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  1. An update on the cracked hull. The Boat was returned to Chaparral at the end of our boating season to assess what was the possible problem. It was determined that a stringer had come loose in the hull of the boat causing it to push through the hull causing the fibreglass to crack. Apparently my boat was not the only one being fixed as I was told there was 3 H2O's with the same issue being repaired over the winter. Chaparral did remove the deck and existing components and installed it all back in a brand new hull. I really had to stay on top of things for updates as they were not very good with communicating, but all as been completed and boat will be heading back soon. This has been a stressful situation being our first boat and all. For anyone that has an H2O please keep an eye on your hull, ours was cracked port side right underneath the seat. I found it while I was waxing the hull.
  2. Just have to post an update on the cracked hull I have on my 2014 H2O. Chaparral is having it shipped back to the factory as they are expecting it is a dropped bulkhead. This is just speculation at this point will know more when the get it back there to have a look at it. Keep you all posted.
  3. Sorry guys haven't been on in awhile, to answer Honorhimkc question they are getting wet from swimmers getting in and out of the boat. But with that being said they take a crazy amount of time to dry. The boat will sit covered for a week and returning on the weekend they would still be wet from the previous weekend. I do believe the cushions on the ski and fish are different from that on the sport. The cushions on the ski and fish snap out to accommodate the fishing chairs on the deck. I did contact Chaparral about this matter and they said there was no known issue with the cushions and was not willing to look at it. Pioneer - I am not sure what to do with the plastic liners, I left mine on. As I said Chaparral was not to interested about doing anything about it.
  4. Not too sure if it's cracked through the fibreglass or just gel coat. No water was left in the boat. Picture to large to attach will try re-saving it and attaching.
  5. I have a 2014 19' H2O ski and fish that has a cracked hull. I noticed the crack after taking it out of storage for the winter. The crack is port side below the passenger seat. It looks like something is trying to push through the hull from the inside. It's currently sitting waiting for an answer from Chapparal as to what the next steps will be. If anyone has heard anything about this I would love to hear from you.
  6. I have had my 19' fish and ski on the water for 2 seasons now, first season everything was OK with the cushions. Towards the end of the second season I noticed the cushions were extremely wet and was taking a long time to dry out. In fact I had to remove the cushions and put them in my basement over the winter to finish drying them out. Was wondering if anyone else was having the same issues? Thanks Ken
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