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  1. Just the missing windshield alone....$$$$$
  2. Outstanding!! Glad it worked out for the better.
  3. A crack in that area is common with yamaha sterdrives that have been in saltwater. Seems that corrosion between the case and bearing carrier leads to stress cracks.. Proper attempt at repair would involve complete disassembly of the lower cases half, welding, then reassembly and hoping the case is still round enough. A used lowered in good shape can be had for about $750. Converting to another drive/engine brand would cost many times that in parts alone.
  4. The reason we ask for the specific location of the crack is that there could be a chance to have it repaired instead of needing to replace the entire unit.
  5. Where is the crack exactly?
  6. Ain't that the truth.....
  7. +1. Mine are a quarter century old as well and still going strong. The insulation on the wires has become brittle and I have given them a coat of liquid electrical tape to keep the two conductors from shorting against each other.
  8. Haha. Pontoons/Tritoons have 2/3 pointy ends. More is better:)
  9. Cost per person capacity, it is hard to beat a pontoon / tritoon.
  10. +1. I think after '90 they discontinued the grease fitting, my '92 doesn't have it.
  11. Thanks!
  12. I have jumped out my merc fuel pump oil pressure switch so I can run the pump for 20-30 seconds to fill the carb bowls after a long sitting period. Saves a lot of cranking. Fires up nearly instantly.
  13. BT, can you provide some reference dimensions for locating where to drill? I seem to have lost mine.
  14. Thermostats like the ones we are talking about here are not binary open/shut, they begin to open at the rated temp and are fully open 25degF above rated temp.