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  1. Just FYI for anyone else looking for letters, I need an L for my 2000 186ssi and this is what I heard back from Joe at Cecil Marine: Sorry to say Chaparral chrome logo’s 2006 and prior are no longer available. You may want to think about replacing your current name with one of the 2 names Chaparral is currently using. The 2 names are different sizes; The first is for smaller boats and it measures 30" long & 1 3/4" high including the bird logo it’s part number is 14.00671. ( Cli
  2. Mike where'd you end up going? We're out on the delta today (mokelumne)
  3. congratulations, beautiful boat! I love the advice from Keith, that is very helpful.
  4. there was a truck in that photo? LOL what a beautiful boat! Wow
  5. Very interesting thread. We've had the boat in a group storage shed since we got it last Easter. The shed is wide open when the facility is open, however you'd have to get past the manager and all the staff at the ramp right outside the door to steal a boat out of there. And there are far nicer boats than mine in there!! It never occurred to me to put a lock on the trailer. We are moving the boat to a wet slip and I noticed maybe 25% of the other small (ski and fishing) boats are chained to the dock. I'm used to larger boats and the only time I've seen one chained to the dock was when th
  6. I am partial to Wenol metal polish. http://wenol-polish.com
  7. We are moving our chap from dry storage to a wet slip at the next marina up the river from the big boat. Dry storage was ok last summer but the bad times were pretty awful, like the madhouse on Fourth of July weekend. We will see how it goes with the slip!
  8. Wow. I don't have kids. We used to be boat partners on a sailboat w a couple w kids and the kids actually went ocean racing w us once at least. Scary (they were maybe age 4 and 6). If the kids were out of the cabin they not only had on life jackets but were harnessed and tethered as well, which I don't think is extreme but depends on the situation if it's warranted on a power boat. Definitely they need to know what they can and cannot touch. A friend was trying to dock a 40 something footer from the fly bridge and could not get it into his slip and was starting to panic. Boat would not turn
  9. Lol so so true. We keep the chap (dry stored on trailer) about a fifteen minute drive from the big boat/ floating condo. It also happens to be a few minute dinghy ride from our favorite anchorage. The big boat is home base and the chap is our wheels on the water. There's so much we can get to from where we keep the boat that we don't forsee towing it anywhere. If we change our minds we will have to buy a tow vehicle.
  10. Lol makes me feel a lot better about our first time out mishap yesterday! We have "valet" launch where all we had to do was hold the dock lines. Tied the boat to the dock and fired her up to warm up. Got a few more things from the car. Finally got in. Tractor driver tells us to back out, I assume because of current/ wind. Back around, get pointed the right way and put her in forward. Motor dies. Start up. Put in forward. Dies. Repeat several times. Luckily we are drifting towards a face dock and still have fenders out. So after we bump the dock I grab it and we're sitting there pondering what
  11. First trip yesterday! Didn't realize it had a kill switch at first, that was pretty funny. Once we had that in place we were good to go. Ran great, popped up on a plane. Very fun. Whoo hoo. Best part is we don't need to take it to the mechanic before we can use it again (unlike our last runabout).
  12. wise words!! we have a good friend already wanting to book a weekend with our Chap. He has his own "ski" boat but he thinks ours is better (which it is ). He has stayed on our big boat before and we have stayed on his. the boats are about 200 miles apart so we trade accomodations.
  13. thanks Chris, I have the bill now so it was nice to compare to the schematic and see what was done... he replaced the u joint bellows, 3841481. the other thing was the gimbal bearing 3888555 which I do not see on the schematic. Also oil and filter change, drive service, gear lube and new impeller. It did not need a tune up. All that for high three digits. Whoo hoo. Hopefully that is the last it sees of the mechanic in 2014. knock on wood. let the fun commence!
  14. Thanks Chris, soooo it has something to do with steering/ Turning the outdrive?? I think he mentioned "bellows"?? I was just glad the number started w 3 and had 3 digits versus every mechanic bill on my last runabout!!!
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