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  1. Thanks Perseverance. The one I saw was mounted to the windshield and the helm just right of the sliding door.
  2. Anyone ever installed a handrail from windshield to helm on a 310 signature to allow safer access to bow? Mine is a 2008 and I recently saw a photo of a helm with a rail. If anyone has done this, can you share source of the part? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Jim & Michelle. I just saw a thread where you built a cockpit table using corian. It looks fantastic and was wondering if you could share the dimensions, thickness, how it is attached, etc? My original wood table is too heavy and is looking pretty bad these days. Thanks

  4. Fox

    South Florida Cruising

    Thanks for the response. I have developed a fuel burn chart and I'm pretty confident that even if bad currents or weather are encountered I should have plenty. I did change my route and will be departing for Key West from Marco. I live in Tampa, but boat is in St Pete.
  5. Anyone have experience cruising to the Florida Keys from Naples? With only 147 gallon fuel capacity in my 310 Sig I am a little concerned at making the leg from Naples to Key West. I have twin 5.0 mercs with Bravo IIIs. Has anyone doe the leg?
  6. I have a 310 Signature with arch and full canvas. Boat is lift kept and I am restricted from installing a permanent type cover over the slip. Anyone have experience with custom boat cover that is reasonably simple to install while on lift?
  7. Mine are Faria, but the tach is a dual tach with digital readout at bottom. The digital area is becoming unreadable and that's where I get my boat data.
  8. Fox

    Kohler 5ECD Problem

    Thought I'd give an update on my unit since I started this crazy thread. As noted early on, I've replaced virtually every part known to man (except for the plugs which were just replaced prior to my purchase). The last thing I did in 2014 was to drain and replace all of the coolant. I followed everyone's advice on "burping" the system. The crazy part is that the genny must be feeling sorry for me. It has gone from a consistent: "start and run when cold and no re-start until cool down" to a "start and run when cold and re-start most of the time when hot"! Don't get me wrong, I'll take the latter, but it sure would be nice if I could get to the root of the problem. I'm doing my spring tune-up in a couple of weeks and will replace the plugs. Will post results when done. Cyclops2, I tend to agree that all of these problems are somehow related to heat - just haven't figured out exactly where and what. I always crank the genny without a load and let her warm up before flipping the breaker. I also do the reverse when shutting down. I do have a raw water strainer that I always make sure is clear. Sfisher, your problem is a bit different than what I've experienced. The only thing that is consistent about these gennies is that they are ornery and inconsistent. Hang in there and keep trying things is my best advice.
  9. Sorry for the delayed response - been traveling. I actually just took it apart (carefully), cleaned the inside glass, and cleaned the seal before re-assembling. Haven't had any more issues with the fogging.
  10. Thanks for the info Mark. Sounds like we've experienced the same problems. My dual tach is definitely the worst of my group with moisture and fog. I opened the gauge and corrected the moisture problem, but the fog makes the digital display unreadable. I also have a blank gauge that has a black background that is cracked. I am experiencing some bubbling on my dash panels and would very much like to have the contact info for the refinishing company. I'm actually in the Tampa / St Petersburg area so a Florida company makes it convenient. Thanks again for sharing your info. Cheers to great boating!
  11. Thanks flyboycj84. I do have mercs and I'm pretty sure they're smartcraft equipped. However, you bring up a good point and I'll check into that this weekend. Is there a simple way of determining that?
  12. I have a 2008 310 Sig and the gauges are becoming impossible to read. I'd like to replace with newer technology multi-functionals, but I'd prefer to minimize the dash modifications. Anybody have experiences to share? Thanks
  13. I have a 2008 310 Sig and the gauges are becoming impossible to read. I'd like to replace with newer technology multi-functionals, but I'd prefer to minimize the dash modifications. Anybody have experiences to share? Thanks
  14. The Faria combination gauges on my 2008 310 Sig are fading and almost impossible to read. I am considering replacing the old round dial with newer technology multi-functionals; however, I'd prefer to minimize the dash modifications. Anyone with experience replacing their gauges that could offer advice? Thanks
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