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  1. Guys, As mentioned above I had some issues yesterday that left me stranded on the lake. FIrst off it is a 1998 Chaparral 205LE with the 5.0 Mercruiser in it. After having my Fiance and my doggie on the tube! yes the dog tubed, i turned off the engine to get them back into the boat. Upon restart and turning of the key I got nothing..... No clicking from the solenoid, no starting, nothing. It led me to believe something was wrong with the ignition switch or the starter. For the life of me i could not get it started and had to be towed in. I pulled the boat out and headed straight to advanced auto to troubleshoot. After hooking up earmuffs to their waterhose, the gentleman attached the starter check to my batteries. I will add that I put in a dual battery set up with a perko switch. I have been out a few times and have had no issues thus far. Anyways, part of the process is to try to start the engine, and you know what the #%^$&%$ thing started right up like nothing happened. I could not have been more pissed off in my life. I left Advanced with a new ignition switch just in case. But has anyone had these issues before? What could it be? Could the Solenoid have gotten to hot and maybe caused a malfunction? I still need to check any corrosion problems but I do not believe it to be a bad ground of a bad connection as i just went through everything when installing the new battery. Thanks for your help gentleman.
  2. It is a 5.0 merc and an alpha 1. I do have a 4 blade SS prop and a 4 blade aluminum prop. Mostly will be cruising, tubing, and some wakeboarding. I think my first steps will be adding new speakers, sound system, and then a swim platform
  3. Hello everyone, Glad to see there is a forum for chaparral's. I am new to owning a boat and my first is A 1998 Chaparral 205LE. Got a great price for it and am having lots of fun. It was very well taken care of. Has a 5.0 in it. Hope to contribute what I can to this forum. Most of my experience comes from Automotive. I have a 2012 Camaro 2SS 45th that I have done quite a few things to. It puts down 450 to the wheels. What that means is that I will want to tinker with this engine and see what I can do to get more power. I GPS'd it the other day and it hit 50+mph. I am not interested in more speed but instead more power out of the hole. Any ideas Here are pictures of it [
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