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  1. To each his own. For me, I will buy the 100k boat when its 12 years old for $25k cash and make just as great memories with my family all the while investing the difference over the next 20 years.
  2. +1. Having the cash, but choosing to not use it is a very different situation. At the very least you need to have the difference between the loan amount and the resell value of the boat on hand for a rainy day situation.
  3. Yep, same with 7 year notes on vehicles and 30 year notes on student loans. If i can pay the monthly payment then i can afford it!
  4. +1. The interest charge on a financed new boat is not the only cost, add the 20%, 15%, 14%, etc depreciation in years 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. A boat or just about any other toy never makes pure financial sense.
  5. So borrow money from a bank at some interest rate to spend it on a depreciating asset versus buying a comparatively depreciated asset that is only a few years old
  6. Another reminder why i buy used and definately don't finance toys.
  7. Was thinking the same thing so I looked.....30k deer minimum to replace my fully functional 1992 1900 SLC. I paid 1/10 of that for it 5 years ago from a family member.
  8. Those batteries are rated at 1370 MCA (32 degF) and 1150 CCA (0 degF). At what temp are you testing the CA at? If you are testing at 70 degF then I would expect CA to be ~1847 on a new fully charged battery rated for 1150 CCA. The devil is in the details and you have to be careful how you are testing.
  9. The manufacturer of brand name batteries can be region specific.
  10. I have had no problems with mine coming out with speeds upto 75mph on my 25 year old clips. Mine are spaced about 4" apart along the botton of the windshield frame.
  11. +1. I buy whatever is the cheapest and correct size for the application. Avoid paying for a warranty. Keep them charged properly. If you avoid over charging water usage will be virtually nil.
  12. I have one on my boat and can reach it just fine.
  13. Just the missing windshield alone....$$$$$
  14. Outstanding!! Glad it worked out for the better.
  15. A crack in that area is common with yamaha sterdrives that have been in saltwater. Seems that corrosion between the case and bearing carrier leads to stress cracks.. Proper attempt at repair would involve complete disassembly of the lower cases half, welding, then reassembly and hoping the case is still round enough. A used lowered in good shape can be had for about $750. Converting to another drive/engine brand would cost many times that in parts alone.