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    Wet Sounds feedback from Electric Steering Pump

    It depends on where and how the noise is getting into the signal path. IF ifs getting through the RCA, it might require installing a better quality RCA. Regardless of whether its a coax or twisted type, I would expect there to be some shielding. Single ended coax type naturally have that copper woven shield, but even the higher grade double ended twisted pair, have a 3rd wire for shielding anyway. This is why isolating the noise first, and then dropping in a test patch cable or speaker wire, before trying a "fix".
  2. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Wet Sounds feedback from Electric Steering Pump

    I would first look at the amp settings for the in-boats. If set to hi-pass, switch them to full-pass or off, depending on the amp's nomenclature. What I would be looking for here is if I can get the unwanted noise out of all the amp driven speakers. This tells us the noise is coming in pre-amp. If we can only get the noise from the woofer, then its coming in on the output wire between the amp and woofer, or its leaking in on the woofer's RCA (if its fed with a dedicated pair of RCA). If its system wide, id look closer at the head and amp B+ and B- power cables. if its leaking in on the RCA, you may need to reroute them. If it seems to leak into the woofer's speaker cable post amp, reroute that. You can do a test reroute by simply dropping an RCA or speaker wire right from the head to the amp or from the amp to the speaker, rather then fully installed.
  3. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Advice on Battery Charger for winter trickling?

    I would not pull them. Make use of the charger. Turn everything off that does not need to be on, and relax through the off season.
  4. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Correct battery switch position.

    With no other info regarding use of the boat, ill answer with the context of the charger. OFF is the best position for the main switch when charging, as the charger leads should be connected to the battery side of the switch.
  5. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Advice on Battery Charger for winter trickling?

    if its pulled and stored in moderate temps with a full charge, then no, you will not need to charge them over the layup. Just recharge them prior to returning to service. Will it hurt to give them a little refresh during the off season? No.
  6. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Advice on Battery Charger for winter trickling?

    dont know about his expert status, but he's correct. No worries with a modern battery sitting on a concrete floor.
  7. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Advice on Battery Charger for winter trickling?

    Honestly, a little topping off once or twice during your layup is fine, if they are stored fully charged, they will not need any maintaining. they will survive just fine in a basement. For a small device, I like the CTek chargers. Just dont charge next to a gas hot water heater, etc.
  8. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Adding speakers to tower

    Since most amps are 2 ohm stable and 4 ohm marine speakers are the norm, I would not expect to find an impedance issue. However, my concern with pairing tower speakers with other speakers somewhere in the boat, is more about being user friendly. When paired on amps chnl with another pair of speakers, those other speakers are going to be playing at the same volume setting as you are wanting to play the towers. Not good when you want to hear the tower speakers while floating behind the boat and the baby is napping down in the salon, for example. Having the tower speakers on their own dedicated amp chnls, can give you some flexibility in how its used.
  9. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Adding speakers to tower

    Unless the factory amp has 2 unused/open amp chnls, you will want an amp for the tower speakers. Before discounting any brand, size or type, I would define my goals for a tower speaker. What you want out of a tower speaker, will certainly dictate the size and type.
  10. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Chaparral Helm Project

    There are a couple others also offering compatible N2K interfacing. JL, Kicker (coming soon), Wet Sounds (soon to have N2K) just to name FEW.
  11. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    JBL MR 17 Issues

    Yeah, that stuff was built by Prospec, who just licensed the JBL brand. What help are you seeking them JBL and/or Chaparral? Breaking the bank can be a mater of perspective. Clarion and Fusion both offer heads and remotes that should work, with maybe a little fabrication.
  12. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Tower Speakers

    Are they run on an external amp? They should be set to hi-bass and not get any bass from the source unit.
  13. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    JBL head unit upgrade: update

    Usually no retail packaging, no mounting hardware or wiring. its what the manufacture sells as an EOM to a boat builder.
  14. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Stereo turns off when engine running

    Id suspect a high voltage.
  15. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    JBL head unit upgrade: update

    ^^^^^ LOL, ill take the challenge
  16. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Accessory Rocker Switches on Dash - Sunesta 224

    If you have a simple volt/ohm meter, you can confirm which is B+ supply and switched B+ for sure. Whats the current draw of the lights? LED does not guarantee its under 20A
  17. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Accessory Rocker Switches on Dash - Sunesta 224

    Could be. Yellow is a ground color. Likely the ground for the switch illumination when the switch is activated. Most switch configurations have the illumination B+ supplied internally when the switch is turned on. If the switch is back lit when the NAV lights are on, then you would have switched B+ to the likely the #8 terminal.
  18. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    JBL head unit upgrade: update

    @tomnjo I do not suggest it for a couple of reasons. 1st and foremost, we need to watch how much load we put on that turn-on circuit. Its only designed to trigger amps to wake up, not designed to actually power the supply line of a current consuming device. 2nd, the turn-on is considered a "dirty" circuit in reference to the audio path. We need ALL electronics in the audio signal path to draw off the same 12V source. So this means the blue tooth should be powered with the head unit's yellow constant, which in turn, should be the same supply as the amp's B+. For those worried about a BT being on all the time, The two above 12V supplies should be on the boat side of a main battery switch, so the BT will be off when the boat is out of service. other wise, wire in a relay that supplied by the proper 12V feed and triggered by the turn-on or switched IGN.
  19. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    JBL head unit upgrade: update

    Wet Sounds offers 3 https://www.wetsounds.com/shop/marine-radio-electronics/bt-components Kicker offers 1 https://www.kicker.com/pxbtc-bluetooth-interface Roswell offers 1 https://www.roswellmarine.com/product/cybox-bluetooth-interface/ ive used all 5.
  20. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    JBL head unit upgrade: update

    Not with some of the universal BT's we are using. They will knock the headphone jack's d1*& in the dirt! most have at least a 2V line level output. Thats as strong as many head unit pre-amp RCA outputs are. With a new BT receiver and a phone that not old in terms of electronics evolution, BT signal quality is outstanding.
  21. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    JBL head unit upgrade: update

    Those remotes are proprietary JBL remotes and not even the new JBL labeled heads will work with them. You will need two new remotes and the appropriate cables that go along with what ever brand you choose. or, if you go with something like the Kicker KMC-10 or KMC-20 or Wet Sounds MC-1, you would just need one remote and cable for the transom and mount the main interface screen on the helm. Just note, if you want SAT, go with the KMC-20 or MC-1.
  22. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Electrical Issue

    I would first solve the battery voltage issue. Fully charge them with a known working charger. Test to confirm they are fully charged and replace if they cannot reach fill charge. Next, id test the charger. If it is a true trickle, id toss if in favor of a multi-stage smart charger. One thats not going to bake the batteries if lest on. Lastly, ID make sure my bilge pumps work both auto and manual. In auto, they need to come on, then go off.
  23. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Dead speaker

    100 times more difficult then testing the current wire, amp etc, to confirm the root cause.
  24. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Adding speakers to tower

    The best answer as this point is, you will be best served to run those new tower speakers on their own dedicated amp chnls. So, you would need to inventory how many speakers you currently have, that are driven by the amp in questions, and how many amp chnls said amp has. It would need two empty chnls. Next, once you make your tower speaker choice, you can then determine if the current amp, will do them well. Volume knob works wonders to subdue any speaker. Dont let high wattage rating of a speaker deter you. Those ratings dont necessarily mean it will play louder. You can drive a 600hp vette at 65 mph right along with everyone else on the hiway.
  25. Was_Wylie_Tunes

    Battery charger replacement

    No real easy answer for either question. best advice for the charger, get one thats more then up to job. Higher output/larger unit means it works less hard for the charger. IMO, past 3 years is borrowed time. That does not mean that after 3 years a battery is done and needs to be replaced. However anytime beyond that, dont be surprised. The static voltage of a charged battery can also tell a lot about its life.