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  1. Ground is black. Yellow is the actual "power" and is called constant B+. Red is switched 12V and can come from ignition key or a helm mounted rocker, or sometimes just tied to the yellow and 12V all the time.
  2. 12V at a minimum. Should read battery voltage, with only a tenth of a volt drop at most. There should be one inline about 6"of the the head unit on the yellow. May also one on the red. Could also plugged directly into the back of the head unit.
  3. This is why I would suspect a voltage issue to the head unit.
  4. It would have to be............................... Id go back to square 1. Why did you need a new head unit? Is there a root issue thats down stream of the head? Need to get a volt meter and start taking some measurements. Yes, but I would leave everything as is, until you resolve the current issue.
  5. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Radio draining battery

    Thats why I included an external amp as a point to check, as I do not know if there is or is not one. However, if the head id blanking out, its not a low voltage at the external amp issue.
  6. Could be. DId you turn the switch to ACC in driveway, then had it it RUN after starting the engine?
  7. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Radio draining battery

    Yes, verify, find point of voltage drop, fix. Could be corroded wire, lose connection or poor connection.
  8. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Radio draining battery

    I would suspect low voltage at the head unit, or external amp, as a possible cause. Higher voltage when the engine is running, prevents the issue.
  9. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Adding a third battery

    Typically, we see the output of the charger go up, with every added bank. So a 3-bank may offer more output then a 2 bank. Adding a battery in parallel, increases Ah, so that added output can be beneficial. 1 bank on craning battery and other 2 on the house batteries.
  10. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Adding a third battery

    Ideally, you would want to start with 2 new batteries of same size/type when connecting them in parallel or series.
  11. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Adding/replacing speakers/subwoofers 19 h20

    Your Kicker retailer is probably the best to field detailed questions regarding setup and tuning.
  12. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Adding/replacing speakers/subwoofers 19 h20

    RCA cables and turn-on circuit, same as the existing amp(s).
  13. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Adding/replacing speakers/subwoofers 19 h20

    Yes, any woofer closed in an insulated locker loses some if its sound quality. They rattle boat, but the overall bass is not a good. I much prefer a direct radiating woofer when the boat allows. I do not know specifically the speaker size, but a 6.5" is the most common, along with 10" for woofers. I would inventory the total number of speakers, decide if you want them divided into any volume zones, decide on the tower speakers and woofer, then, make your amp selections.
  14. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Adding/replacing speakers/subwoofers 19 h20

    You may need a woofer amp as well. It can play a huge roll in performance. I would highly suggest a dedicated amp for those new tower pods. For decent output from a tower pod, you will likely want more wattage then the existing amp or BB can offer. 2nd, if there open chnls on the existing amp, this will likely tie the tower pods to the volume level of some or all of the in-boats. This makes the system less user friendly. 3rd, if you are forced to wire the tower speakers to amps chnls that are already driving existing speakers, you will be adding additional load to amp that could already be powering enough. And this certainly guarantees they will be playing at the same volume level as some in-boats. No way to adjust the volume ratio. As far as amps go, the clarion black box is as universal as a traditional head unit. So no issue expanding to another amp, providing there is another pair of RCA outputs for the new amp.
  15. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Stereo turns off and on randomly-Help

    Most remotes have service connectors off the back. They are also mostly secured from the back. I would try to access the back first and try and unplug, before removing them.