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  1. Fgeo14

    Just saying hello.

  2. Gents, i have a 2005 Sunesta 216 and while docked, a wave rocked the boat enough so the dock edge clipped the exterior metal trim piece that goes around the post bathroom window and knocked it off into the water. Hoping to replace it without replacing the whole window unit. Any suggestions? i hope all is doing well!
  3. Fgeo14

    Smith Mountain Lake VA

    So we got a place up Gills Creek and we love it. We like were we are as it’s quite and folks can’t rent their homes In Franklin County. Plus shopping, the move theater, etc is 10 mins away.
  4. Hi Folks, I need new tires to move my boat from one lake to another where we will have a lake house. My current tires are shot but I don't necessarily need the "best of the best" replacement tires as the boat will stay at the lake house once I move it - I just know the 4 I got probably will not last 5 miles! I have a load-rite tandem axle bunk style trailer. Your recos are welcomed! Thanks Frank
  5. Fgeo14

    Getting a Lake House

    Very cool, hopefully in the next 12months. Did you have a good realtor?
  6. Fgeo14

    Getting a Lake House

    Great idea
  7. Fgeo14

    Renting a lake house

    Hey folks, we are thinking about getting a house on a nice lake here in VA (Smith Mountain Lake) and I was hoping to get any advice about “dos”and “don’t” about renting it. Any success stories to share and other stories I could maybe learn from. thanks and Happy New Year all!
  8. Fgeo14

    Smith Mountain Lake VA

    Hey Folks, we are thinking about getting a place at this lake and was hoping I could get some advise about any areas of the lake to stay away from, etc. It looks to be a beautiful lake but I’m sure some places are better than others. All thoughts appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Fgeo14

    BIG Decision today

    Nice! Enjoy!
  10. Fgeo14

    Please allow me to introduce myself

    Nice boat!
  11. Fgeo14

    Cool Change II

    Glad to,hear you are on your way. Enjoy!
  12. Fgeo14

    Marine Conditions app

    Good point!
  13. Fgeo14

    Boat Alarm stays on for ~20 seconds

    Merc engine Wingnut. I'll have the dealer do a scan.
  14. Hey folks, my alarm (continious) stays on about 50% of the time after starting the engine for about 20 seconds after it cranks. Oil level is good, lower drive oil good, engine temp seems fine. I noticed the engine oil pressure gauge is about 45 when the engine starts then goes to about 60-70 when underway. My hunch is the oil sensor is malfunctioning as everything seems alright. I appreciate your thoughts. 2005 216 sunesta, 5.0 tks engine, 210 hours
  15. Fgeo14

    Newbie from Vegas

    I got a 2005 sunesta 216. Great all around boat specially when you got the right prop on it.