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  1. By using this site i know to buy the rocker covers from cecil marine ,i have identified all but one boat 2004 330 signature ,below the 2 tabs switches i have 3 switches from left to right 1 depth finder 2 parallel battery 3 i just cannot see this one it seems related to depth /gps /radar but i cannot see whats written on it , also anyone know where to purchase the wooden trim bits around the switches /gauges etc thanks Phil
  2. Hi my 2004 330 signature has had full service twin 320 volvo now seem to smell of fuel any ideas what to start to look at thanks Phil
  3. philip

    water pump

    Hi again it seems my 2004 330 signature needs a stbd water pump its a twin volvo penta 5.7 GXI E i am visiting the USA shortly anyone know who to contact to get set delivered to my hotel similar to the way e-bay does everything much appreciate any guidance thanks Phil
  4. philip


    Hi its Phil the spec says volvo penta Duo Prop
  5. philip


    Hi can anyone give me an idea recently anti-fouled hull they say i need to replace the anodes its a 2004 330 signature with twin volvo 5.7 GXI i want to order all the anodes required for this boat and engines i contacted USA zincs they say they will have them but need to know which ones the boat is back in the water now Thanks Phil
  6. Hi guys Please is it engine on running then on flushing water few minutes engine off close flushing water OR water on start engine few minutes OFF water Stop engine Thanks its Twin volvo in 330 sig year 2004
  7. Hi ,Firstly thks for replies on carbon detector,Now with this 2004 330 sig twin volvo 5.7 GXI in a wet berth very saline waters should i put the neutra salt system ,do i need 2 systems anyone know the size of the pipe there are 2 sizes available and also do you think its worth , i do have fresh water hose at the berth for flushing thanks Phil.
  8. My boat is a 330 sig year 2004 the detector in the rear cabin on the bulkhead hard wired no battery constantly beebs even with everything off not been running for weeks .Can anyone tell me what to do we have no local support as such here ,Thanks Phil
  9. Hi everyone , i now have my boat but need to order some parts to be delivered to a US hotel when i visit in approx two weeks the items so far port side letter L (from logo Chaparral ) The Chaparral Logo after the name also port side 4 replacement bulbs for port /std nav lights plastic bung on top of aft boarding ladder two hydraulic lifts on the two rear hatches (wont stay up on there own) Any info who to contact and if can pay by credit card much appreciated ,i am sure i will need plenty of other items as i spend more time on her Thanks Phil
  10. I have just recieved my Chaparral 330 year 2004 it seems that the fan is constantly running the charger is a Protech 1240 40 amp this is running down the batteries can anyone help???
  11. Thanks Mike hopefully the pictures of the drives are show hope these are OK the water here is very salty and high temp ,looking at the inflatable lift as i can only get wet mooring at the marina any comments on that idea would be appreciated thanks all Phil
  12. http://s63.photobucket.com/user/manazel/media/photo_zps687a7555.png.html
  13. Hi Don ,Mary Jo,Actually i will ship it out of Jacksonville FL all the way to Bahrain i have been based here 20 yrs working my b!!!! off and this my treat and for my daughter i hope it works out Thanks Phil
  14. Dear Matt The broker sent a JPG of the drives he says its not the XDP type its the High speed version of the DPH with s/s blades very roust and for high speed i would send you the JPG but cant work out how to do it on the forum ,Anyway surveyor has been informed hope it passes its at the top end of my budget but looks nice and Chaperral has a great name , Thanks Phil
  15. Thanks Matt I've sent link to surveyor and broker telling them not interest if XDP drives but boat is in wet mooring!I hope it passes as will be my first boat so i should have many questions after Again thank Phil
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