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  1. herostar

    180 Club

    Is my 178 too small to join the club???
  2. herostar

    Manifold & Riser Advice - What do you use?

    Any other suggestions for manifold manufacturers? I need to replace the one on my 4-cyl and found a quicksilver kit for around $310, is this brand any good or is there a better deal out there?
  3. herostar

    Good Vinyl Source for Interior Update

    Thanks for the ideas! A friend of mine also suggested JoAnne's, but I'm going to check out the shop on Broadway first as I could walk there from my house! (Thanks AppleJacks!)
  4. Hello! My boat is nearing it's 30th birthday, and some of the years have been less than gentle to the interior... (maybe some uncovered winters in Colorado?!?!) Does anyone have a good source for OEM quality vinyl?
  5. herostar

    Fall boat chatfield

    October 15 on Chatfield Reservior
  6. herostar

    Colorado Boating

  7. herostar

    Motor won't crank over

    Fixed it! With the help of a multimeter, 2 cans of wd40, a friend, and a 6-pack we got things running again. It turns out that there were two separate problems: the screw that holds the throttle lever in place had come loose, so my throttle was actually 180* from where it should be; and, the neutral switch on the engine was gummed up from (~30?) years of use. We fixed it on saturday afternoon, then spent 6 hours on the lake Sunday! Now it's time to go find that aloe-vera lotion...
  8. herostar

    Motor won't crank over

    I did a quick look with the engine cover off and the parts on the carb were still moving. Honestly I didn't take a good hard look because I was alone and the sun had just gone down... it was a long day with a disappointing end.
  9. herostar

    Motor won't crank over

    Hello fellow boaters! My '85 mercury 140 I/O won't crank over. It ran fine last time we had it out about 3 weeks ago, but yesterday I tried to start it in the driveway and it wouldn't crank. There is still electrical working, as I keep it on a battery tender and the blower & lights all work. I adjusted the battery cables to make sure there was a good connection to the starter, but still got nothing, not even a click. There was one difference this time around... The first time I start it any time I use it, I "engage neutral" then put the throttle all the way open and close it to reset the choke. This time the throttle went past where it usually stops, then did not immediately pop back from neutral to drive. Any suggestions will help!
  10. herostar

    Replacement Bimini

    Hello fellow Chaparral Owners! My boat used to have a bimini, a long-long time ago. I would like to get a new one and have a couple questions... It looks like I have two options: aftermarket universal fit, or some sort of factory replacement. I don't need a super heavy duty expensive bimini, as I'm a weekend warrior on a budget, and I boat in Colorado on small lakes. I really am just looking to get a little shade. 1)Is there any way I can get a factory replacement? It looks like there are some snaps on my windshield... maybe I can get a full camper-style enclosure? 2)Is there any aftermarket company anybody recommends?
  11. herostar

    At what Speed will my Seats Fly

    HAHAHAHA this thread is perfectly timed!!! Last weekend I was towing my boat on the highway, same trip I've made several times before with no problems. This time I forgot to close the windshield on the boat, which changed the way the wind blows through the boat. The wind @ ~55mph caught my sunpad, flipped it up, and blew it off the hinges. It landed in the middle of the highway and got run over at least once. It's now broken into pieces and the upholstery is basically ruined! My first mate is pissed 'cause that was her favorite spot on the boat... oops! Looks like I'll be fixing it ASAP, or at least figuring an alternative that can last until the end of the season. Otherwise, with the windshield closed, I've had the boat on the highway @ ~85mph (wyoming) with no cushions lost/damaged. I tow without a cover for these reasons: 1)I don't have a custom snap-on cover, 2)my storage cover is not custom-fit, so it would billow in the wind, 3)my storage cover was not cheap, and I'd rather not risk ripping it, 4)why risk the cover damage, what's the cover going to protect from on the highway besides a little dust, certainly not rock chips on the hull...? Last time I towed for an hour on the highway in the rain... Yes the boat got dirty, but guess what? I cleaned it off once I dropped it in the lake!
  12. herostar

    4 blades on Merc Alphas

    Switching from a 3 to 4 blade certainly helped out my little boat! I stayed with an inexpensive aluminum prop, and pick-up and planing were both improved. What are these plugs that keep getting mentioned?
  13. herostar

    1987 195 xlc project boat, here we go!

    Free Boat! Woo Hoo! Good luck with it! The stuffed bear in the battery box in the second picture is one of the creepiest things I've seen in a while!
  14. herostar

    Correct Propeller Size?

    On the lake now. Hit 32 in choppy/windy conditions @ 4300rpm. Turns out the thrust washer must have fallen off an rolled into the rocks by the driveway when I took everything apart, 'cause I found it when I was installing the new one. Go figure!
  15. herostar

    Correct Propeller Size?

    Stopped at the prop shop this afternoon and had a good conversation with the owner about what similar boats in the area are using for similar activities. Tomorrow I will be trying a 14.75"x15p 4-blade prop. Yes, it is an interesting selection. On another note, when I took the old propeller off the boat I found out that there was not a brass thrust washer installed between the prop and the outdrive. This was likely leading to cavitation from the exhaust not being channeled through the prop. We may take an evening cruise tonight, but most likely I'll be testing things in the morning tomorrow. Also, regarding it being an old tired boat, it's had a full tune-up and carb rebuild this season. I checked the compression, too, and all cylinders are within spec and ~5psi of each other. This engine runs well.