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  1. retiredguy

    switching to Chaparral

    High again...bad texting skills...should read perma panels not permanent. Also should read Hydropel not hydroelectric . Sorry.
  2. retiredguy

    switching to Chaparral

    Although I have only had Chaparrals (Signature 280 and 330) since boating I looked at Sea Ray, Regal,Rinker,Cruisers, 4 Winns and liked Chaps best. All have good and bad points. A dockside neighbor had a 300 with Mercruisers. Seemed good to him. Hull solid and finish good. No big issues. Like mine, stringers are permanent panels encapsulatrd with frp. Boat finish has Hydroelectric in it to resist blisters. When surveyed, moisture readings will be high. More can be found on this topic on web. Hull is still good. I have nothing bad to say with honoring warranty. Chaparral covered repairs under warranty on my 8 year old sign 330. Nice people at Chaparral.
  3. retiredguy

    Touch Up Paint

    I needed to touch up my arch and called Jay And Kay Manufacturing the makers of Chap. Aluminum arches.They told me that they don't paint the arch but Chaparral subs it out to a body shop in Georgia. Sounded complicated and did"t follow up.
  4. retiredguy

    Boat wax

    Garry's Royal Satin is a cleaner wax in liquid or paste and comes off easy. Good results and not too much cost.
  5. retiredguy

    Bilge float switch

    check under float and see if something's under it making it run. If clean, try reversing wires.
  6. retiredguy

    2003 Signature 300: Solid Glass Hull or Something Else?

    I was told by my dealer that hull bottom was cored on my '03 signature 280, so the 300 probably also cored. They put transducer on rear of hull,not bottom.
  7. my first chap was a 280 (new) and had no major issues. be aware that hull moisture readings may be "high". sometimes these readings read high on inside of hull. chap uses "hydropel" which contributes to this readings. otherwise a very nice boat. ps- if Volvo drives, the sx drives are good but watch out for their composite drives.
  8. retiredguy

    Signature 320 and 330 Delamination of Stringers / Engine Mounts

    wonder how problem was found with inner liner of fiberglass. only access is engine compartment. my 330 has a bow thruster and that area is also visable. stringers are pressure treated plywood and supposed to be encapsulated in glass. that said, I notice that my bilge is sprayed with gelcoat and that has come loose on exhaust boxes. still would like to know how survey found this problem out on those boats. my '07 came with limited lifetime structural hull warranty but whose lifetime I really don't knaw. as for cracking around engine mounts, I do not have any issues.
  9. retiredguy


    I have a 2007 Signature 330 with V-drives
  10. Gelcoat is brittle and boats flex. Also wonder if the glass had cured before spraying engine compartment with gelcoat. On my '07 330,the collection boxes are peeling gelcoat. I had two inspections by different 'glass professionals on Long Island and both agree that glass was not cured when sprayed. Cosmetic only.
  11. retiredguy

    Hull construction on Signature series

    My 2003 Signature 280 had a lot of spider cracking under engines (did not hit anything) and Chap blew me off. I had an independent fiberglass specialist look at problem and it was purely cosmetic. I was told that my hull was foam cored (by dealer)- even under waterline so be careful what you do. Wood panels are pressure treated plywood. In later years most manufacturers went back to no coring under waterline. My 2007 sig 330 was glass under waterline and Nidacore (half inch thick) and foam in hullsides. PS-no spider cracking or problems in same area of 330 even with greater weight than 280/290. Hope this helps.
  12. my 2007 sig 330 has 6.2's with v drive inboards. Getting on plane w/o trim tabs is fine. Only problem so far has been clogged injectors due to paint from parts and or fuel line rubber turning soft, Either way Mercruiser says not their problem. Ethenol is the problem even though their engines sold in states requiring ethanol. Now, as a two boat owner over 11 years, 1 with twin IO's other V drives, I would look at a boat offering diesels with inboards. Good luck.
  13. retiredguy

    2003 280 Signature Head Questions

    My 2003 Sig 280 came with a vacuflush system installed at factory. It was standard equipment. I also had macerator installed as an option but never used it so skipped it when I got my '07 330. I know that if stopped by CG for inspection,it had better be inoperable (close to shore) or hefty fine coming your way. Todd Industries makes a gas caddy and also a waste caddy which would fit your needs.
  14. retiredguy


    Ethanol will do in your fuel system. This season six boats in my marina with Mercruiser power went down - including mine, I have used Stabl Marine in proper amounts since boat was new. paint from inside of fuel system parts comes loose and clogs rails and injectors not to mention rubber parts are also compromised. If non-ethonal gas is available please use it. The $$$$$ you will save will make you happy. PS- Mercruiser says it is not their problem.
  15. retiredguy

    Bow Thrusters

    I got it as option on my '07 330 and worth the cost. Not always needed but when you do it can make big difference. Look at Vetus and install separate battery and charger for it.