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  1. There is a public Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission launch ramp about a mile down the Ohio river from the point. Its called Kilbuck Access. The PFBC has interactive maps on their website for all of PA showing the ramps. Link to Kilbuck...
  2. When I did my extra thru-hull it was located right next to two others so I spaced it so it would match the others. I then made sure nothing on the inside was in the way. The outside was taped off and using a hole saw, started the hole till the pilot bit came thru the inside of the hull. Then from the inside I finished drilling the hole. My hull was cored and about 1" shick so needed to keep the hull from crushing when tightening the new fitting. Used a allen wrench in the drill, ate out a 1/2 inch of the core material. I used Waterweld epoxy to replace the core material and after the Waterweld was solid, re-drilled the hole. The thru-hull was then installed with 3M 4200 in case it ever needed to be removed
  3. Here you go boys, give this a try...
  4. Here you go drew...<br /><br /><a data-cke-saved-href="" href=""></a><br /><br />She was a good boat for the 5 years we owned her. Basiclly a Sig 24 before they changed the badging and nice for day trips. Problem was she was to small for over nights and we wanted something bigger. Started looking and found a sweet deal on a Cruisers Inc. 280CXi in Annapolis MD and had her shipped to Pittsburgh. We are happy with our choice but I still lurk here to see whats up.<br /><br /><a data-cke-saved-href="" href=""><img data-cke-saved-src="" src="" /></a>
  5. Pics of the cabin locks or the 1991 Chap?
  6. Here you go give this a try... By the way I owned a 1991 2370 SL for 5 years and its a great boat. Good luck with your new purchase!!!
  7. FYI the Carousel marina has 90 octane non-ethanol at the fuel dock $3.99/gal. Its the second marina up from Elizabeth lock and dam.
  8. Ever think to try one of these?
  9. We had the exact same problem with aft cabin water. Every time it rained we had water drip down the port wall and soak the floor. After 3 years of sealing everything I could think of and not correcting the problem I checked the last thing it could be. The rub rail. When I pulled it I discovered one of the previous owners had removed it and driled new holes to reinstal it but they never filled the old holes. I marked all the rivits on the rail before I driled them out then cleaned the old holes and sealed them up. I filled each rivit hole with sealer right before I put the new rivit in. This past summer the boat was dry as a bone and we had ALOT of rain here. Sorry to say we sold our Chap this fall and went to the dark side with Professor48 (Hy) and bought a Cruisers 280 CXi but still like to visit this site. You may not have unfilled holes under your rub rail but in 13 years those rivits can get loose and leek. Might be something to look into and a good spring project. Good luck! Pappy
  10. See it every day on the way to work. Can't wait for duck season!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thank you, I will give them a call.
  12. Am about to pull the trigger on something new. Boat is located in Deale Md. and need to ship to the Pittsburgh Pa. area. Anyone around the Annapolis area have a recomendation? Also looking for a surveyor in the same area. Thanks guys!
  13. +2 on Collinite!
  14. I picked up a Minn-Kota charger last year when my charger bit the dust. This was a easy install and have had zero problems with the unit.