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  1. jd50i


    Yep I agree, I can't even tell what brands they are, they all look alike.
  2. jd50i


    I must disagree, I went from a 1987 to a 2007, what a big difference.
  3. jd50i

    Sea Deck

    Thank you, I think the snow camo would be better for me also.
  4. jd50i


    I paid $30398.10 for mine brand new, looks like I got my feelings hurt again. My ghetto boat and I won't be coming back to this thread. Yes, just a joke except that is what I paid for mine, 10 years ago. :-)
  5. jd50i

    Smell Gas When Starting

    Follow the manual on running the blower before cranking, that is what it is for, to remove fuel vapors. It is not a closed system so whoever told you that was wrong. If this is something new happening then you need to check for fuel leaks.
  6. jd50i

    CRAParral Never buy!

    When I bought my RV, the few problems I had I contacted the appliances manufacturer and was sent the parts to repair it. I'd rather not have anyone touch my stuff. Had a scratch repaired on my new truck, mechanics caused me to return 3 more times to correct problems they induced.
  7. jd50i


    When buying my new truck I did look at what it had since I wanted certain features. Having seen some vehicles that no longer include a spare tire I did look for that along with storage compartments inside, I even took it home to see if it would fit in my garage.
  8. jd50i


    Good Lord, did you even look at the boat before purchasing?
  9. jd50i

    CRAParral Never buy!

    Well! My cheap boat and I did not come here to be insulted. Just kidding, we did. :-)
  10. jd50i

    CRAParral Never buy!

    What is a "discount line" boat?
  11. jd50i

    Spotlight Installation

    Comparing apples to oranges, military vehicles and equipment are designed to be repaired quickly, modified, upgraded and sustain damage.
  12. jd50i

    Spotlight Installation

    Tracing wires isn't too difficult with one of these https://www.harborfreight.com/cable-tracker-94181.html Using it is a lot easier on a boat, seems to be less interference. A grand for a spotlight? Not for me, this cheap knockoff would suit me https://www.amazon.com/Guest-22040A-Stainless-Spotlight-Floodlight/dp/B000NI58S8/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_200_tr_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=A7DVT946CSQNXDFVC69E
  13. jd50i

    Boat won’t start! Please help!!!

    Yes, remove the fuse, change your meter to ohms and check between the two ends for continuity.
  14. jd50i

    alarm system

    Well? What was it for others to know?
  15. jd50i


    Looks like cuddy's aren't being built any more so just wait a few years and they will be forgotten and I will have to buy something with a cabin.