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  1. Dennis A

    Prop ventilation ?

    +1. My '92 has a separate trailer button below the trim toggle that operates independently as well of the trim toggle. If mine was two hand operation i would re-wire it to eliminate that garbage.
  2. https://www.hollandmarineparts.nl/jetthruster/systems/bow-and-stern-thruster
  3. Dennis A

    2001 180SSE

    engine blocks are the same so the interface parts should bolt to either merc or volvo. If the oe Volvo engine failed, a more common merc replacement would seem likely to me.
  4. Dennis A


    What engine and prop? How many people? How much gear and fuek? How big is the skier? Trimmed down/in all the way? Going full throttle? Are you able to hit WOT engine speed range?
  5. Dennis A

    Boat lacking power. Hard to plain off

  6. Dennis A

    Just Joined!

    Welcome Aboard!
  7. Dennis A

    Throttle adjustments

    What are you wanting to adjust? Sounds like normal operation to me.
  8. Dennis A

    205 sl info

    +1. If you can't hit that range, something is wrong.
  9. The only mercruiser 4.2 I am aware of is diesel: https://www.mercurymarine.com/en-gb/ru/engines/diesel/mercury-diesel/42l-tier-2/
  10. Idle= 140 degF Anything above idle one needle width either side of the 150 mark regardless of engine speed (as long as I'm above idle) and water temp. Typically cruise around 2800-3400 depending on conditions. Speed is dependent on which prop and i really don't pay much attention to speed, try to match speed to conditions I go by what it has always shown, no idea what the actual temp is compared to my 27 year old mechanical gauge and sender.
  11. Dennis A

    205 sl info

    You don't need someone with an identical boat to yours to tell you that your WOT engine speed is too low. The design speed range is 4400-4800 like i previously stated. If you are not able to hit that range, then your engine is not producing enough power to turn the prop up to that engine speed and something is wrong. If you can touch the drive at speed and not be burned, then its not overheating. I have seen oil temp data in the 265F range for A1G2 drives. B3 are hotter.
  12. Dennis A

    205 sl info

    So what is the temp of your drive at speed? I prefer controlled science experiments over high wire circus acts hanging over the transom one handed on plane trying to point an IR thermometer at the top of the drive.
  13. Dennis A

    205 sl info

    There is no such animal, hence the request for specifics. 26 years ago is a long time and no telling. Likely a 19p, but could have literally been anything that fit. It should turn between 4400 and 4800 rpm, but is dependent on all the factors previously stated. Running on plane for a while with the upper drive out of the water will produce temps hot enough to cook the minerals out of the water hitting the the drive leaving behind a white residue. Just running on the muffs at 1100 rpm will produce temps about ~20-30 degrees above ambient temp near where drive mates to the transom assembly, where the input shaft bearings are.
  14. Dennis A

    205 sl info

    There are many factors at play here. What type of prop are you running? Material, blade count, cupping? Is the drive ratio 1.82? Full fuel tank when running? Trimming up? How many people and how much gear? Bimini top deployed? What is the air temp and RH%? Have you set base ignition timing as well as verified advance? Also, weight of the boat as this era of boat tends to gain weight if left outside uncovered or water frequently in the bilge. Lots of wood and foam that is poorly sealed to soak up lots of water. Is the hull clean?