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  1. I've been boat shopping and I think I have possibly settled on an 07 210 SSI with the 5.7 Mech 350 Mag. Cost is about 6k more but comes with a tower. Some one was recently telling me I should look into the 214 Sunesta with 5.7 cause there's more space. Thoughts? Here is pic of boat I'm thinking of:
  2. My name is Jud Millar and I run a small Summer Camp for Teenagers in PA called Stone Mountain Adventures. We have a wakeboarding and water skiing program on Raystown Lake. We now have a Glastron 205 with a Volvo 5.0 and 1150 hrs that we are selling. The 2 boats that I am looking at to replace the Glaston are an 07 210 SSI with a Merc 5.7 and a tower and a 214 Sunesta Deckboat with a Volvo 5.7. This one does not have a tower but we would put one on. We usually run 8 12 to 14 year olds and 2 adults on the boat and we put about 140 hrs per summer. My opinion is the 210 SSI is more purpose built for wakebparding. However I love the layout and extra space a deckboat provides. Especially for when I take my family out as we have a 5 and 7 year old. Question: would the sunesta be a good boat for our wakeboarding and water skiing program OR should I go with the 210 SSI? Thanks in advance for your thoughts -
  3. Another question: If I go with the 4.3 (that's a big if at this point) and the boat is a bit under powered but price it right. Will it damage the engine to be put under such stain over the next 5 to 8 years? Thanks for replies on a Sunday!
  4. That's what I'd like to do - just get in it with a bunch of guys and see what it can do... Oh decisions decisions!
  5. Wow, thanks for all the quick comments, great info! The main purpose is wakeboarding and waterskiing - 1 at a time No tubes for campers - only for for our young kids every now and then We have plans to add a tower for sure so that will help A new/better prop is the key I think if I go with this boat (like a mercury high 5... or something) What are are Smart Tabs? Shepard1 asks - I answer does the boat have the optional extended swim platform? Yes, I think so what seating layout - does it have the Sport seating, or standard seating? Not sure, check link bench seat in back how old is the fuel? winterized, don't know when was the drive last taken off, (alignment checked, splines greased, condition of bellows inspected) good questions, I don't know (yet) when was the impeller last changed out good questions, I don't know (yet) when was the distributor cap last changed out good questions, I don't know (yet) "installing a lower pitch 4 blade ss prop could help with hole shot and mid range punch. For that load, you'd want the engine to easily hit the rev limiter at wide open throttle when lightly loaded." This is the key I think - the right prop and an an engine running at 100% efficiency. What is a "rev limiter"? I'd love to learn more about installing Perfect Pass (Stargazer Wake Edition - GPS) - dial in and maintain the exact speeds you're looking for when wakeboarding - can it be done as an ad-on? How much ball park? ‚ÄčI'm excited to figure this boat puzzle out... 07 210 - 220 HP - 45hrs - 20K + 2K shipping + Tower + Stuff = 22k 07 210 - 300 HP - 300HRS w/ Tower - 26K + 1K shipping and stuff = 27K 5K difference I expect to own this boat for 6 to 8 years and put 100 to 120hrs on per summer. in 2022 how much will an 07 210 SSI be worth with mucho hrs ??????????????????????? Lets say its worth 10k maybe 12k So at 8 years the cost per year options are either - 1) 10K/8 years = $1250 per year 2) 15k/8 years = $1875 per year Only $625 per year Doesn't seem like much when you spread it over 8 years. But my scotch/irish heritage must save the money and "WIN" the game of shopping for a cheap $^& OK - that's enough! http://www.parkboat.com/Page.aspx/diid/7557919/list/InventoryList/pageId/103490/view/Details/2007-Chaparral-SSi-210.aspx
  6. My name is Jud Millar and I am in the market for a used boat. I run a small summer camp for teens in PA and we currently have an 04 glastron with 1150 hrs. When we take a crew out wakeboarding we usually have 8 kids (average 125 lbs) and 2 adults (average 180 lbs) so we are looking at a load of about under 1400 lbs. The 210 SSI I'm looking at has the Volvo Penta 4.3 EFI for 220 HP. My concern is that this boat will be a little under powered for our needs. I am thinking that swapping the factory prop for one that will give me more low end to "get out of the hole" will help. You should see this boat, it is a beauty with only 45 hrs (how can that be) and the price is right for sure. All the other ones I have found that either have the V8's that are either 270HP or 300 HP are literally 5k to 8k more... thanks in advance for you insight!
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