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  1. Thank you for the comments. I used some 12 gauge romex as a fish and I used a small scope camera to aid in hooking. Replaced with a festoon style light fixture so it can never happen again.
  2. The boat is a 2005 signature 350. The new models are 370. Thanks for the quick responses. Hopefully someone knows how to gain access. I will try the wire trick to attempt to fish the wire.
  3. I had the light fixture separate that is right before the entrance into the cabin. This is the fixture in the well on the right before you go into the cabin. I was changing a burned out bulb and when I went to push the bulb into the fixture the black inner portion pushed out and fell back into the wall. It made a thump when if fell down. My problem is I don't see an access point to get hold of the wire. It appears to be between the bathroom and couch area. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks, Bill
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