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  1. Supranut

    Fun time in Florida (Pics)

    That looks like it was a great vacation. Seeing pics like that makes me miss my trailerable boat, to be able to travel and boat in different areas.
  2. Supranut

    Dash Repair for less than 20 Deer

    Nice job on the dash. When we aren’t out cruising, we keep a white sheet covering the entire dash, steering wheel and throttles to keep the sun/heat off.
  3. Supranut

    IAC Part Number for Mercruiser?

    Like Wingnut mentioned, regarding the IAC muffler inside the throttle body, most people have no clue it even exists. It never gets replaced and gets full of carbon restricting the air flow to the IAC valve. I have spoken to mechanics that thought I was crazy when I mentioned the $1 part that never gets replaced, they didn’t even know about the muffler. I replace mine every year because it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a new IAC valve.
  4. Supranut

    Boat Maintenance Kit

    I always keep JB Weld waterproof epoxy putty on my boat. The stuff is amazing and can be applied underwater. We used it to seal leaks in metal pools. Also lots of tools and extra impellers, water pressure sensor, IAC valve, fuel filters, extra nav light bulbs and zip ties.
  5. Hi Duncan, Your choice in going with a 24 to 28 foot boat on Lake Erie is smart. I started on Lake Erie with a jet ski then in a 24 foot 8 foot beam single engine Four Winns cruiser. I am now in a 31 footer twin engine 10.5 foot beam cruiser. The 24 footer was down right scary on anything more than 2 foot waves, with the single engine all the weight on the middle of the hull, we would get tossed around like rag dolls. With the bigger boat it’s much better for handling the short waves. Because the waves are short, you will drop off the back side of the waves and you will get wet with the spray coming over the bow. Boating on Lake Erie, you will learn when you can and can’t go out. Sometimes you don’t have a choice because You have been out on the lake and the weather turns ugly. When you do go out and you encounter rough weather you just have to slow down and drive to your ability and the boat ability. My advice to you is to talk to a lot of boaters in your Marina and find out where you can and cannot go, winds will play a huge factor, anything over 15 mph, I don’t even bother going out. Lake Erie has a lot of shallow areas that you will not be able to go with in your boat closer to shore, and watch for very poorly marked fishing nets that usually run north to south at a few hundred yards with flags on both ends and sometimes yellow floats to keep the nets close to the surface. They will not be on your charts and have no lights on them. Learn where they are early in the season and avoid the vicinity because they do move them around from time to time. When the waves are about 3 footers, it’s almost impossible to see the marker flags. If you hit them at planing speed, they will severely damage your running gear. I have run across yellow floats randomly floating in the water(someone ran through the net),when I do, I stop, reverse straight back a few hundred yards, turn north for a mile then turn on my original course and continue on my way. Matt
  6. Supranut

    best way to clean grungy swim platform

    Super Clean works great. Make sure you dilute it, if you don’t dilute it it will remove the wax, make sure you rinse it well.
  7. Supranut

    AC condensate rust

    I don’t see any issues as long as you don’t damage the hose.
  8. Supranut

    AC condensate rust

    Couple of hours because of the location and awkward position to access most of the unit through the closet.
  9. Supranut

    AC condensate rust

    I would say they were both equally challenging due to the limited access. Getting the unit out and removing the hoses was a bit difficult since they were on for over 10 years but then getting unit back in, since you’re working through the inside of the closet you’re working blind half the time. Also when you remove the compressor and the rest of the parts from the pan, they come out as one whole piece, you have to make sure that you have help so you don’t crack any of the refrigeration lines. After sandblasting the pan I painted it with phosphoric acid to stop the rusting process and then painted it with Aluthane epoxy paint.
  10. Supranut

    AC condensate rust

    I had to pull my AC unit out because my blower was going bad. When I removed the unit to replace the blower I took the entire pan off sandblasted it and then painted it with an epoxy paint and then I also painted the bottom 2 inches of the AC unit where there would be any sort of standing water. The unit was very difficult to get out because the only access to the rear of the unit is through the closet. You have to remove the closet floor and squeeze your body in using a mirror to disconnect the hoses and the ductwork. The upper section of the blower were the duct goes in has to be completely removed before pulling the unit out from the dinette access. It was definitely a winter project and I will tell you that I did get stuck inside the closet when I was trying to take it apart. If you have any form of claustrophobia I would not even attempt it. Once I had it put back together I used insulation to cover the entire AC unit and it has definitely dropped the noise level inside the cabin. This is the second season that I’ve had this set up and I have had no issues with the unit since and the condensation water going to the shower pump is clean.
  11. Supranut

    Cool Change 2

    On the second picture(120 electrical panel) make sure both main switches are switched over to the generator side. On the generator itself there is also a breaker, make sure that one is turned on. It should be next to the start stop switch on top of the generator. It's very easy to flip that switch when you are working on the engines, because it doesn't take much to flip it.
  12. Supranut

    Marine Conditions app

    There is an app called NOAA Weather Ships, it shows data received from ships currently at sea, Its more of a novelty since the ships are so spread out, but sometimes you get lucky and find ships are in your area. Hopefully more ships will start reporting to cover more areas, the data they report are wind speed and direction, air & water temp, and wave heights I included the Apple App Store link below NOAA Weather Ships by David Gross https://appsto.re/us/w2WWgb.i
  13. Supranut

    Look what I found!

    I have the same set up on mine. Previously when I extracted the oil through the dipstick tube I would open up the oil pan hose and I was still getting almost a quart out of the hose that the dipstick tube didn't pick up. Now I just connect my new pump directly to the oil pan drain hose and there is no residual oil left in the engine
  14. Supranut

    Boat Size Required for Lake Erie

    I've been boating in the Sandusky area for almost 15 years. I had A Four Winns 245 Vista with the single OMC I/O and there were days where going out was definitely not an option. With a single engine the boat tends to rock more since most of the weight is right at the center of the hull. As you know Lake Erie in this area is really shallow and the waves drop on the backside very sharply which will make your boat ride very uncomfortable with waves anything over 3 feet. One of the biggest problems with the area being so shallow is boat traffic. Sometimes fighting the wake from all the boaters in Sandusky Bay gets pretty treacherous. During the week it's actually pretty nice when there's no boats out but come the weekend it's crazy out there. It's very rare to see rolling waves here that you can ride up and down without getting your teeth knocked out. My 310 is much more stable with the wider beam and twin engines spreading the weight further out from the center of the hull. But I still will not ago out when there is anything over 3 to 4 foot with the 310, it's not worth stressing out the hull taking that kind of a beating. I have been out in 5 to 6 footers in 24 foot deep v center console and that boat handled the waves pretty well, I was pretty impressed, much bettter than my Four Winns. So it all depends on what type of boating you want to do and if you are trailering or keeping it in a marina.
  15. Supranut

    Drive Shower

    I have the same drive showers on my Bravo III drives. My drives don't steam anymore when I come down off plane, and after the first season I could tell a huge difference in the lack of mineral buildup. My feeling is if the drive is running cooler, then that is less wear and tear on it. I highly recommend them.