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  1. Does anyone know where or how I can Order table covers for 2009 290 Signature. Thanks in advance?
  2. Wow, that is a real tragedy.
  3. Iggy - Great ideas. I have 2009 290 Sig. It is raining today, so little project. I am adding led blue and white lights in the outside arch. I am adding two more tvs, one outside and one in the back berth. I like house battery idea, I will have to see about that especially because my boat does not have a generator. I thought about adding one, but we already want a bigger boat and I don't think it will be worth the cost. Love this forum and the great ideas!
  4. From the album Signature 290

    New Name!
  5. From the album Signature 290

  6. From the album Signature 290

  7. Jim, Awesome boat, Best of luck!
  8. 2009 Signature 290, more pictures to be added.
  9. From the album Signature 290

    Probably changing the name, but the new boat from the back!
  10. All great suggestions. My wife and I also are turning 50 and just got a 2009 Signature 290 last Saturday. It is 31' with twin I/O. I couldn't wait to take it out, we got out of our dock in Southern NJ with a near miss, and went for a 3 hour ride. I pulled up to an open fuel dock next door and got my salesman to dock it because I did not want to hit any boats. I got plenty of suggestions from dock mates. I hired a captain for a 3 hour class next weekend and I would recommend that because the 20 minutes on the phone he told tons of great suggestions. I would also echo everyone's suggestions that slow and steady around boats and docks are the way to go. Thank god I was always going slow and steady. Best of luck!
  11. The full mattress fit perfectly. Thanks for all the help!
  12. Well, I bought one of each. I will find out Saturday as that is when we get the boat. Thanks for all the input!
  13. Thanks everyone. Looks like we will get a queen for the V berth and full size for the aft cabin. We have a lot to learn and figure out, I was also guessing this made it easier to fit sheets, etc. Happy boating! Phil
  14. I just purchased a 290 Chaparral 2009. I was wondering if you can put a foam mattress or memory form over the cushions for sleeping? If so, what size twin, full, queen? Thanks in advance. Phil