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  1. Just took a look at the new 247, 267, and 287 in person today at a dealership in my area. Beautiful boats! Really looking forward to upgrading to a 247 or 267 at some point in the next year or so. My only concern was the construction of the swim platform. I have always liked how Chaparral has integrated their swim platforms into their hulls on previous models however this one is a separate structure. Looking underneath it looks like a couple of 2x4's extending out from the stern transom encapsulated in fiberglass supporting the structure. When applying my weight I could see it flex at the caulked seam between the platform and the transom which kinda bothered me. Anyone else notice this? I'm sure the engineers have done their testing and probably isn't an issue but its something that bothers me. Otherwise the rest of the boat is phenomenal. Should be another great addition to the line up!
  2. I had your exact boat. When I test drove it for the first time brand new the tachometer only showed max RPM at about 4000, this is not correct. Turned out the tachometer was wired for the 5.0 motor at the time. Your dealership should fix this at no charge. It was a mistake from the factory and common among the H20 lineup. With the tachometer reading correctly you should get about 5000 rpm with the stock prop. I didn't have a GPS but the Speedometer indicated 51 MPH. I upgraded to a Mercury Inertia 20 pitch prop and was able to obtain a top speed of 56 MPH at the same RPM. The Inertia prop has a slightly larger diameter I believe. Something you should look into.
  3. 42 MPH sounds about right. According to they topped out at 44 MPH during their tests with that boat.
  4. The height of my boat on the trailer is 7'1" and 8'6" between the wheels. The trailer is a EZ-Loader M2-5200.
  5. No problem, I will be sure to get the height measurement towards the weekend. My 6.2 with the Bravo III and 24" pitch props tops out at 52 mph @ 5200 RPM's derived from the GPS. Best cruise is usually around 3500 RPM's and 30 MPH. Space and storage is not an issue with this boat, primarily why I went with this model. You can get 5 people in the cockpit area comfortably and 2 up in the bow with space to spare. That all being said if you plan on having 5 or more people on board on a regular basis, a larger boat is always the way to go. If I had the money I would have opted for the 257 SSX for the additional space, added freeboard, and a head. Just something to keep in mind. I love my boat and plan on keeping it for a while but I know I will get a larger one at some point. Since it looks like we both live in the same general area I would recommend Reeds Marine in Delavan WI. They will let you test drive whatever boat you want since they are located right on the lake, and if you don't like the boat you purchase you can return it for a larger one within 30 days.
  6. Well I certainly need to chime in on this since I primarily operate my 227 SSX on Lake Geneva and Lake Michigan. Between the two I would imagine that the 246 SSI has a slightly better ride because of its higher displacement and slightly higher deadrise, 21 degrees vs 20 degrees however I have never driven one. With that being said I spend 80% of my time on Lake Michigan and it handles it just fine as long as its a nice day with waves being forecast to be less than 3 feet. I have been on Lake Geneva with the winds blowing strong out of the west and the hull on the 227 handles the chop very nicely. The one downside to the 227 is the relatively low freeboard. I store my boat at a marina so I can't get a height measurement right now but will try to remember when I head back down probably on Thursday.
  7. Well you are looking at two different types of propulsion here. I too was looking at the Jet boats so here is my opinion. I really liked the layout of the VRX with its seating along with the unobstructed walk through, an excellent set up in my opinion. The biggest difference is going to be the engines. I personally don't care for low displacement high horsepower engines...they are generally higher maintenance and burn more fuel especially when operating in the higher RPM range which you almost have to on a jet boat. The VRX does have a closed loop cooling system so if you plan on operating in salt water its highly desirable. Also with the jet drive, it draws very little water. The 6.2L B3 in the SSI I can say is an awesome package. Tons of power and pretty darn quiet too when compared to the VRX. The down side is that its a much heavier package and draws almost twice as much water. I say if you want a sporty handling boat that draws little water and don't care about fuel burn, go with the VRX. If you want something a bit more traditional but still has a ton of power and your not operating in shallow water all the time, go with the SSI. Just my 2 cents.
  8. As long as you are careful you should be fine. I keep all my vehicles engine compartments spotless, but that's just my OCD kicking in. My personal procedure is this: 1. Make sure the engine is warm, not hot. 2. Remove the drain plug and raise the front of the boat at high as possible so water flows out the drain hole when cleaning. This is assuming its on the trailer out of the water. 3. Cover the alternator and any other electrical components with a rag as best as possible. 4. Mist the entire engine and engine compartment down with a gentle spray using a garden hose. 5. Use a towel to dab any large accumulations of water off the engine and surrounding areas. 6. Use the reverse function of a shop vac and blow dry the engine. I have car/ motorcycle drying machine called a "Master Blaster" which works awesome for me. 7. Start the engine and allow it to reach operating temperature to evaporate any remaining moisture out. This is just my personal procedure and works great for me.
  9. In the interest of contributing to this forum I thought I would share a water leak issue I had with my new Chaparral 227 SSX and its diagnosis. This leak could potentially happen to newly built boats that are not installed with a conventional speedometer. I took delivery of my new boat a few weeks ago and noticed a substantial amount of water working its way into the bilge while in operation. No water would leak in while the boat was at rest or when the engine was running at the dock. Water was only leaking in while the boat was in motion. After checking all the hoses on the engine, the rub rails for leaks along with the stern drive unit I was stumped. So off to the dealer it went. As it turns out Chaparral never sealed off the water line leading from the out drive unit to where the speedometer would be mounted in the helm. So every time I would put the boat in motion water was being forced through the Pitot tube on the out drive into the speedo pressure line and eventually all ending up in my bilge. The faster the boat was going the more water was being forced into the boat! At cruising speed my bilge pump was cycling on every 5 minutes or so to pump the water out. So again if anyone that takes delivery of a boat with the Garmin GPS installed this might be something you should check if you are seeing an excessive amount of water intruding into your boat! Happy Boating!
  10. I couldn't justify the added expense for the tower. I like the idea of having it however not for an additional $3500. I only water ski and tube anyways.
  11. Well, thought I would post an update here. My boat has shown up a few months early! Turns out my dealer ordered a 227 SSX for their inventory back in December and simply changed the order to what I wanted instead! So today I decided to drive out and see how she looks since the temps here are in the 80's. I'm holding on delivery right now because it arrived with a few small blemishes in the vinyl cushions and waiting for replacements. Since I know how much everyone likes pictures here I thought I would post a sneak peek! I can't wait to take delivery!
  12. Go for the 200 HP, you can never have too much power. Even with the largest engine available on my old 19 H2O, I wanted more. I just happened to sit in a 210 Suncoast on Saturday. Excellent boat!
  13. I had a 2014 h2O 19 that I recently traded in. Overall a great boat but I grew out of it fast, wish I purchased the 21 foot H2O from the beginning. But to answer your question as the differences between the 2014 and 2016 are these: 1. Unique Chaparral cleats. 2. redesigned consoles with vinyl inserts. 3. Black faced gauges. 4. New steering wheel design. 5. New engine options from Mercury and Volvo. There are probably a few other differences however these are the ones I noticed.
  14. Well I just ordered the 257 SSX's little brother the 227 a few weeks ago. Without any negotiating my dealer gave me 20% off MSRP. I find this fair and took it right away. Hope this helps!
  15. The 224 Sunesta certainly was on my list. Really liked the oversized swim platform and the head unit. The only thing that turned me away was the 18 degree deadrise. I really like the looks of the low profile windscreen on yours!