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  1. RoyR

    Purchased 1st chaparral 226ssi

    Nice looking boat - good price too!
  2. RoyR

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Volvo has had this fuel pump paint issue too....and they did not replace my pump $$$$
  3. With the New Green Deal, we will all have to use boats - supply and demand!
  4. RoyR

    Anyone cross shop a monterey 224fs?

    https://www.boattrader.com/listing/2018-monterey-224fs-103217424/?refSource=standard listing
  5. RoyR

    244 Sunesta New

    Mercury 6.2L 2.20 Bravo 3 350 HP Catalyst Bimini Top EFX Electric Folding Arch Tower - White Garmin 742XS GPS Map with Preferred or Deluxe Package Head Cabinet and Sink VHT Vacuflush System Stainless Steel Transom and Bow Shower Tower Speakers Wetsounds System Stereo Upgrade Board Racks - Roswell Triton Ski Mirror Underwater Lights Water Ready Water Ready with Dual Battery Setup Trailer - Aluminum Tandem Axle with Aluminum Wheel Just go with the prefered package - I will buy the boat from you in a few years - oh, don't bottom paint, I trailer!
  6. 224 is fine, we are a family of 4 and always have friends out - but, I'd take that 2010 244 if I was you....negotiate a better price ($35K), older boat!
  7. RoyR

    Power for 227 SSX

    I have a 224 with the 5.0gxi motor - 270hp I believe - mare than enough power for wakeboard, towing etc.
  8. RoyR

    Chicago Boat Show

    The company was trying to create a product the public didn’t yet know it wanted, said Chaparral senior vice president Mike Fafard. “That’s the advantage we have in building fishing boats [with the Robalo line] and sport boats, and seeing them grow inland,” said Fafard. “I think it’s an indicator people want something functional.” Not a fan....enjoy!
  9. RoyR

    Can a TACO pull my 244 Sunesta?

    No it won't - will go down the leaf stops, and then after you get going, try to stop! Taca's doesn't like to stop, even with no load!
  10. RoyR

    Hull Advice - Disappointed

    I agree with a storm damaged boat - sent off to Europe, sell as new!
  11. RoyR

    Is it bad luck not to name your boat?

    It's bad luck when you name the boat - do something illegal - and someone reports the boat by name!
  12. RoyR

    Rudeness on the lake -- How to handle it?

    Put on your scuba gear, swim up and drill a hole in the hull - watch them sink!
  13. RoyR

    White smoke coming out by water trail

    Take it in - needs to be cleaned out, could mess it up real good!
  14. RoyR

    A Little Trailer Rehab

    Looking good!
  15. RoyR

    Gear Oil Leak

    Don't you have to split it anyway to replace the impellor - replace the seals too, and you should be good to go!