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  4. Ahh, the paint stir stick - with all the sophisticated equipment we have on the boat I guessed we were missing something fundamental! Just got to decide on the white one or the brown gloss woodstain one - better stick with white. Excellent - Thanks! (From a place where it never snows - unfortunately)
  5. Hi Guys, I've never been able to get my back to back seats to fold into the lounger. I have the handle at the front that lifts and disengages the teeth, but there are also two very hard to reach tabs towards the centre that sit over retaining pins. I guess I'm missing something from the seat. Or is there a drawing of the seat assembly that might help? Cheers.
  6. Yeah, I've been watching the extreme cold over your way and the UK being underwater! We're at the end of a record-breaking hot summer with no significant rainfall since mid-October. Today is the first day of Autumn, the forecast is for 38 Celsius and it's already hit 34 by 11am - Not bragging, just saying. To be honest its often too hot to do much! Mind you, yesterday we great afternoon out on the water and we have a public holiday long weekend over here, so tomorrow looks good for an early start.
  7. Cheers Guys! Stereo fixed as per advice found on the forum - going to be bunking-off work early tomorrow to get out from Ocean Reef Marina and have lunch out on the boat - just me and the missus while the kids are still at school. The forecast looks great, 37 Celsius (HOT) and calm.
  8. G'Day Guys, Just got round to joining. Had ours for one year now down here in Western Australia. They were imported here a while back but I'm not sure about now, not 'Over West' anyhow. Looking forward to reading and learning, I'll be sure to do a bit or research before posting previously-asked Qs - hopefully. Already got some good info on why my stereo might not be working after a botched battery swap and mis-connection! Cheers for now!