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  1. Dennis A

    CRAParral Never buy!

    This is nearly the same in the RV world. Engine made by one manufacturer, trans made by another, Chassis manufacturer mates engine/trans and installs in chassis. Chassis sold to RV manufacturer who puts all sorts of other manufacturers components into it like refrigerator, water heater, A/C, furnace, furniture, etc. Almost all the major components have their own warranty. Any good dealer is capable of repairing and submitting warranty claims to the OEMs.
  2. Dennis A

    CRAParral Never buy!

    yeah, the same system on my 26 year old chap, a 5/8'' vent hose looped up and back down to a vent port on the side of the hull.
  3. Dennis A

    New Trailer Tires - Recommendations Needed

    Thanks for the update. I too upgraded to the endurance since last posting on this thread. Put about 600 miles of highway driving on them since 4th of July and am very pleased. Love the higher load and speed rating over the marathons.
  4. Dennis A

    Soft Deck - what's under the carpet 1995 2335ss

    I did a very similar repair on my '92 over the winter. Had a soft spot over the fuel tank section so I removed the seats, pulled back the carpet and began cutting out the bad section. There was a very slight coating of resin and chop strand that turned to dust over the past 26 years coupled with some steel staples through the glass that rotted away leaving holes for water to enter in the most wet part of a carpeted boat interior.
  5. Dennis A

    She’s buying her first boat...

    That price is above low retail and below average retail listed in the NADA guide for the location.
  6. Dennis A

    Coolant temp at high speed?

    Also remember, wax motor thermostats begin to open within 2 degrees plus or minus their rated temp and are fully open 15-20 degrees above rated temp. So, a 160 degree thermostat won't be fully open until 175-180 degrees.
  7. Dennis A

    Coolant temp at high speed?

    Steady state cruise is way different than transient. If your steady state cruise is 160-163 and has been that way for a long time I don't see it being out of the ordinary to jump to 170 on a short burst of power. The thermostat doesn't react instantly. I would expect that if you held the higher power the temp would have stabilized back into normal range of 160-163. If it doesn't, then i would be looking at thermostat and/or sea water pump, and maybe even manifolds/riser depending on age.
  8. Dennis A

    5.7 L Volvo Penta with a cracked block

    You ain't kidding, that's excellent service!
  9. Dennis A

    5.7 L Volvo Penta with a cracked block

    Sounds like there is a very slight cavity below the drain plug that could hold water even after the drain hole stops flowing. Was the block filled with antifreeze after draining the water?
  10. Dennis A

    5.7 L Volvo Penta with a cracked block

    +1. You can buy a lot of epoxy for less than 7k deer. Even if it fails in a few years you can always do it over again.
  11. Dennis A

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    The dealer can stop selling Chap and pick up another brand.
  12. Dennis A

    Still here.... Checking in

    Sorry for your loss. Glad to see you're still around! Hope you have an enjoyable boating season.
  13. hahah! Just mixing it up before it gets to you!
  14. Yeah, when cruising on the river for an hour plus on plane the top half of my drive gets warm enough to cook off the water leaving mineral deposits stuck to the paint on the drive. The drive shower eliminates this by either reducing the case temp enough or by simply washing off the minerals or both. There are many others people on this forum who have had similar results.
  15. The data I have seen has shown around a 30 to 50 degree reduction in oil temp on Alpha and Bravo drives. Elimination of the white powder alone is worth the price to me.