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  1. It seems I finally got my voice heard because after that whole ordeal they called me every few weeks a few times to make sure everything was ok with the boat. But as soon as I walk through the doors now everyone knows my name, lol! They gave me a discount on my 20 hour service and made up for it. but all I have to say is I am glad I got the 5 year warranty! Hopefully this year goes smoothly.
  2. Do I just reconnect the batteries and turn the key? I never had an I/O before only outboards, got it professionally winterized. I am afraid to ask if you collect the anti-freeze or its some kind of special safe for the environment let it spill out in the lake stuff...??? thanks guys
  3. This is my first I/O and I had it professionally winterized, so I am not sure the steps you take when you put it back in the water. I disconnected the battery so I will put the batteries on the trickle charger and hook them back up but then what? Do I just stick it in the water and turn the key? Sorry for the noob question but I only ever had outboards....
  4. Just so you all know this thread got out of hand I have not read anything from my last post and have deleted all I have said, nor will I read any more. Unfortunately some people can not handle the internet. Also I ask a moderator just to delete this thread due to nothing constructive in it. I wish you all well and I am going to go enjoy my fixed boat.
  5. Deleted by poster due to negativity.
  6. I keep my boat in a slip a mile from my house. After a day on the lake swimming or from my dog my carpet is soaked so I'll oped to leave the cover off for a day to let it dry out. Any one else do this or should I not do this for some reason? Also what about if I'm using it the next day? I want to keep the boat in great shape but somtimes I feel like I'm doing something for no purpose. I do have one of those chemical dehumidifiers but it just cant handle that much water.
  7. Get a screwdriver and poke it though the oil filter. That will give you the leverage you need.
  8. Want to get rid of the one for the H2O? I'd be interested.