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  1. I know right. not sure what the difference is in the 200 versus the 225 as it's the same motor. If it's just detuning, that may be my next thing to look into, trying to bump up the horses. Thanks, I really appreciate the discussion and your help. Now I got to find a place locally that will let me try before I buy or an easy exchange program. I know Prop Gods has a program, but prices are way up there. But that may have to be my solution. Thanks again.
  2. I am showing the WOT spec for my motor as 4200-4600rpm. Which I am hitting with the 17p prop. Getting this directly off the air intake housing along with the other specs and parts. How do the Solas props compare to others? The powertech are pretty expensive.
  3. I have run it w/o bimini but not tower. My question is i shouldn't be going over 4600 as that is WOT for this motor. Am I missing something?
  4. Ok so here is what I have. Saturday with light load and just me in the boat, clear water, at 4600 RPM I hit 37mph. Great hole shot and great for water sports, which is what we were doing, but still light on the top end. Cruising speed around 30mph was around 4200 RPM. Seems high for those speeds. Will a stainless cupped prop give me that much more? Looking at a both a four blade Powertech and Solas.
  5. The Gi is 200hp. I think I am at 4600 with the 17 (top WOT) but I will double check tomorrow. I am in the mid range with the 19p. I was told the michigan wheel aluminums had a lot of slip. Not sure if true or not.
  6. WOT for is 4200-4600. GPS top speed I have got to with a 14.5 X19P aluminum Michigan Wheel is just barely 40 with just me in boat, flat water conditions. With a 15X17P Michigan Wheel Aluminum prop I think I got to 36mph.
  7. Sorry meant to include gear ratio. My fault. Drive is SX-A with a 1.66 gear ratio.
  8. Ok it's been a while and I think I may be beating a dead horse. However I think I have a direction, but need some help with brands of props. I have been running a 17 pitch and 19 pitch aluminum Michigan wheel prop (depending on the situation) on my 2013 206 SSI with 4.3 Volvo Gi. I have not gotten the advertised performance. I did speak with Chap yesterday and the build on that boat had a 19pitch stainless and with that should hit mid 40's at WOT. I have read the Michigan Wheel Props have a lot of slip and may not be the most efficient. I was hoping to find a local place to allow me to try some props, but no luck yet. I am thinking of going to a 19 pitch 4 blade to give me the hole shot and need and hoping a higher performance SS will give me better top end. I would like some suggestions on if there are differences in the brands? Are some more cupped, offer less slip? Anyone with a similar power package I would particularly like you thoughts. I see lots of Solas and Michigan Wheels but not sure since I don't think i'm getting much from the Michigan Wheel Aluminum. Thanks.
  9. Ohh fah, that's a pricey prop. I will do some more shopping. Didn't know they made an 18p prop. Thanks much.
  10. FYI it was a 17p 3 blade aluminum Michigan Wheel Prop. I generally put on if we have a lot of people in the boat and doing water sports. Mostly run a 14.5" 19P aluminum michigan wheel. I know the 19P and higher will kill the RPMs, but shouldn't I see better top end even with the lower RPM. The 19P right now seems to be the happy medium. Not as good of a hole shot, but still good, and better cruising and top end.
  11. Thanks. OK I have heard "cupped" prop elsewhere but not sure what that means or how I determine if the prop is cupped. Thanks guys, I will look for a different prop, sounds like that's my main issue. Will change plugs in the Spring too.
  12. Thanks. OK I have heard "cupped" prop elsewhere but not sure what that means or how I determine if the prop is cupped.
  13. I have a 4.3 GXi and have the same issue as well as a bit of belt squeal. Thinking of switching to a Continental Poly V. Have it in my Tahoe and very quiet and wears well.
  14. Last thought thinking of switching to a Stainless prop. Deciding between a 14.5 X 19p or going 4 blade and possibly a 21p. Thoughts?
  15. Thanks, it is in great shape. Few little thing (other then this top end thing) like gauges are wonky, but other then that, nice and clean. I agree and trust me I am not looking at running at WOT that much. I am one of those guys that if it's supposed to do something I need it to do it (probably a bit OCD) I figured with the tower I would top out at about 45. I had a 1998 1930 SS with a carborated 4 banger and an Alpha 1 drive and could hit 42 at WOT, so I had a bit more expectation for this ride. I know, no comparison on hole shot and weight etc, but just what I was expecting.
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