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  1. I've had my 1993 Sig29 with trailer for sale for about 6 month now at a selling price of 12,900.00 and can't seem to find anyone interested. I have to say that comes as a surprise being in AZ where the boat can be used almost year round. Yes its a bit of a TLC boat but can still be used and have fun with as is..go figure. Ok, for the question of the day, I went out last week to show the boat and for what ever reason the macerator pump is running. I have no idea of where the power switch is located ( yes I looked for it first ) so I cut the wire for now. Can anyone tell me what or where to find this switch? Also, The last time I was in the water I had no problems raising or lowering the outboards. Now, on the trailer they seem to go down but I can't hear the pump to raise them again so I haven't lowered them all the way. Do they need to be lowered before they can be raised again? Will low battery voltage allow then to go down but not back up? Ok, one more, When I was on the water I could tell the trim was working as I could tilt the boat from side to side. I was looking at the trim plates and had my wife run the switch but I don't see or hear anything that would indicate to me that they really work. Do I need to be in the water for this to work? Say with the engines running. Now, you see why I want to sell the boat, its just more boat than I really needed.
  2. elkhound11

    POP Yachts

    I think it's time for me to give up on my Sig 29. What I got her for just isn't working for me and it would be best to sell. Does anyone know if POP Yachts is a good broker to work with?
  3. elkhound11

    POP Yachts

    I think it's time for me to give up on my Sig 29. What I got her for just isn't working for me and it would be best to sell. Does anyone know if POP Yachts is a good broker to work with?
  4. Hi Mike, Yes, I'm in Rio Rico but I keep the boat at Scorpion Bay Lake Pleasant. Are you in Tucson?
  5. I agree with the upper statement that a good starting point would be a wiring diagram and to follow a color code. However, because you stated that you have other switch breakers in the same row with yellow wires connected to them would lead me to think the code doesn't match your boat. It's not common for a switch breaker to operate a ground circuit. One side of a switch/breaker will have power ( + ) and the other wire will be attached to the load ( lights, pumps, etc. ) and then to ground ( - ). Have you looked at the yellow wire really close to see if it has a trace color, that is an additional colored stripe going down the wire? With the color code Rich provided above ( and he too mentions the stripes ) could really be helpful in determining what the wire might go to. My boat Sig 29 has a striped yellow wire on the Ignition switch that goes to the starter solenoid and would be a power circuit. Color codes are great to have if they are followed and you can be certain you don't have a secondary stripe on it that you can't see. However, you need to be careful as they are different in different industries. In my business ( aircraft ) the yellow wire would be the hot side of the lighting dimmer system,
  6. What is the circuit breaker labeled as being? If its labeled as being the ignition I would need to wonder how its working. To trip a 20A circuit can be nasty to the wiring so caution needs to be taken as you troubleshoot the issue.
  7. This may have been beaten the death already but I didn't see it on the "search". I'm new to an older Sig29 and it's a far cry from the 19' open bow Bayliner I had. That was a boat that a single person could operate even if the weather got a bit questionable. This Sig29 I have I find hard to operate alone ( docking ). Is this because this boat is really to large for single operation or with time will I just get better at it? I don't see many at my marina running single but when I ask those with boats this size they seem to think single operation is normal.
  8. Perhaps someone can tell me why I have a power panel with a port and starboard switch? I only have batteries on the port side and a generator on the starboard side.
  9. Like some of the others I'm not certain what you are trying to do. If you are looking to reseal the tank you could try what I have used in my muscle cars. Go to: http://www.por15.com Then go to fuel system restoration. I have used many of the POR products and they all work well.
  10. I was advised that the maintenance should be done this week. I will walk the docks and visit with others as to who they would recommend. I was reading the install manual for my AC system and the block diagram as well. It shows a sea water valve going to a strainer and then to the sea water pump. I understand all of that but what I see in the boat is a bit different. I have the valve ( and a label referencing it to the AC ) and then to an electrical item and then to the pump ( pictures above ). Why would the strainer have electrical wiring to it?
  11. The handle being removed, what a thought. I need to go back out now and look at it more closely. The fact that it was off had led me to assume it had broken off. The interior has been redone and has been reinstalled. The boat is off to have the drives looked at next. I think the next item on our list will be to have the outside of the boat detailed. Anyone have any ideas of what cost range I should be thinking about?
  12. Went out to the boat yesterday to do some interior cleaning. I have all of the carpet, seats, etc. out now being redone. I started opening all of the access covers to see what is mounted in what location. I have a couple of items I'm uncertain of. On the port side under a seat cushion area is a box looking item. It has no wires or tubes attached to it. It basically looks like it was placed there as some sort of balance item but I cant really see that as its purpose. Next, the stairs were removed as well to have the carpet replaced. I see a container with water in it and on the plastic cover it says its for the shower. It looks like a pump system but I have no idea of how this might work. Next to it is a valve that appears to have something to do with the toilet and the handle has broker off. This doesn't look like an item that will be easy to replace because of its size and an ability to get the tools in to hold items while unscrewing others. Then it was off to the aft cabin. I raised the floor to see what might be under these areas. The forward center had what I think is the fresh water pump, then there is a plastic "Y" valve with hoses that are perhaps 2". I'm thinking this has to do with the toilet system but again I have no data or information on it. Aft of this are two tanks that appear to be the same size. One is plastic ( perhaps water ) while the other is medal ( perhaps waste water ). It looks like I might have a leak on a lower hose on the medal tank and this too looks like it would be a challenge to get to. I saw the hot water tank on the starboard side but it was to dark to really look it over very well. The boat remains at a maintenance facility since I purchased it on June 22nd. As a part of the purchase the rigging of the controls was to be fixed as we weren't able to get the drives in reverse unless the engine was shut off first. Once in reverse both seemed to work Ok but then to put them back in forward was a problem as well unless the engines were turned off again. It seems we are now having a problem finding a mechanic who can work on a Yamaha system. If anyone has any thoughts on any of these items please drop me a note.
  13. Ok, I now have a fair amount of information concerning the AC/Heat system in my boat. If anyone is needing data of their Cruisair DX system let me know.
  14. I knew going in that this would be a project as well as a bit of a learning curve. The last boat I had was 20 years ago and it was just a 19' open bow. However, I have had larger RV's for years and I can see things like the hot water tank, electrical systems, fride, holding tanks, generator and so on being somewhat the same. The big advantage to the RV's I have had was they were always new so I had the support and manuals if needed. I'm retired now after spending 32 years in the general aviation industry ( avionics shop ) and I'm just looking to stay a bit more on the busy side. This was one of my last projects ( one of 2 1973 Javelin AMX's ) and I still have this:
  15. Again, thank you for your help. The Yamaha link is stopped by my internet security program. I will take a look at that later in the day. As for the pump under the stairs, if that is my forward bilge pump I had better take a closer look at it as its electrically disconnected at the moment. I hadn't thought of adding pictures but I have a couple you might be able to help with. Then I will have to go out to the boat to get more. Between the outboards are three items. I know the one to the right is the sensor for the speed. I have no idea of what the two to the left of it is. The other two pictures are in the engine compartment.
  16. Thanks for the responses ( great wiring codes and I really like the idea of LED lighting ). So far I have found the manual for the stove, its a Kenyon Marine Model 406 and a PDF for it is on the web. The AC/Heat controller is a Cruisair SMX and I emailed the factory today to see if they could help with manuals as well. The engines ( perhaps Yamaha ) I wasn't able to get data off of yet but the outdrives and controls are Yamaha. The generator is some sort of 3K Onan. This too has been a challenge to find information on and I'm still looking. What would also be helpful ( if anyone has the same boat ) is to give me an idea of where things are located. I know under the step is a pump but it doesn't say what its for, under the floor in the rear stateroom is a combination of items and again under the floor in the bow are yet more items. Does anyone know if there was a parts manual for this year boat? I called Chaparral and haven't had much luck. Seems the data is more in line with recent buyers and not so much about support for the older boats. It was suggested that if I purchased a new boat I wouldn't be needing to concern myself with these issues. So, I think I'm mostly on my own with the help of the forum.
  17. I'm the new owner of a 1993 Signature 290 that is in need of a fair amount of TLC. I was aware of this going in but I'm determined to get things fixed and to bring her back to life. I'm looking high and low to find wiring diagram for this year and make but finding it all but impossible unless I'm looking in the wrong place. In any case, any information concerning this year boat would be helpful as I don't have anything but a registration. Please email any information you have to: elkhound11@outlook.com
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