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  1. Come on, bro, lol! I love it when "some" people think they know everything about every human being in this world and especially about their behavioral patterns! Unfortunately you would think that would go without saying, but not around here! I was just watching "On the water" or something like that about a New England company that makes boats and they were out on their latest North Coast 255 and besides the pair of outboards, this was a pretty cool boat. Guy started working on boats in the 70's and then went on and started his own co. and now with his two, grown sons, they survived the last few recessions and just came out with this new 255. Pretty nice and perfect for NE weather.
  2. That's true, but they still needs to be adhered to the hull. In other words, the stringers need that cushion between them and the hull, but that cushion still needs to have adhesive qualities to it. For example when you glue 2 pieces of wood together and you use an adhesive caulking so that it flexes with the change in wood's expansion and contraction due to changes in moisture content in the air or on it as well as temperature changes, then you have a flexible joint yet one that is glued together. That's what you need to do with the stringers to the hull. They need to be glued, but that glue (or foam) has to have flexibility in it to allow for that movement. If you only put something in there that has cushion but no adhesion, then your stringers are basically floating and that is a no-no.
  3. Holy crap!!! Is this really you!?!?!??! We have a lot of catching up to do, pal. How's the fishing or have you been doing any lately?
  4. You've had mola mola? How does it taste? lmfao
  5. Same here, my friend. Just got really busy there for a while and then all this crap happened. Nice. But this was just released by Massachusetts Environmental Police. I'm wondering how the harbor masters and US Coast Guard are going to handle things this summer with all this stuff going on. They already run around with a heavy hand (as you probably heard from all my run-ins with them LOL) so now it will be interesting to see how much tougher they decide to get and enforce things like no rafting with other boats? The beaches around here are nothing but boats rafted one to the other for miles. Not sure how they're gonna handle that. pic.twitter.com/Hlo2EovpPr
  6. Yes, but it's also a layer of adhesive to bond the stringers to the hull as well and not just rely on the tabbing and glassing that you'll need to do as well. How much it actually helps as a shock absorber is debatable, but I'm sure there is some value to it. No, you really want to remove all that old FG and grind all the surfaces down nice and smooth and clean them up with acetone so you can tab in all the edges of the stringers to the hull and then glass them with new material so they can be solid and bonded to the hull. Otherwise they'll just float in the old FB and that's really not the right way to do it. Are all the stringers rotted, or just a few sections here and there? Hard to tell from the pics.
  7. Yeah it's gonna be an interesting summer, for sure. If they allow you to boat in the first place, I would just go out like you normally do and if you have a friend visiting like you mentioned, wear the masks just to be safe and try to make the best of it. Things are definitely going to be different moving forward, but I would still take every precaution possible.
  8. Hatem

    Diesel trucks

    Definitely one of my favorite features on mine. The only small headache is the DEF fluid and having to fill it up every 3 months or so. Other than that, well worth every penny, and they were a lot of pennies! lol. Got any pics?
  9. Yeah that breach was the first I've ever seen and even a lot of guys who've been out and seen that fish a lot through the years said they've never seen that type of behavior, especially with all that was going on at the time. Definitely very cool and tis the start of the season where the sharks are going to start showing up here by the hundreds. My sharkivity ap should be ringing off the hook lol. Hopefully this year we'll get lucky when we get down there and see one or two and get some great drone footage and close up shots.
  10. Hahaha, well hurry up and get the new one so we can come down and visit you with the 276 and do some FLA boating/snorkeling & fishing that we've been dying to do for a few years, now. This might be our last summer with the 276 so need to get out there as much as possible. Leaving the truck and trailer in Miami without knowing who or how reputable the yard is and how safe they would be while cruising all the way down to Islamorda by boat and staying down there while worrying about the truck and trailer doesn't sit well with me. So if we just trailered all the way to the keys and hooked up there, that would be the best way to go. But we'll have to see when they open things up and how soon you're back in a Chappy.
  11. Sorry a bit off topic from what you're asking, but love the enclosure you have on the back of the cockpit on your 330. Much better than the factory one that just tapers down and you really lose all the headroom and it becomes nothing but a cover, really. This way you make complete use of the cockpit area in colder and hotter weather. Curious if you run your AC and/or heat into that area?
  12. That's too bad because the damage on the stern over is really not that bad at all as far as repairing it and making it look brand new again and match the rest of the gelcoat. The tough part is the cracking on the floor area by the locker hatch door since it's right on the edge and includes the non-skid pattern. That's a whole other ballgame to repair than the smooth gelcoat which the right, experienced individual can make that look like it was never there and fix it to where it gets all the way to the root of the problem. But that non-skid is a really difficult repair and its location is a vulnerable spot. Good luck with finding another one.
  13. Yeah that's a tough decision to make, for sure. Especially if the 284 is priced nicely and enticing. But it is hard to start out putting so much $ for something that is practically brand new but has had an overheating issue already, and an aluminum block/heads etc. to boot. Maybe get someone super qualified to run their own test on it which could include a compression test along with even a more extensive dissecting, so to speak; if allowed, of course. Then go from there. But aside from that, the reviews on the 6.0L/6/2L are nothing but outstanding from everything I've read and heard. So that's a positive, for sure. Interesting observation and very true, from on-hands experience. The B-III in my buddy's Sea Ray I putted around in was quite impressive when it came to the lack of thumping while shifting out of neutral into either direction. On my DPS-A, the trick is to learn how to do it to avoid that thumping as much as possible. It's all in the speed and smoothness of how you push that throttle out of N and into gear. It's impossible to describe in words or even show it first hand since it's all about the feel. But once you get the hang of it, you can minimize that thump to an almost fluid transition. It took me a little while, but not too long since once I figured it out, it became 2nd nature and works great almost all the time. I say "almost" simply because you run into situation where you either get complacent, are distracted or in a tough situation where you just need to shift fast to get out of a bad situation and you don't do it. I find that to be mostly at the dock when trying to back into the slip, lol. Other than that, once you get a hang of it, it's golden, like Land O' Lakes.
  14. I have the same engine on mine and thankfully nothing yet on that crazy expensive fuel pump, but I'm expecting it at some point but maybe not, only because I think they stopped painting the inside by 2010, not 100% sure but something I read reminds me of that. But, if you search YouTube for "fixing a Volvo Penta Fuel Pump," a couple of videos (that I've actually posted a few times for people with the same or similar problem) of a guy out of Florida who specializes in taking the entire fuel pump apart and not only cleaning the internal paint which causes most of these problems, but replaces a few parts with better ones and does it really cheap. I think it's even under $100 that he does it. He shows the entire process on the video so you can either do it yourself or send it to him and he does it and sends it back to you. When I get back home later this evening, I'll find it and post it for you unless you find it before then.
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