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  1. I have a 2014 H20 and was not receiving satisfaction from the dealer. I tried for 4 months, leaving a message once a week for their customer service manager to call me. I did not receive one reply, very frustrating and a poor way to do business in my opinion
  2. I have a 2014 H20 21 Sport that I bought new in April 2014, we are in the Midwest and took her out for the first time this year yesterday, hit 113 hours while we were out, 240 seems like a lot of hours to me.
  3. As an owner of a 21 H20, don't let these guys scare you off the 19 h20, it is a good boat, although might be a little cramped with 6 or more people, it will be fine for your family of 4. The 220hp is preferred, but I understand budgetary constraints as well. It will be great for tubing and skiing with your children, and with an added waketower, should do ok for wakeboarding too.
  4. The 3 blade 19 will give you more speed than your 20
  5. I bought a new 21 H20 in 2014, financed most of it, have never regretted the purchase. Will pay off in a year and a half, but totally worth it and I did not buy somebody else's problem boat......pull the trigger, you will not regret it. I did a 4 year loan, pretty high payment, but she's almost mine!
  6. I actually called corporate and asked to speak to customer service because I was so unhappy with the way I had been treated. I was directed to some guy, and was put into his voicemail, did this 3 times in 1 week, he never responded to me.
  7. You should check your owners manual, I have same boat with same motor, 2013 model. 1st oil change is should be scheduled at 20 hours, 50 hours seems like a very long time to run new motor on original oil.
  8. From the album Jim's baby

    In honor of our son who passed away in 2013 RIP Brandon
  9. I have 2014 H20 21 sport and have never had any issues with my cushions, 85 hours on her so far. Are they wet from people being in the water or are you wetting them down to clean them?
  10. I bought the same boat in 2014, have 80 hours on it now, have been pulling tubes from stern center attachment point the whole time with no issues
  11. Those are circut breakers that you push in when they trip
  12. I did not mean for this thread to get hostile, the drainage was a side point, not the real topic of getting screwed by my dealer. UPDATE: Took the boat out for 6 hours on local lake yesterday, no alarms, boat ran great. Not sure if it was the neutral switch or the throttle position sensor that were replaced by dealer, but thank God problem is fixed.
  13. There is no penalty as far as I know, but at the lakes around Lawrence Kansas there is signage asking you to drain your bilge, my interpretation of that is do not take any water with you. And since my boat has a single point drain, it is very easy to drain the block. The admiral removes the plug at the stern, then I spend an extra 15-30 seconds opening the single point drain which drains into the bilge and out the stern. Just trying to do my part to keep Kansas lakes free from these mussels since I do boat at 2 different lakes in Kansas and 2 in Missouri.
  14. There is signage at the ramps where I boat, Corp of engineers suggests that you drain at the ramp. I do have a single point drain, so draining the block adds 30 seconds to the time I spend getting ready to leave after pulling up from the ramp.
  15. My wife just told me to get over it, so guess I am gonna grill it up and eat it!