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  1. Dennis A

    Port Engine lost power - Need some help please

    Leakdown test. Need a compressor though.
  2. Dennis A

    1992 1900SL Construction

    If you don't know exactly what you are looking for there is always the potential to miss something. Even people who have years of experience miss things once in a while. With older boats it is all about how they are cared for. They are not made to sit out in the elements in direct sun light and rain. If the interior gets wet it needs to be dried out. Water leaks into the bilge need to be addressed quickly. Older boats are way more sensitive than newer ones. The fact that this boat doesn't have its original interior and a 'replaced' floor is a big red flag. If it wad cared for as described above it would be all original. There are plenty of examples around. I am not saying that the floor wasn't properly removed, all wet wood dried and anything rotted was removed, but this takes lots of hard meticulous work. There are more people willing to put lipstick on a pig than there are that will do it correctly, just like everything. Yes, I have the I/O version, same year.
  3. Dennis A

    1992 1900SL Construction

    Also, I believe the outboard models had yamaha outboards.
  4. Dennis A

    1992 1900SL Construction

    You can take along an awl and poke around the side of the stringers in the bilge, sides of the ski locker, and inside of the transom. A hammer can also be used to tap along the fiberglass and listen for a hollow sounds, but this is an advanced skill typically reserved for trained surveyors. Another tool is a moisture meter, but interpreting the results also requires some advanced knowledge. Look for hairline cracks in the gel-coat around high stress points like where the outboard mounts. Determining if the foam is water logged would require some core samples, which I doubt the seller will be too keen on you doing. You can go through all of the above and still end up with a water logged rotten structure boat. It has happened to the best of us. You can look into hiring a surveyor, but the cost of is probably out of balance with what you plan to pay for the boat. The gunwale panel is the white vinyl wrapped panel below the shift lever that the stereo speaker is mounted into and extends aft along the side. In the boat you are looking at it would be attached to the 2x4 loking shelf that runs along the lower part of the inside of the hull on both sides.
  5. Dennis A

    1992 1900SL Construction

    The hull is fiberglass composite with a wood structure. The core of the transom is plywood. The Stringers and the floor are also wood. There is one set of stringers that run fore/aft on either side of the bilge that are made of wood. The cavity outboard of the stringers under the floor to the edge of the hull is filled with foam. Wet/rotted wood in the structure is the primary concern with this boat and any other boat with a wood structure/coring. Since the interior upholstery and floor have been re-done I would be even more suspect. Lots of "quick'' fixes to just throw new plywood over a rotten deck and structure. The floor will seem firm for a while until the stringers become pure moosh. I challenge that this boat has been stored inside its whole life as it would not have needed a new interior and floor if that was the case. Looks like the bottom half of the gunwale panel is missing on both sides. My guess is the wood core of the panel was rotted and they didn't even bother to rebuild it when doing the upholstery. http://www.chaparralboats.com/publications/uploaded_files/552/1992-opt.pdf
  6. Dennis A

    2006 330 Signature Engine Mount Cracks

    can't see the cracks.
  7. Dennis A

    Port Engine lost power - Need some help please

    I think we might be too far off in the weeds. So you have two plugs on different banks with broken porcelain and center electrodes? This is typically caused by detonation if the plugs were good when you put them in. Was base ignition timing ever checked as well as full advance? It seems you are not producing power from all cylinders on one bank based on the cylinder cutout testing and lack of exhaust temp. You seem to have injector pulse to all those injectors via the noid light test and have spark as well, although we don't know timing. Compression check on that bank would be warranted in my opinion.
  8. Dennis A

    Does the galley refrigerator have a drain?

    There is no control. QC doesn't mean you have a quality product, just that they are all the same.
  9. Dennis A

    H2O 19 200 hp or H2O 21 250 hp can't decide?

    Nice choice. Are you going to get a chance to take it out at all this year? Hope there are no issues that could have been fixed over the winter. Don't want to waste any of the precious season with something that could have been addressed over the winter.
  10. Dennis A

    Locating Mercruiser Serial Number

    Good deal. Surprised the surveyor wasn't able to locate it.
  11. Dennis A

    Locating Mercruiser Serial Number

    Should be a stamped metal tag on the side of the block just above the starter. The printed labels on the flywheel housing become illegible very easily.
  12. Dennis A

    Painted trailer and salt water

    Iron blocks/manifolds and salt water are worse as they also get hot. Depending on the trailer construction, flushing might not be a big deal. My trailer is entirely C-channel so all the metal is painted. If your trailer is tube frame then do as others have suggested and stick the garden hose in an open hole and flush it for a while. Obviously if you can avoid putting it in salt water that is best, but not something i would let keep me from fully enjoying the boat and your time at your new house. I bet you bought that house to relax and get away from stress, not create more. If the trailer ever rusts out, then replace it with an aluminum one, but even they are not impervious to salt water corrosion.
  13. Dennis A

    Oil/foam dripping from outdrive

    Yeah, and you might be able to get some shake down hours on it before winter lay-up. If there are problems, then you have all winter to remedy. Season is too short to have the boat in the shop.
  14. Dennis A

    1994 25.5 SSX

  15. Dennis A

    Pushed in trim cylinder, did I ruin it?

    If one got pushed in, the other should have pushed out since they are connected via a manifold block. You can run the trim pump up until they are all the way out, or down until they are all the way in. Otherwise, you can do it my hand by pushing the opposite cylinder in, the other will move out. Stop when they are even.