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  1. Was_Wylie_Tunes


    Real world output of that amp is about 1/3 of that advertised 2600W. In reality, you only need one battery to "run the system". Two, which is what you have now, if you want to drop anchor. Three, 2 house batteries, if you want to play on the hook all weekend. So the tech says you can add a 2nd house battery to the existing? Id ask why.
  2. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Dual Battery Charger

    Whats the cumulative Ah of all the batteries? A multi-step smart charger with an output in the 10% range is my choice. Some chargers have a fixed output per bank, some are distribute on demand. This allows the bulk of the charger's output to go to the house bank if needed.
  3. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Clarion CMD7 question

    Youve likely go a voltage drop issue, which could be on either the POS or the NEG circuit. Or, one of the speakers is shorting out causing the head to self protect.
  4. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    2000 235 SSI radio replacement

    Have you looked at the rear connections to confirm there is no rear AUX input? If there is a rear input, a universal blue tooth receiver can be added.
  5. Was_Wylie_Tunes


    Without knowing exactly the setup and not assuming what you have. If you have a traditional 1/2/BOTH/OFF switch, then the alternator will charge into which ever bank you have the switch turned to. So to answer your question, no, bank-2 would not be charged when the switch is on bank-1. However, some have included an auto combining relay or similar, to the setup, which can allow both banks to receive a charge from the alternator, regardless of the switch being on #1 or #2. With a dual bank charger, I prefer to have the switch off. Lets the charger tend to each bank independently.
  6. Was_Wylie_Tunes


    @Phillbo Can you elaborate on what model/type of switch you have?
  7. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Stereo short? 2015 suncoast

    Sealing between the remote and deck is not likely the fix, the remote itself is letting water into itself. Unplug it and see if the issue goes away. Also, sounds like the stereo's switched IGN turn-on is wire direct to the battery, along with the MEM. Id change this for sure. Personally, id move the yellow MEM to the boat side of the main switch, if there is one, then switch the red IGN with a rocker/toggle on the helm.
  8. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Stereo system questions

    A quick voltage check with a basic volt/ohm meter on the amp terminals, will tell you if A) the amp has voltage and b) the turn-on terminal has voltage. Work upstream on which ever is missing voltage.
  9. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Amplifier info

    Audio amps are best ground to the battery and the B+ to the main battery switch ( or battery if no switch exists), with proper circuit protection. Unless you have old or blown speakers, id suggest step one be, to install a quality amp that will deliver in the 50W rms or better range, for each speaker. This can gain you not only volume, but dynamic range. This can often wake up a speaker that was before, blah. I prefer marine amps, especially for salt or brackish boats or boats that live on the water. Id say a quality amp and incidentals should be within your budget.
  10. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Amplifier info

    The infinity marine speakers are an entry level price point speaker. IIRC, it has a .5 hybrid dome tweeter, which is the least desirable and small as well. I think they have technically been retired, if that matters to someone. The amp is going to realistically deliver up to 37'ish watta rms to each speaker. Ok for listening at rest, but kind of light for on plane, especially with that .5 hybrid tweeter. The included amp kit is for a car, not a boat. Nothing there worth having IMP. The B+ cable may reach, but the ground wont, unless you mount the amp in the engine bay, next to the battery (um no) and then the fuse holder is not ideal either.
  11. Was_Wylie_Tunes


    If you purchased their re-branded Pyle plastic tower pods, you wont be surface mounting those. If you went with their aluminum pods, it could be done but with the addition of a fabricated spacer.
  12. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Starting battery or dual purpose starting / deep cycle

    Depends on primary application. If they are going to be used as the primary starting battery(s), then a cranking battery is best. If one is say on bank 2 (of a single engine setup) and will be used mostly for a house battery, then a deep-cycle is best. If needed, a deep-cycle can crank and engine, as a backup.
  13. Was_Wylie_Tunes


    Is this a statement or a question? What brand/model are they? Some manufactures do offer pods intended to mount direct to a flat tower surface. Some towers/arch have an OEM spot for mounting such speakers. There might be 3 holes, 2 tapped with a wire hole in the center. Other wise, you have to thru-bolt from back side or drill and install nutserts.
  14. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    JL Audio M vs MX series?

    Gotchya The MX10IB is one of the best sounding marine infinite-baffle woofers out there, but not the highest power handling one though. Not quite the power handling of the M. The M series comes on both an IB version and small enclosure version, just no LED. However, an LED, whether single color or RGB, can be fixed to the back side of the grill. As noted, the M has a little more power handling in the both the IB and small enclosure models. In the end, put the woofer in the proper alignment, with quality wattage and a proper tune, and they will perform very well.
  15. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Sig 350 alternator wiring

    In most cases, the engine harness is laid out with the alternator supply (charge wire) terminating to the main starter post. From there, the main starter cable either connects directly to the battery or through a battery switch. There are few rare occasions where a boat builder uses a diode type isolator for a dual bank setup, in which case, the alternator will go to the diode block.