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  1. Look at the screw locations of this one, versus the CM one....
  2. They opened three San Diego reservoirs...but you can't boat on those. Meanwhile my boat is sitting, and I may have to make a run to Lake Havasu before the idiots close that too. My boat doesn't like salt water...
  3. I have a 224, and have the sport windscreen - if you go out in weather where the height of the windscreen is going to have a significant effect, you are looking at the wrong boats! That said, the low profile windshield does let in more wind...
  4. https://www.snapincarpet.com/
  5. RoyR

    Where to post

    Selling a boat in this market is probably not the best idea....
  6. Sometimes innovation is a step backwards...
  7. I alsowant one --- r maybe two!
  8. I think I know your mobile mechanic - I'm in Escondido, probably use the same guy!
  9. Interesting - wonder what would happened with us dry-land boaters, when there is a fuel leak, and I turn on the batter charger.....I assume its a switch-mode power supply, so we should be ok.
  10. Soak it in PB Blaster, and use the puller - doesn't look that bad, should come off..apparently this is an even better oil, can try it too! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005ESIHZI/?tag=car-bibles-20
  11. Yep, should never have touched the O-rings - the rest of the seals works great! Her is my thread on rebuilding the cylinders - should probably find another way to post pictures, not paying for the photobucket subscription. http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?/topic/28216-dps-a-trim-cylinder-rebuild/
  12. I don't know what I said that made to mods upset - more time to spend with the family! Massive - I have had to oil issues on my boat: 1. Trim Cylinder on the right is seeping oil out of the o-ring where it goes into the rear cylinder port - bad design, and I haven't been able to find an oversize o-ring that stops the leak. I did buy a virtually new used ram cylinder from ebay, but haven't had time to install it yet. 2. Drive oil had water in it - compression / vacuum test was stable - the heli-coil on the top of the drive dip-stick had a the end lifted, I think it allowed a bit of water into the drive when it wasn't tight enough. hammered the heli-coil end down, new o-ring, and no issues since.
  13. I was banned apparently - move on, nothing to see here! PS. Only use FB to join certain groups, so that I can get access to the information being shared.
  14. RoyR

    Oil Test Results

    I use them on all my "nice" vehicles...sometimes, I wonder if it's better not to know!
  15. Don't see it anymore on Facebook - was I banned again, sigh!
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