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  1. thanks cyclops2! Let me make sure I am understanding you. Use a fine tip punch to strike a dimple or hole into the broken bolt. Use the punch to sort of twist/unscrew the broken piece out? I'm not sure about the process
  2. Hi cyclops2 thanks for replying! The broken piece of the bolt is lodged inside the hole a couple of centimeters. So there isn't a piece for me to grab and twist it out. I'm pretty sure it needs to be drilled out.
  3. Hi everyone! I just joined the forum today! Have a 93 Chaparral 180 SL with a GM/Mercruiser 4.3L V6. One of the starter mounting bolts broke off and there's a piece lodged inside the hole. There are 2 starter bolts. Unfortunately the broken piece is lodged inside the hole that ends inside of the engine block. The other starter bolt has an open ended hole... So I'm trying to extract the broken bolt myself. I've been kind of hanging face first into the engine bay area with my feet holding onto the driver's seat. Is there anyway to get better access to the engine, perhaps underneath it so I can apply more pressure with the drill? Can the seats be removed and lay on the floor of the boat? Boat is on a trailer at the moment. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated!
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