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  1. dn0349

    2018 267SSX

    I had a DTS on my older boat then we got the 216 SSI without it and really missed it. On the 244 I got it again and will not own another boat without DTS.
  2. dn0349

    Where does the grey water go??

    On our Sunesta the sink drains overboard
  3. dn0349

    Summer-Round 2

    The last four for us have been some of the best. Today it was the hottest day of the year! 90 degrees and we were swimming all day. Next weekend looks fantastic too and it will definitely be our last time out and then she goes in for the winter.
  4. dn0349

    leg position storage

    mine is up during the summer mainly because it is stored indoors at the marina and I don't trust someone to possible move the boat and not check. Winter storage it is down.
  5. dn0349

    Inner hull cracks at the stern.

    Probably the best bet, now you don't have to worry.
  6. dn0349

    Warranty Run-Around

    You'll have to contact Chaparral corporate and work with them to see if they will contact your dealer regarding your issue. Usually they work with dealers only but I know of special circumstances where they will contact your existing dealer for you on your problem. Certainly hope you get it sorted out and a dealer that sucks definitely makes the whole new boat experience horrible.
  7. dn0349

    Summer is fading

    We have had nothing but sun and warm weather for the past couple of weeks. Trying to do as much boating as possible. Color's are appearing on the trees making river cruises fun. We have three weekends left and then it's done for us.
  8. dn0349

    New Chap owner ...almost

    I like how it is in front of a bank!
  9. dn0349

    Volvo warranties

    I would also call your dealer and/or mechanic and get it schedule to a look see so they can get Volvo involved as early as possible.
  10. dn0349

    2018 Discontinued Boats

    Yeah pontoons and wake boats are huge right now. The marina where we keep our boat the slips are 60% pontoons and it keeps going up. The lake where the cabin is easily a wake boat and pontoon at the dock. Some of the pontoons are decked out to the max and look very sharp. They are not your old person boat anymore and surprised how many young families buying them. This past weekend it was pretty choppy on the lake and we got passed by a pontoon with double 250 Mercs on it. He was flying and cutting through the wake like butter. All while the wife was in a very comfortable looking lounge chair just chilling. Now having said that my wife will not allow me to even look at the pontoons!
  11. dn0349

    2018 Discontinued Boats

    Correct Suncoast and Vortex are different. My local Chaparral dealer can not sell either. If I want one of those I have to go 75 miles north.
  12. dn0349

    2018 Discontinued Boats

    I was really surprised on the SSI line. It is virtually gone now so either they will completely remove that line or they are redesigning them. My guess is the cost difference between the H20 and SSI line was too much for most people. The Signature series does seem to continue to get smaller and smaller from Chaparral. I also think the Suncoast is gaining in popularity. I did notice the Vortex is missing from the "our boats" section but they are still available at http://www.vortexboats.com/ which makes you wonder why the separation. I really hope this is part of them aligning themselves to provide better built boats and higher quality control too.
  13. dn0349

    2018 Discontinued Boats

    Well after the dealer meeting it looks like Chaparral has really trimmed the boat offerings. The SSI line has taken a big hit. The only available SSI is the 246. In addition the 284 Sunesta (not a surprise), Signature 290 and SSX 277 are all gone. I might have missed one too
  14. dn0349

    New - Baby Suncoast 191

    yep and most of the SSI line has been discontinued.
  15. dn0349

    Suncoast 230 questions

    my boat could have had under water lights as an option and it definitively is not prewired and I do not have a switch labeled for it. There are several blank switches I could use.