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  1. My smartcraft vessel view mobile on my 2004 Sig 310 Bravo III 5.0 mpi port motor is showing 12.1 volts. My analog gauge shows 13.5, both my alternators show 14.7 at the big wire (the big wire is a little warmer on the port alternator than starboard)on the back of the alternator, with only one engine running charging both batteries and the batteries are showing 13.9 volts. My starboard vesselview mobile shows normal voltage. Before installing vesselview, every once in a while I would get an alarm on my port motor, analog gauges show everything normal, rev it up and the alarm turns off. Does an
  2. I purchased two of these stainless steel wear plates, one for each engine 5 years ago and they work great. http://metalartetc.com/epages/3491964f-553f-4c10-8659-1241e68dccdb.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/3491964f-553f-4c10-8659-1241e68dccdb/Products/SSWP/SubProducts/SSWP(RG)NS
  3. Check to make sure you didn't over tighten the belt, it could be putting torsional pressure on the internal bearings of the alternator , water pump or power steering pump. Only other thing i can think of is if the drive alignment is off slightly causing pressure on the engine coupler.
  4. Supranut

    Boat wrap.

    Do you know what the cost is to wrap a boat? How does it hold up in the constant sun?
  5. I have had mine for a few years and noticed I am getting zebra mussels inside the tubing. I have been using a metal wire to break up the mussels after they dry up but it is a royal pain to clean. I also tried to hit it with a pressure washer after taping up the holes but no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. I have had mine for about 5 years and I love it. Just have to keep the zebra mussels from plugging mine up.
  7. This is for 2004 models. Hope it helps. https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3A58fe9a35-361e-4d4d-8253-d5a24a6e41e4
  8. That looks like it was a great vacation. Seeing pics like that makes me miss my trailerable boat, to be able to travel and boat in different areas.
  9. Nice job on the dash. When we aren’t out cruising, we keep a white sheet covering the entire dash, steering wheel and throttles to keep the sun/heat off.
  10. Like Wingnut mentioned, regarding the IAC muffler inside the throttle body, most people have no clue it even exists. It never gets replaced and gets full of carbon restricting the air flow to the IAC valve. I have spoken to mechanics that thought I was crazy when I mentioned the $1 part that never gets replaced, they didn’t even know about the muffler. I replace mine every year because it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a new IAC valve.
  11. I always keep JB Weld waterproof epoxy putty on my boat. The stuff is amazing and can be applied underwater. We used it to seal leaks in metal pools. Also lots of tools and extra impellers, water pressure sensor, IAC valve, fuel filters, extra nav light bulbs and zip ties.
  12. Hi Duncan, Your choice in going with a 24 to 28 foot boat on Lake Erie is smart. I started on Lake Erie with a jet ski then in a 24 foot 8 foot beam single engine Four Winns cruiser. I am now in a 31 footer twin engine 10.5 foot beam cruiser. The 24 footer was down right scary on anything more than 2 foot waves, with the single engine all the weight on the middle of the hull, we would get tossed around like rag dolls. With the bigger boat it’s much better for handling the short waves. Because the waves are short, you will drop off the back side of the waves and you will get wet with the s
  13. Super Clean works great. Make sure you dilute it, if you don’t dilute it it will remove the wax, make sure you rinse it well.
  14. I don’t see any issues as long as you don’t damage the hose.
  15. Couple of hours because of the location and awkward position to access most of the unit through the closet.
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