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    2003 Chaparral Sunesta 222
    Volvo Penta 5.0 GXI
    Volvo MX Outdrive
  1. Thank you to everybody who posted here, having a mechanic inspect the boat before we buy, sincerely, thanks for your input. Hope it all works out because its that or something else and we really love the Chaparral!!
  2. We are looking to buy a 2003 Sunesta 222 Volvo Penta 5.0 GXI boat, the dealer has the compression tests showing a low of 113 on one cylinder and the others are all within 137-143 range. We have been looking all over the web trying to find out what SHOULD the compression test show on a boat. We can see the range for ours but what does Volvo say the compression should be, for instance when the boat is new. The boat has 125 hours on it and is immaculate, but we can't tell if these compression numbers are even close to what they should be, much less the one that is on the low end. We can't tell from Volvo website either what compression should be for this engine, is there a baseline or range that a healthy motor should be running in??? Any help would be very appreciated, we are new and really like the boat, but don't want to make a big mistake here. Thanks for all input in advance. Hope to own a Chaparral soon if not this one, then will keep looking.