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  1. I know it's been a while since people have posted, but wanted to put my 2 cents in on the neoprene: My family hates them. Maybe we have sensitive skin, but the neoprene rubs rashes on all of us. Just something to watch out for if you're new.
  2. Kcjefff

    Bimini Issues

    Thanks, Toddler!
  3. Kcjefff

    Bimini Issues

    I'll give those guys a call. You may be right about it not being snapped in. Hence why I can't get it removed now
  4. Kcjefff

    Bimini Issues

    Hey all, First season with the 2006 246SSI. I'm having issues with the bimini. First, the starboard aft pole is missing, so I am searching for a replacement. Dealers want $170 for a 36" aluminum pole. Ridiculous! Second, we went out with it as a test with only the one pole and straps attached aft as well as fore to keep it stable. Was very secure. However, with every bump, the one aft pole popped out of it's clasp. Attached is a picture of the fitting. I've never seen one like this. Does anyone else have this style pole? Is it a common issue with them? I was ready to fork over the dough since I love the bimini when pulling kids around all day, but now I am concerned I might need to pay someone to swap out the hardware to make it reliable. On top of all this: when I went to put the boat away after the weekend, I couldn't get the pole to come out! Isn't that the way it always goes? Won't stay in when you want it to, won't come out when you need it to!
  5. I solved the issue and thought I would post for future folks to find: Someone had wired the battery switch incorrectly. The jumper post positive should have been connected to the load side but was instead on battery 2's post. Also, battery 1 & 2 were both wired to the battery 1 post. I rewired correctly and all is good. Amazing how easy it is when you find your multimeter.
  6. Thanks Iggy. That's what I thought. I don't have chargers so I tried my normal auto charger, then even tried jumping it with my mustang. No power in any battery switch position ever made it to the batteries. After I manually opened the hatch, I was able to get a charge to make things work in position 1. I charged it by directly hooking onto the battery terminals while still hooked up. Still have a charge today, so I think at least that one battery seems to be fine. However, the jumper posts seem to be worthless as wired right now.
  7. I can see that causing issues with battery 2 usage, but not the charging issue. I should be able to charge via the posts, correct?
  8. Hi all, New to the forums. Just bought an 06 246 SSI this week and getting to know her. I made the newb mistake of leaving the battery switch on and draining the battery so I got the fun of learning how to manually open the hatch. Not too bad. However, I read all of these posts on here about using the jumper posts to raise/lower the hatch. Mine didn't work that way. I am also unable to charge the batteries from those posts. One other note is that battery position two doesn't work. I don't know if I have a cabling issue or a bad battery, but I am starting to think it is cabling. Any thoughts? I plan to test with my ohmmeter, but I can't find it at the moment. Murphy's law and all. Thanks
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