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  1. I need help with the same issue. The shuttle that attaches to the underside of the cabin door unscrewed, but no way to get at the screwhead since its in the track itself. How does one remove the track and door assembly on a 2014 310 SIG?
  2. Ha! yeah... with the blade turning.... I'll get better gas mileage...very low keel drag! LOL
  3. and why does this forum only allow 56KB uploads....? jeeezzz small pics!
  4. Not really a "mod" .... but how'bout say weather on the left...chart in the middle... and a chat session on the right!! ;-) Unlimited uses...with GPS puck (Bad Elf) I display multiple map views so at a glance you can get a wealth of info... pretty handy!
  5. LOL! yeah those crazy 76 and 36NM ranges are a bit silly. I'm just interested in what's a few hundred yards in front of me so I don't hit it! LOL! And if there's something there I want the "blob" on screen to be as precise as achievable so I don't blow it off as "clutter" .... then end up hitting the #%^$&%$ thing anyway! LOL!
  6. Will do. I think if and when I goto radar I'm going with this guy - https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/on-the-water/radar/gmr-604-xhd-open-array-radar-and-pedestal/prod62629.html I figure radar returns are an art form to discern to begin with, so, I'm going to spend a little extra to get the narrowest beam and most KW for a certain $ range. That kinda works out to the 4' 6KW open array. Might be overkill, still need to measure, but in the end getting the best "return" on screen for smallest objects possible is worth it up front ...rather than saying should'as and could'as.... just my way of looking at it anyway. Take another look at the video at the bottom of the page on the link above. Good intro into radar and what to look for when purchasing.
  7. Hatem Dude thanks! LOL! Great step by step .... I'm going to look into exactly what you've outlined here .... with an internet connection or even 3G/LTE, you're right, one could access the feed. thanks for the write-up!
  8. Really?! I will most definetly have to look at the manual to see about this video input/output. Is that a NMEA 2000 function? I guess I'm confused....Would I run camera or other device to the plotter from engine compartment to a NMEA 2000 input on the plotter, how does the plotter exfil that signal though? I'll look at the manual...but maybe you know a short cut?
  9. iNavX...an iPad app. Awesome app, I use it all the time along side my Garmin 7212 as "another view".
  10. Awesome read Keith! Thanks much. I started a topic on trim a bit ago and I'm still learning the concept. I have Volvo PTA, but also want to learn the manual method. Great stuff, thanks.
  11. Specifically for a current 310 SIG Has anybody added an extension to the standard swim platform to extend it? Is this even do'able?
  12. Looks like a good product... thanks for the link!
  13. I've got a 310 SIG and will do it all myself to save $$. Rigged up a 5gal bucket to connect to the seacock strainer to run antifreeze thru the generator and the AC unit. Will flush antifreeze thru the fresh water system by running the faucets until i see pink just like gen and AC plus do same for the head. Oil changes come at their own intervals, and I have the system to suck that out the dip-stick (just like the mechanics do). So all in all it's a DIY project for much less...every year. ;-)
  14. OMG...small world...good to meet ya Stimpy...we'll have to meet up sometime...I'm on C dock! ;-) Thanks for the IT insight. Take a look at this company when you have a chance, what do you think? http://marinesync.com/ms2/boater
  15. Good to meet ya Scott! Let's do catch up.
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