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  1. gwscot2

    Replacement Drain Plug

    It's connected to a long black hose that has a cap on the end. Unscrew the cap and the engine oil will flow out. I believe they thought it would make a easy way to drain the oil when doing maintenance. I've done it before when winterizing.
  2. gwscot2

    Replacement Drain Plug

    Hey guys, looking for a replacement drain plug since my current one is getting a little worn (plus always good to have a spare). Below are two pictures of it. My plug has a connection for the oil drain hose that is on the engine. Emailed Joe at Cecil Marine and he said they don't stock anything like this. Thanks in advance. Greg
  3. gwscot2

    CRAParral Never buy!

    1. Quick 2. Cheap 3. Correct I've always been told you can have only have 2 of the 3 in any combo. Sorry to hear about your issues - hopefully they can get all things fixed and you back on the water!
  4. gwscot2

    Engine ECM Discontinued by Mercury...

    Yeah the guy I’m taking it to now said in his 3 years he has only replaced 5 (3 boats sank, 2 came defective from the factor). Without bashing the first mechanic who looked at it he said that he doesn’t believe the guy did much troubleshooting to find the potential issue. We shall see here in hopefully a week or so.
  5. gwscot2

    Engine ECM Discontinued by Mercury...

    I’ve decided to have another shop look at my boat for a second opinion. I talked to my local chaparral dealer and he wants to take a look to make sure that the ECM is indeed the issue. Will post a update once he lets me know what he finds.
  6. Well got a call from the mechanic..... The ECM in my Mercury 5.7 EFI is fried. They are telling me the particular ECM is discontinued by Mercury. Has anyone ran into this issue before? or had one rebuilt? ECM Part No. 861926T3 Thanks, Greg
  7. gwscot2

    Fuel Injection Issue - HELP!

    My boat has a Mercruiser 5.7 Litre EFI engine in it. Last Friday I launched the boat, it had a hard start (first start since October of last year) but after that turned it off and on around 10 times with no issue. I get to my boat Saturday morning only to have the engine crank but not turn over. Worked with a local mechanic at the marina my boat was parked. We narrowed the issue down to the fuel injectors not firing (checked fuel pump and it was good). I drop it off last Sunday at a Dealer to have them fix the issue. Numerous calls and promises and they still have yet to look at my boat even after saying they would Monday morning. Trying to see if there is any way I can troubleshoot the issue - could it just be a bad relay or fuse? Does anyone know where I can get a listing of all the fuse sizes used on a 2000 Chap? Any thoughts or comments are welcomed. Thanks,
  8. Headed down to the lake to see my boat (2000 Chap 230 SSI) and have been meaning to replace the plastic cup holders with metal. Does anyone know the size of the cup holders that Chaparral used in the early 2000's? My boat is three hours away and always forget to measure, Thanks,
  9. gwscot2

    Cooler recommendations

    Let’s hear what kind of cooler you use to keep the lake necessities cold! - Pictures welcomed Looking for hard and soft cooler suggestions.
  10. gwscot2

    Steering wheel loose?

    Roughly 950 hours, previous owner had it for the first 800 and he treated the boat like his first and only child. Use: Light water skiing use past few seasons, mainly short crusies across the lake (longest runs 45 minutes or less). Oil and Belt condition good, the boat is stored 3 hours away so time to tinker with steering system is a little limited. The steering system has always have a little give since the day I picked it up but toward the of the season feels like it has more than usual.
  11. gwscot2

    Steering wheel loose?

    Toward the end of the season I noticed that my steering wheel seemed for lack of better word loose, almost like it had a little play in both directions before the outdrive would begin to turn. - I have a 2000 230SSi and believe it has power steering (not 100%). Has anyone had this issue and know what needs to be done to tighten it up? If it has to deal with the power steering would you need to bleed the system?
  12. gwscot2

    New to boating, picked up a 1930 SS project.

    Any new updates on your project? Loved looking at the progression of your project.
  13. gwscot2

    Drive shower

    Who has a drive shower installed on their outdrive? Looking at off season upgrades and have looked at drive showers recently.
  14. gwscot2

    Damaged Gelcoat

    Going forward if possible I would leave a couple of buoys out on that side to try and prevent the pontoon from slamming into your boat again. As far as leaving a note, hopefully if in fact the pontoon owner did cause this damage they will take care of the repair on their dime. Sadly not all boaters are respectful and do the right thing. Wishing the best outcome for you.
  15. gwscot2

    Stereo Remote Fix

    Anyway you can post the link in here? Can't seem to find it in ebay.