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  1. Completely agree the layout is awesome, we love the wrap around seating.
  2. He pulled the boat after this past weekend for winter and plans to bring it back next year. So glad it is a sweet boat and if he definatly wasn't bringig it back that is the boat we would look at first. No issues all year.
  3. I use to be Chap guy as you can see I had two of them. I'm turning more into a Sea Ray guy as by brother in-law had an older one and just traded it for an 2020 SLX 230 this year. Best part he keeps it up at the cabin so I get use it all the time. So far no issues and quality has been good - I love the wrap around seating. Full glass panels are pretty cool and have worked well. If he ever decideds to not keep it at the cabin I would probably be looking hard at them for next year. But that could change if things start going down hill.
  4. I had a box anchor and loved it. Always held well and I could easily fold to store.
  5. there is the digital signal cable from the throttle the the ECU. I loved my DTS and would never go back to mechanical cable.
  6. Hate to tell you this but if you read all the legal junk from Chaparral they have the right for them to ship the boat back to Charappal and allow them to attempt to fix it if it gets to that point....don't ask how I know.
  7. Even though this is a Chap forum you will get some honest anwsers here too. My new SSI was horrible in quality and only went to a Sunesta due to an awesome help from my dealer. Unfortuantely the Sunesta had its issues as well and ended up being shipped back to Chaparral for repairs. Some hear have had great experiences and other not so great. After you accept delievery I can tell you that your dealers service department is your best friend. My dealer was awesome while a total nightmare of a boat they did everything they possibly could to help. All boat manufactures have their issues but f
  8. I personally loved my box ancher it was the easiest thing and always held. https://www.slideanchor.com/boxanchor
  9. That is for a bow filler cushion as you flip it out to hold the cushion up. I will say this and there are a lot of forums on this “it sucks” the worst ever and dangerous IMO. I built a different one to use that prevented the cushion from tipping in. But as you can see it is not even attached – once again chaparral quality control is shining.
  10. WOW, man I really hope Chap steps up to help because this is gonna be an expensive fix and probably not easy. On my 244 we caught an issue with my tower before I took delivery where it was not installed completely right and the dealer fixed it but it was not easy. Really hoping you were gonna say the dealer was backing you up. It is VERY difficult to get in contact with someone at Chaparral as they almost only work and talk with dealers. You will need to be on them constantly and times it will feel like you left 100 messages before someone gets back to you. Fortunately nobody was hurt and
  11. I was also told the infinity step was going to be standard on the 2021 models as well. That to me is surprising seeing how it is a pretty expensive add-on for 2020 and these boats are already very pricey. I also looked at a sea ray with two large 12" glass panels for the dash which is cool but crap man for an extra 6k....gezzz
  12. unfortunately I had to many problems with both my Chaparrals. They both are now sold as well. You have to stay on Chaparral to get your answer otherwise it will be crickets. Lucky I had a really good dealer that helped a ton with communication between Chaparral and myself.
  13. Yep that is the exact part and exact same thing happened to me. After storage the was gas smell and yellow stain on the swim platform. If it is sticking out you probably want to replace it to be safe. The other purpose it suppose serve is keeping water from entering but letting the gases escape. similar: https://www.westmarine.com/buy/attwood--flush-mount-316-stainless-fuel-vent-straight-vent--P006_187_003_530?pCode=10017846&cm_mmc=PS-_-Google-_-GSC>NonB>Product%20Type-_-10017846&product_id=10017846&creative=108421551724&device=c&matchtype=&network=g
  14. I had the exact same thing happen on my 216. What you are describing with the hex key is the gas tank vent and it was determined I filled it too much and the gas expanded. Not sure on 2013 but I had the carbon canister in line for the new EPA stuff and I did replace that as it is not suppose to get soaked with fuel.
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