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  1. Thanks... My current prop is a 4 blade & came from the factory that way. Not sure what establishing the baseline would do, as the current prop is no working well. It works well with a light load, but poorly with 4 or 5 adults, so I have to do something.
  2. thanks. Tabs are the next option after the prop
  3. I'm not sure of the RPM at WOT. The boat is new to me and haven't had a chance to get it going long enough to get to the RPM. I'm new to boats. Sorry for the poor answer.
  4. I have a 2008 190 SSI with a 4.3 220hp Volvo Penta, with a 4 blade 19" 14.25" prop. I want to increase the low end performance to get on plane easier and quicker. Would changing the prop to a 17" (or even lower) SIGNIFICANTLY improve the low end performance. I'm OK loosing some top end performance. With 4 or 5 adults on the boat, it is hard to get on plane (even with 2 of them in the bow). Would this create any issues or overload the engine? Would a stainless prop make much difference. Any suggestions or experiences from others who have the same boat?
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