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  1. Quag

    Trailer/Bunk Question

    Neither have I. In fact never had keel rollers before. Always had weight on bunks. FYI the bunks ARE different sizes, however they are centered and the same height. Bunks are longer then trailer frame but not as much as it looks in pic. It does seem to ride fine and the engine weight is over the trailer frame. May move the bunks in and inch or two to see if I can keep centered better.
  2. Quag

    Trailer/Bunk Question

    OK so two different answers. Thanks for weighing in. Yes I do need to move the tie down bolts. I actually don't like in the bunks at all. I am looking to move them to the trailer frame, but I don't want to drill through the frame, looking for some type of U bolt with an eye.
  3. Quag

    Trailer/Bunk Question

    Thanks and yes it does get strapped down. Not big on towing bouncy things. I have no idea why one bunk is bigger then the other. Quite honestly this trailer was a POS. I have put a new actuator on it, switched out lugs to acorn caps to prevent further corrosion, brake lines where coming off of frame and on just with zip ties to begin with. I have have no idea why they would not have put the same bunks on. The only thing I can think of is the boat was brought up from the South and probably only had to be road worthy for the trip. I am just guessing though.
  4. Quag

    Trailer/Bunk Question

    So this boat is new to us. Our last boat had a custom Eagle Trailer with it so really couldn't mess up. This one has an aftermarket, Road King Trailer (BTW bid difference in quality from a custom one) We have had it on and off about 15 times so far this season and it is hit or miss getting on the bunks straight. Question I have is if I am up on the chine on one side like pictured, do you think that is OK? We have gotten it on that way about half the time and put it back in the water as I am not comfortable with it riding that way. Would like to know if I am worrying too much.
  5. Quag

    Bimini Wobble

    Don't have the issue on the water with mine, but do when trailering. I have found that when I wrap with two bungies, taking up the slack in the folded cover, I don't get the wobble.
  6. Quag

    285SSi won't break 43 mph or 4100 rpm

    I am interested in this too. Much different set up, but put a 19 pitch prop and not coming close to WOT. Runs great through out the range and reach WOT with a 17 pitch.
  7. Quag

    4.3 Volvo Penta Question

    OK I am back on this. I have had the boat a few months and had a few shake down issues, but is running fine now. Had the fuel pump replaced as HP pump was failing. Few other electrical issues and but those are fixed now. Now I just need to see how it really should be performing. I have looked and see that WOT should be 4400-4800. I bought it with a 15 inch 17 pitch prop and would get to almost 4800 with a top speed of about 37 on calm water and two of us in the boat. Great hole shot and great pulling. I did switch out and put a 14.5inch 19 pitch aluminum ( I run Al since I am on rivers alot with debris sometimes) Got a little in speed, almost 40mph by GPS, but the concern I have is I am not seeing WOT. Only getting to about 4150. I would think that a 19 pitch would still allow WOT. Other then that boat runs great, gets up well, cruises in mid 30s just fine, pulls skiers, tubers great, so no issues there. I don't need to win races, but would think with this set up I could get at least to 4400 and see about 45mph. Like to know thoughts on this. BTW it's a 2013 206SSI with Volvo Penta 200 (GX) Thanks
  8. Quag

    206 SSi

    I do turn the battery off at night. The only thing that is hooked directly is the bilge pump I believe, but that did not run at all. That does make sense though as when I changed the battery the radio worked right away. Right now everything is hooked to a deep discharge as that was going to be my second battery. I will be buying a starting battery, but that will only be for when ignition is on. Thoughts on what could be draining the battery when switched off? I only know of the bilge pump. Thanks for the quick reply btw.
  9. Quag

    206 SSi

    OK folks have had the boat out 3 times this week and runs well, but still having issues that I am not sure about. Again a 2013 206SSi with Volvo 200 in it. The boat is new to me so hoping to get some help where to start. 1) Radio- Thought I had this solved. Have pressed reset and worked then stopped, pressed radio memory worked then stopped. Lastly Sunday am got up and radio was not working, but went to start it and battery was dieing and would not kick starter over. . Luckily had a back up since I am going to put in a dual battery switch. Put the new battery in, radio worked great all day, turning boat on and off, battery on and off. I had read a post somewhere stating low battery could cause the radio not to work. So thought problem was solved. Then this am, no battery. Obviously not a fuse and I thought not a loose connection after battery. Also this morning it looked like the radio turned on (screen lit) but when I turned on blower the screen went out. Like to know thoughts on this. Clarion CMD7. 2) Gauges- In general a bit off all around. -RPM- The "analog" or dial is off by about 900 RPM, but digital read out seems to be accurate. Tells me it's not sender -Trim- Did the trim set up as in the instructions. I can hold the trim button in the up position and it will not register until it is probably at least 10% up if not more. -Fuel-Fuel gauge shows me at 85% when I get off trailer after I have filled the tank. Also showed me at 0% today but when I filled up I could only get 23.7 gallons in with a 33 gallon tank. I know the boat sat for bit, but is there something I should do with the gauges. I see there is a factory reset option in set up, but not sure if I should do. Quite honestly can live with RPM and even trim, but really would like to properly read fuel when sitting still.
  10. Quag

    Radio fuse?

    Solved. Reset button on radio worked.
  11. Quag

    Radio fuse?

    Oh I understand. Yes, I know if fuses are blown it's a one time event. I haven't checked them yet. If they are not then I will be looking elsewhere. My one question is there a fuse block I am missing somewhere on the boat? This is a new boat to me and I looked all over for a fuse block like on my old boat. Found nothing other then the three by the battery switch (radio memory, bilge and ACC I think) If it only has inline fuses by the unit that is fine just checking. Thanks for all the help.
  12. Quag

    Radio fuse?

    Thank you. Not sure I understand. If not working why would a fuse not be the problem? I can see loose connection as well. Just checking. Seems odd worked fine one time out, next time not.
  13. Quag

    Radio fuse?

    I will be checking the inline fuses as well as the reset button tomorrow, but where would I find a chassis mounted fuse? 2013 206SSI I know it may be dumb question but can't find a fuse block like on my 1996 1830SS. All new to me. BTW worked fine on Sunday, tonight did not work. Did not do anything different or fiddle with anything.
  14. Quag

    206 SSi

    FYI overcame the fuel issues. Hi pressure fuel pump was shot. Replaced entire fuel pump, seems to be running fine (know on wood, only out twice) Now I need to track down an issue with the stereo. Worked fine. Out tonight and no power. Clarion CMD7 with the stock speakers and two aftermarket in the wakeboard tower. Just read up and will try the reset button first. However looking for fuses, dumb question but can't find a main fuse panel. I think there is an inline fuse, plan on looking into tomorrow. Let me know if I am missing something ie a fuse block somewhere. I only see the three rubber buttons? by the battery switch.