch part number is 9007AO1 and runs about 40 deer. As you can see below, one of the B contacts on my limit switch broke. The system worked when jumpered, so I have high hopes for a simple replacement of the limit switch.
  7. I'm pretty sure it is not on the holding tank.
  8. Dumb question... where do I find the vacuum generator to begin with??? The illustration seems to show it being forward of the bilge, and the parts list picture I see raw 'glass, so I'm not sure where that could be.
  9. Thanks, sounds easy to check. Picture would be worth a thousand words on this one for sure!
  10. Finally got some water in the tank and went to try vacuflush, but got no flush. The switch is lit when on, but I don't hear anything and assume I should. I left it for at least 10 min, and still no vacuum. The bowl appears to hold water just fine, but it doesn't go anywhere at all when the pedal is depressed. I have no idea where to begin diagnostics. I assume the issue is with the pump or something electronic related to the pump's systems, but which one to start with?
  11. My bottom paint was sandblasted off, instead of being sanded. Sanding requires many sheets and many hours. I don't know if there is an easier way.
  12. Amazing how 1 f can change everything!
  13. I would say you need to take a mechanic for a ride. Nothing is making sense.
  14. Where I fuel, they will take your lines and tie you off but fueling and pumping are self serve. I give them 5 (whether it's a pair or a single) for the assistance.
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