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  1. I think you identified it in the title.
  2. Dennis A

    Mobil 1 oil question Wingnut?

    Nope. What is your application? Can't see your signature on mobile if you have it listed.
  3. Dennis A

    Mobil 1 oil question Wingnut?

    I was focused on the statement about marketing people being application engineers. I think our definition of "application engineer" is not the same. The person answering the phone is likely not an engineer and instead has a spreadsheet of approved applications for their product, if your application is not on the spreadsheet then the answer is going to be no, don't use it. Those people would have a fancy title of "product application specialist." Kinda like the guy that picks up my garbage once a week is a "sanitary engineer." What is the person "engineering?"
  4. Dennis A

    Mobil 1 oil question Wingnut?

  5. People are lazy and getting them to do something they don't know how to do or never have done turns into something impossible. I wonder if there is any inventory of the parts you are looking or any active production. I doubt there is much aftermarket demand or availability for these parts and they simply may not exist.
  6. Sorry it's been so long. I been heads down pencils up with work that I haven't been on here much and missed the notification in my inbox. I don't know much about either the HDU or the Azek. I know the HDU comes in many "flavors" and could be a viable option under the correct conditions. I know they use it in outdoor signs so it should be able to withstand the elements, but I am not sure of its mechanical properties and how well it would perform in a structural application. The Azek concerns me the most from a rigidity and creep standpoint. I would be concerned it would sag out of position in short order when exposed to the sun and heat of summer. Sorry, not much help here.
  7. Let me know when the check is in the mail.
  8. Wonder no more...they are.
  9. I guess you love it so much that you had to make your profile name Simreknc.
  10. Dennis A

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Powered by 2 diesel engines and propelled by her twin screw propellers Motor yacht Lonian is capable of a top speed of 18.5 knots, and comfortably cruises at knots. She can carry around 160,000 of diesel on-board in her fuel tanks. Her water tanks store around 50,000 of fresh water. https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-53405/lonian.htm
  11. Dennis A

    Aluminum Locknut in Bilge, what does it belong to?

    Those are actually pics of my boat, I was just too lazy to setup imgur so I could post them. Thanks Hatem:). I have the standard seating with the two jump seats next to the dog house. It was awfully nice of the the builder to give me a seat to sit on while working on the engine. Pull those seats out, remove the dog house and the rear bulkhead and the engine is exposed and easy to get to on all sides. I feel bad for all of you who can barely see the engine, much less get a firm grip on the component that you are trying to replace. The original purpose of the pics was to illustrate how the rear mounts are assembled and show that there 'might' be enough room to sneak the locknut back into its slot "if" you could get a hand or some other magnet tool anywhere near that area.
  12. Dennis A

    Aluminum Locknut in Bilge, what does it belong to?

    How close does the pipe come to touching the ID of gimbal bearing at positions other than 1 o'clock? Trying to understand the amount of run-out.
  13. Dennis A

    Aluminum Locknut in Bilge, what does it belong to?

    Sounds like coupler run-out and engine mis-alignment. If it was just engine-misalignment and coupler was true, the pipe would always be hitting the id of the gimbal at the same spot, no matter engine rotation. if you have coupler run-out and perfect engine alignment, then the pipe hitting the id of the gimbal will follow exactly as you rotate the engine. For example, pipe hitting at 1 o'clock. Rotate engine 90 degrees, pipe is now hitting at either 4 or 10 o'clock depending on which way you rotated engine.
  14. If you try to copy the current plate with Azek I would be worried that the nav light post mount would sag over time, especially after some summer heat.