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  2. If you plan on throwing the transom remote away, let me know. I could attempt a repair if it has not had water in it.
  3. jd50i

    Winter Battery Care

    I use different models of the battery tender brand. With the riding mower, 4 motorcycles and wife's scooter, 2 batteries in the boat, one in the RV that's 9 batteries I keep on a maintainer. I tried walmart ones but as you said, they ruined the batteries. I don't use any particular model on any particular battery, as long as it is a maintainer.
  4. jd50i

    Winter Battery Care

    Mine is garage kept and I still pull the batteries and keep on a maintainer.
  5. On the link I added earlier, the only differences it shows is a 110V and a 220V water heater. , nothing about the engine brand. 15 F600 110V HOT WATER HEATER1EA 15a F650 6GL 220V HOT WATER HEATER (CE Pkg)1EA
  6. yep, that puppy does look jammed in there. http://chaparralboats.com/publications/uploaded_files/partGuides/Signature/2013/2013 S310.pdf
  7. It's your thread, take it in any direction you want.
  8. I tried FB, thought it was pretty cool connecting with people from high school 30 years earlier. Then I realized, these people need to get a life and I quit using it. Pretty much the same with twitter, getting a life part, not reconnecting with people.
  9. jd50i

    sporatic starter

    Clicking is the solenoid, it is possible it is the solenoid but more than likely it is the starter. Does it do it hot or cold or either? When it clicks but doesn't start, hold in the start position and have some one tap on the starter, if it starts to spin the starter needs rebuilding/replacing. I would also load test the battery, either take it to auto parts store for testing or see how much the voltage drops when key is turned to start position.
  10. The last picture is of your speedo sensor. It might be more accurate to look at the data plate to see what drive it is. Paddlewheel? got a pic? maybe aftermarket?
  11. They have a forum for any problems, very helpful.
  12. From searching your boat it looks like 1994-1996 used the same switches and I don't see labels on any I have found.
  13. The pic was just to show the switch order. I have seen on different models and years the switch order was the same.
  14. Not sure if yours is the same but I have seen several older and newer and different models that had switches in the same order so this is mine, might help.
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