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  1. Thanks NickG for getting this group buy together. I'm on the list and excited to install it before the season starts!
  2. We’ve spent the last 5 years making multiple trips per season to Puget Sound and the San Juan’s. I’m confident you will be amazed by what the area offers boaters. We reside in Portland as well and trailer our 260 Signature. AnaCortes is the best gateway to the San Juan’s in many opinion. We sling in at Cap Sante Marina. I’m happy to share many of the shortcuts we’ve learned and the secret offerings of that whole area. Also happy to buddy up on the often long cruises from harbor to harbor, if the opportunity presents itself.
  3. Thanks Mclindy. I have the Mercruiser outdrive but your tale will make me more aware of the Oring specifics come time to change the fluid. Also, I sent you a message through the mail feature of this forum. Reply when you can.
  4. Thanks for sharing the brake conversion info. I look forward to hearing and contributing ideas on this thread!
  5. Well, problem solved. I removed the circuit breaker/battery switch panel facing. it didn't want to pull away too much being there is a lot connected on the back. We were able to find a wire (terminated with an O ring) simply resting on it's threaded post... without a nut threaded on! Years of vibration apparently backed out the nut till it fell off. This explains the intermittent 12v operation at the helm.
  6. The problem continues to exist. i checked under the dash and all the fuses and connections seem solid and fine. Course, I can't get my hand much higher than the access door. Interesting that when I run the generator, i turn on the blower from the cabin and return to the helm. If i then turn on the blower at the helm, all the 12v items will suddenly work. Strange. Perhaps it's getting a shared ground or something of that nature. Anyone have experience removing the battery switch panel? Mine is located just aft of the deck sink and contains all the circuit breakers plus the two main battery switches. Just curious before I attempt to pull it open and take a peek. I appreciate any feedback!
  7. I'm impressed with your upgrades. Question on your fusion stereo. I'm looking to do the same upgrade on my 04 Signature 260. It has the stock JBL system with the two remote units. Fusion appears to be a great head unit. How did the remotes installation go? Did you use the existing wiring? New cut ins to the gel coat? Thanks for any thoughts here.
  8. Good suggestions. I'll start there. Thanks for the assistance!
  9. Our 2004 Signature 260 seems to have an issue with intermittent operation of all the 12v helm rocker switches such as blower, trim tabs, horn, stereo, interior lights, etc.. They are not working most of the time and when they do, they work as normal but it's for a short period. All the switches near the galley work fine and the generator and main engine start as normal. It feels like it's a loose connection but I wouldn't know where to begin. Batteries are new/terminals are very clean. Any suggestions?
  10. Sherky

    Impeller service

    Thanks for all the replies. I took a shot at it last weekend and got it done. The hardest part was knowing whether the new impeller was pushed in far enough. Got it all put back together and ran the generator hard for a couple days on our lake trip. Ran great.
  11. Looking to possibly do some maintenance items myself this year. Boat gets a new impeller every other year at the dealer. Generator is now due for an impeller and curious how difficult it is to replace. Looking for a good video but haven't found it on the Kohler 5e. Thanks!
  12. Just curious if anyone has the gph data for a Signature 260 with the 8.1L Mercruiser. Assuming 87 octane fuel, light load, full tank. I'm trying to determine the most efficient speed. Thanks!
  13. Just curious if anyone has the gph data for a Signature 260 with the 8.1L Mercruiser. Assuming 87 octane fuel, light load, full tank. I'm trying to determine the most efficient speed. Thanks!
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