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  1. drew…the boat was covered in stripes when I got it, and they where cracking and peeling. I had a detail shop remove them and then re-polish the boat. It looks much cleaner and a little more updated without them IMO.
  2. Congrats drew on ur new boat purchase and thanks for the compliment. I was searching on CL and caught the listing 16 minutes after it was posted and took cash as soon as the owner would let me. It was listed as a 1-owner dry docked and covered for $3400, so i figured it would be a steal, or in need of major work due to the price. Thanks 235 you have a great looking boat too! Thanks turbine….we have enjoyed it a bunch. Thanks cpm…awesome pic of yours btw. So far so good.
  3. Great discussion. I know I have learned something.
  4. Congrats! Great looking boat! I'm new as well and have received a very warm reception.
  5. Thanks Brick. I'm not much of a do it yourselfer so I appreciate the helpful tips you guys provide on here. Thanks MontreAl. The colors change based on the lighting, It looked dark green in the Craigslist ad since it was under a covered lift in his pics, so I jumped online and found the color options for it. Thanks mrvideo. It is in good shape. Oddly, I find myself really excited about making improvements to it over time.
  6. Thanks man. I didn't know anything about that outdrive. The previous owner went to the dealer in hopes of finding a 5.7 Mercrusier and they only had the 5.0 duo prop boat available for test drive. He said the selling factors for him was the handling and time to plane.
  7. Its a Volvo Penta AQ231A (305 V8) 230HP w/Volvo Penta Duo Prop outdrive. The props spin opposite directions.
  8. Yep, funny huh. It still works as he accidentally left a old custom romance cassette in it. LOL. What setup did you go with rb?
  9. Thank you Denny. My wife loves your boat. You win must unique original craft award for sure. Very nice.
  10. thanks rb. Its been a lot of fun so far. We've had it our 3 times so far. Trying to go today, but rain is lingering around. My 6 and 7 year old boys like it because the swim platform sits a couple inches off the water and its east to get in/out of. Now to replace the factory cassette player with a MP3/SAT setup for Mamma and I. You have a great looking boat as well. That acceleration is nuts. LOL.
  11. Seems like no brainer insurance claim. I'm sure the service center will quickly be able to determine the outdrive needed. Sorry for your bad luck. I agree with gl115, there should be an investigation to see what you hit and mark with something asap if found.
  12. I couldn't believe what the couple listed it for on Craigslist and figured once I saw it, it would all make sense. After going through it and lake testing it, I paid their asking price without batting an eye. $3400
  13. Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate the compliments. Here's a few more pics from today
  14. New to the forum, so hello to y'all from Oklahoma. We recently purchased this boat from the original owners on May 29th of this year. It was advertised for sale in our local Craigslist and I was fortunate enough to catch it 15 minutes after it was listed. The gentleman was willing to give me first viewing and test ride the next morning as I was first to call. They bought the boat new in 1989 and have had it dry docked with both factory bow and cockpit hovers on it as well as the custom made canvas mooring cover on it. Original interior with the exception of the center cushion on the back be
  15. SS Minnow

    1989 2100 SX Sport

    We are the 2nd owners as of May 2014
  16. SS Minnow


    1989 2100 SX Sport. We became the 2nd owners in May 2014.
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