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  1. Looking good!
  2. Don't you have to split it anyway to replace the impellor - replace the seals too, and you should be good to go!
  3. Look under SX - select the drive, and find the prop - then search the internet for the part.
  4. Looky in here.... Part Types:Google-_-Volvo Penta Parts:Volvo Part Types:Google-_-KW or Sitelink
  5. It's just more $hit to clean....all those "buddies" eating your hotdogs will be gone as soon as that boat touches the shore! Tell them to bring their own sandwiches ....
  6. Dismantle it, and measure the "unkown" parts...
  7. Put a zip-lock bag over the filter - since boats often don't run for extended periods - iron forms in the oil (rust) - why not change the oil before the season, instead of at the end of the season - at least that way you are pumping clean oil through the system. Who knows what's lying down there in the pan....
  8. I will never ever again tow without a diesel, and the exhaust brakes...even if I don't need to.
  9. Maybe its the turbo you are hearing?
  10. In 2016, fewer than 2,500 Sea Rays were sold in the U.S., according to a reliable industry source. During a conference call after the announcement yesterday, a Brunswick spokesperson said that projected 2017 Sea Ray sales are $380,000 and that volume in terms of units was flat. Further, it was said that Sea Ray had been operating at a loss.
  11. Probably a NOAA satellite weather buoy.....
  12. I think these boats and RV's are built in the same way - looks nice from the outside - don't look inside, you'll be horrified!
  13. Earth is flat, what is this guy talking about??
  15. It's an depreciation indicator...