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  1. jd50i

    Sunshine kills my gelcoat

    Mine should stay looking good.
  2. Not sure if this helps but on my boat red/pink is 12V memory red is 12V switched Yellow is ground blue/white amp turn on or power antenna
  3. Yellow on the boat side is ground, yellow on the radio side is, as you already know, battery for memory.
  4. jd50i

    Needed fuel from boat, piece of hose fell in tank.

    Pulling the tank wouldn't be the best option, that would entail an engine pull at minimum. Maybe pull the sending unit out, located under the floor locker. May be able to get mechanical fingers in there to get it out. That hose sounds like the fuel pickup so without it, the pump won't get any fuel.
  5. Maybe get with Taylor made and see if they can help. http://www.taylormadeproducts.com/contactus.html
  6. jd50i

    Help finding replacement part

    Don't know what year you have but you can look up your boats parts here. http://chaparralboats.com/Content.php?content=parts_guides
  7. jd50i


    From what I found there is a separate pump this works with. http://www.marineengine.com/parts/mercury-quicksilver/mercury-quicksilver-parts-catalog-01212.htm
  8. jd50i

    1998 sig 240 waste tank leaking

    West systems epoxy would be good to attach mounts to a plastic tank, maybe even fiberglass your old mounts to it with the epoxy. Don't use fiberglass resin, it gets hot and can melt the plastic. Good choice changing to plastic, if you use the blue fluid it is rough on metal, wreaks havoc on aircraft.
  9. I switched to Linux in 2006, even got my 80 YO mother on it. She loves it that she can upgrade without having to change her peripherals because they are "no longer compatible with this version of windows". Phone calls about computer problems have practically stopped.
  10. jd50i


    Another member ended up removing the chrome letters and replaced them with a decal and offered the chrome letters to members.
  11. jd50i


    Maybe check with these guys, they seem to have the numbers, maybe they can get letters. https://www.cecilmarineonline.com/logos-and-graphics/?sort=featured&page=1
  12. jd50i

    No start trouble shooting

    WHAT???? I didn't pay attention, just took what was on sale.
  13. jd50i


    light use of starting fluid can tell you if fuel or ignition.
  14. jd50i

    Can't put fuel in tank after a day of boating

    Same here, the deeper I go into my boat, the more I find mud nests. behind the power panel, up in the gunwale, around the engine, in the dash, etc. I believe I have removed them all.
  15. jd50i


    Should only be one long beep. Unless you have a Volvo, that might be different than mine.