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  1. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    stereo will not turn on

    How did you test for "power"? You should battery voltage across the black and yellow and black and red.
  2. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Weird problem with sunesta radio shutting off

    Since the unit powers up, youve already proven no fuses are blow. No need to pull and inspect.
  3. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Weird problem with sunesta radio shutting off

    Are there any wired remotes? If so, disconnect them, starting with the transom remote. A bad remote can make the head do weird things, and the transom remotes are usually the culprit.
  4. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    2003 243 Sunesta Stereo quit working

    grad a basic digital volt/ohm meter. Check for voltage at the back of the head across the black and yellow wires, then across the black and red IGN wire with either key in ACC position or stereo rocker on, whichever is the case on your boat. Thats all thats needed to make the head power up.
  5. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Transom Light - can't figure why it doesn't have power

    Something is not quite right. There is never a case for ONLY the reg/green NAV. White anchor 360 or red/green NAV and white 360.
  6. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Transom Light - can't figure why it doesn't have power

    Where exactly did you check for voltage and did you put your meter's ground lead on the light's ground? This allows you yo test both halves of the circuit at once. Is the switch a standard DTDP 3 position rocker? Up turns NAV and anchor lights on, down turns only anchor light on? If so, do the NAV lights work., but anchor does not in either position? This 99% eliminates the switch, but your test volt meter will confirm. It 100% eliminates everything up to the switch input. If the ground side is good at the light, and voltage leaves the switch. It could be faster to just run a new B+ wire from the switch to the light socket, rather then chase the issue down. You can test the lights ground by connecting one meter lead to the ground then the other lead to a battery +. If you read voltage, the ground to the light socket is good.
  7. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    H20 21' radio aux plug size

    3.5 MM is the standard and theres only one length for a standard 2 chnl jack. Sounds like the female jack is bad.
  8. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Convince me: AGM vs lead acid

    EPA fuel mileage is exactly why there are PWM alternators on road vehicles. Any chance you can reduce engine load, you increase MPG. Same with variable A/C compressors.
  9. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Update and Batteries

    I suspect there is a root issue, not just a bad battery. Unless the battery has a major melt down, a running engine with a charging alternator, will be self sufficient. Its mostly running off the alternator output, not the battery. If the alternator has not output, then what juice is in the battery, will eventually run out, and engine will die.
  10. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Clarion CMD6 Not Very Load

    This is where a able and reputable retailer comes in handy. They know what they sold you, know how its should be configured and tuned. This really doesnt mean anything, The 600/6 is only 75W rms to six 4 ohm speakers. And thats only when tuned with a volt meter, do you achieve the max rms. The 600/1 is only 600/1 to a 2 ohm woofer, and only 400W rms to a 4 ohm. Depending on the woofer, you may not get even close to that 400W. With that said, speaker placement can also effect over all volume at a given listening point. These two thing have nothing to do with each other. The amp mode setting has to do with how many RCA pairs you plan to connect to the amp, based on how many "zones you want to have. if you are playing sis speakers and only need one zone, as in having all speakers signaled by the same source, then 2 chnl is all thats needed. Best advice, get with your JL retailer. They should be able and willing to help you best configure the CMD6's 6 chnl RCAs and the amps.
  11. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Dumb audio question - Sunesta

    You will need mono amp or 2 free amp amps to drive a woofer.
  12. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Best Dual Battery setup

    This type of operation will ruin any battery size, type or brand. Leaving a dead battery dead does two things. 1) leaves you with a dead battery next trip out and 2) shortens the life as it cannot ever recover to its full potential after sitting dead. No battery wants or needs a constant charge, regardless of type. Even those small 3A "trickle" chargers will eventually over charge a battery with its constant output. This is why we want to use a multi-stage smart charger. Sounds like the charger is the weak link, regardless of battery type.
  13. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Best Dual Battery setup

    Optima are AGM. This does not make sense to me. If a charger can recharge a wet cell cranking, it can absolutely charger a wet cell deep-cycle. However, there are different charge profiles needed between a wet cell and larger AGM and most all Optima. Smaller AGM can be charged with the same profile as most wet cell.
  14. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Radio not coming on

    Try any ACC switches. Would not surprise me if the switched IGN was removed from the key switch and moved to an ACC switch.
  15. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Battery charging and alternator

    No alternator is and we do not want to ask one to. This is actually pretty #%^$&%$ good. Not too surprising. Thats a lot of battery Ah to recover. In this scenario, I would suggest just moving switch to the main bank, fire up engine and just leave that deeply depleted house bank isolated from the alternator until you return the home base and recharge with shore charger.