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  1. Use the gasket as a template
  2. Yes, check battery voltage. I believe VP ECMs are very sensitive to voltage.
  3. Sounds like a lot of hands, arms, feet, etc in the engine compartment. I would give everthing a good look over, paying special attention to electrical connectors, especially
  4. Hahah!
  5. +1. Typically not good considering the location
  6. Just watched the first video again and I think what is happening is after you hit a bump the loaded flexed trailer unloads and the stern rises and the center of the trailer drops away from the boat and the front rollers become unloaded. Think about the trailer hanging from the boat and attached only at the front and back. The center of the trailer sags.
  7. If you have the boat Cg directly over the middle axle the tongue weight would be the same with or without the boat on the trailer. Basically the tongue weight becomes a product of the Cg of the trailer itself. All in a static scenario.
  8. The only time i can recall seeing uneven spacing on a triple axle trailer is when one of the axles is a tag.
  9. Spreading two axles makes sense to me, spreading two of three axles not so much.
  10. I too am interested in the reasoning. Looks like the front axle was added later and probably divorced from load equalization with the middle and rear axles.
  11. EPDM belts are extremely resistant to cracking and therefore not a good indicator of belt condition. A gauge to measure the v-rib depth is necessary to determine if a belt needs replacing. A worn belt will slip under normal tension. The dust material came from somewhere.
  12. As others have said, check for misalignment and corrosion, but also check tension. A belt that is too loose and slipping will leave dust as well.
  13. Are you at 6.2% after moving it forward? 5-7% is half the tongue weight I am used to and comfortable with. My experience with less than 10% is that the trailer sways at highway speeds, cross winds, and less than ideal road conditions. The other end of the problem with more tongue weight on the tow vehicle is that it takes weight off the steer axle making the steering light. When you lowered the bow eye roller did you take it down and raise it up just until it touches the boat? A bow strap will definately help. I notice a huge difference on my bunk trailer. The winch strap does pull the bow down much. If your stern straps are really tight that can also lift the bow to lift up as well. Bow strap helps counter that.
  14. 98" from transom. Check out linked document in this thread:
  15. ???Huh?