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  1. Dennis A

    Storm damage - Can I get some help?

    Glad to see you back! Finding the molds for the arch may be nearly impossible and repair by a competent craftsman may be your only choice. Maybe find a used one as being another option. This is likely the same for the seat punctures as well. The gauges and dash panel should be covered along with the gel-coat. This drives home how important it is to have good documentation when fighting insurance companies, home, auto, boat, etc.
  2. Those things scare me. Little bit of debris holding the flaps open...down she goes.
  3. +1. At least you don't have tear up the floor to get at it like Denny did. The bend radius on the 1" line tee'd into the drain line looks a little tight too.
  4. The props are contra-rotating. It's just a matter of chance they lined up when you took it out of gear.
  5. Oh, I was looking for damage.
  6. Dennis A

    Loose Bravo III drive

    Swivel Shaft to Gimbal Ring connection is what I would be looking at. See if the steering arm inside the boat moves as much as the drive, if it doesn't then you have a worn out Gimbal ring. Very common on the Bravos. Don't try to just tighten up the u-bolt as the ring will crack.
  7. All looks good besides the back-up job. At least it wasn't the props and the bumper...that would be expensive. Are you going to replace or re-use the anodes?
  8. Dennis A

    Boat cleaning/waxing questions

    +1. I use 303 Aerospace Protectant on all surfaces of the boat except the carpet. I even use it on the vehicles, jet skis, etc. I buy a gallon each spring. https://www.goldeagle.com/product/303-aerospace-protectant/
  9. Dennis A

    Boat cleaning/waxing questions

  10. Dennis A

    !987 Chaparral 235 XLC Plywood Cored Hull Issues

    It looks like Krs185 was looking to purchase that boat, and tosea did. Unless they are the same people with different IDs?
  11. Dennis A

    Hull Cleaning

    +1. Cheap and effective.
  12. Dennis A

    New trailer advice please

    +1. If you get a WD hitch, make sure it is listed as compatible with surge brakes. Also, anti-sway devices are typically not compatible with surge brakes.