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  1. Took our boat out to Pyramid Lake this weekend and got a flyer with a notice informing us about SB-941. This law requires boater training and a vessel operator card. From what I've read, it doesn't get inforced until 2018. Thoughts?
  2. Thanks for the response. I definitely have been thinking about that. I would be towing around 20-30 miles. One lake we frequent is up a pretty steep grade, but I don't think it'll pose any problems.
  3. Long shot on getting a reply.... But: Since we're on the topic of GMC... What are your thiughts on the 2015 GMC Canyon towing our 2005 236 Sunesta. The GMC has the tow/haul mode and locking rear dif. and is rated to tow 7,000lbs. The boat, dry, is 4,500lbs. Think the Canyon will be enough?
  4. Well, our 2005 is a Sunesta. Which I believe weighs right around 4,500lbs. Our trailer is standard, so I don't think it will bring it above 7,000.
  5. Futzin': Why would you say no? Just trying to gather information.
  6. I'm looking to get the new 2015 GMC Canyon V6. It's rated to tow up to 7,000lbs, but I wanted to get your thoughts on towing our 2005 Chaparral 236. What do you think? Will the truck be enough? Side note: We have another car that we usually use to tow it, this is just a secondary truck.
  7. Thanks for the info! The amp was old. I believe I purchased it in 2008. It was used in a car for about 4-years and then just sat in my garage forever. I'm willing to say it was the amp, but I'm not positive. I am going to pick up a meter today to make sure the cables are all reading at what they should be reading. The Sub is mounted flush, the white aesthetic cover isn't because I haven't finished screwing it it. Thanks again for the help!
  8. Thanks for all the help. It has been installed! However, about 10 minutes after listening, the amplifier popped out. I tried everything I could without completely re-wiring the system. Took the amp out and tried it in the car, same little red light. So, I went ahead and purchased a new amplifier today to install tomorrow or Friday. Getting ready for Lake Mead next week! I guess you can't have that many images here so here are the links: Where I was planning on putting it: http://imgur.com/Kel4lOU Rockford Fosgate M2 10" 500W http://imgur.com/va5DZQv The diameter of the hole needed to be 9" so I started with lines and then a circle: http://imgur.com/A7At7CM I used a Dremel to make the cuts. 1. I was nervous to make the first cut, but I went for it. 2. Broke 3 Dremel bits 3. There was a TON of dust: http://imgur.com/Zwspb8V I decided to use the sander-type tool to smooth out the circle for the final fit. There's a 9-Inch HOLE IN MY BOAT!: http://imgur.com/7r0q5Lw Not perfect, but it was good enough to get the sub in: http://imgur.com/7AvTYdn My crappy amp. I decided to use some plywood feet to keep it off the carpet in the storage area in hopes to get some air through the bottom: http://imgur.com/dNAQIDa I zip-tied the wired to the current wire holding tubes for easier access if need be. I learned that it's hard as heck to get yourself in those tiny places!: http://imgur.com/sUX7vV7 Fuse box mounted in the engine bay: http://imgur.com/BrV5Kb7 All done!: http://imgur.com/IKh2kbA
  9. Thank for all the help. Now, should I fuse the ground as well just in case it gets too hot?
  10. I am wiring up an amp in my boat and have a few questions on ground locations and wire length. From what I have read, I could ground to the bus bar or battery. The amp is being installed near the rear of the boat close to the batteries. My questions are: 1. Should I ground directly to the battery or a bus bar? Or are there other grounding points in the engine bay or storage locations? 2. I've read that the ground wire should be as short as possible. If I wire to the battery, the ground will have to be at least 3-4 feet long. Is this a problem? Note: 4gauge wire is what I have for power and ground. Obviously a fused power line. Thanks!
  11. The gauge wire I have seems to be about 1/4in in diameter and it has a 40A fuse in the box. Edit: I'm reading that is 4 gauge wire.
  12. Great! So it's sounding like I should use the bus in the storage for the ground and the bus near the batter switch (behing the diiver) for the power with fure obviously. Any concerns with the amp mounted to the sub and placed in the storage? It'll be a bit loose since we have things in there, but I can make room for it to sit on the ground.
  13. Thanks for the help! The amp is 450w, so not too big. We have two batteries and normally run off both. So, don't use the bus? How about for ground?
  14. I'm looking to install my old car amp and subwoofer for a weekend trip. It's mostly for my son and his friends since he's taking the boat out this weekend and would like some 'extra boom' as he calls it. I have an amp and sub that I took out of my car last year and no longer use, so I figured I could just put the sub box and amp in the storage compartment under the driver console for the weekend. Easy install and easy to take out after the weekend. We have a 2005 Sunesta 236 My questions are: 1. Should I use the the bus bar for power and ground 2. They have a set of speakers they're using for shore so they won't run the stereo much while the boat isn't running: Power consumption issues? 3. Should I wire the power to one of the batteries directly? Thanks!
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