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  1. I've faced a similar situation and the void was too much to fill, even with thickened epoxy. I'm guessing the toggle bolts didn't work because the screw's pan head is too bulbous and doesn't allow the opposite side of the piano hinge to flush together when you close the door. It makes it even worst when you add a washer to the screw head. There's hardly any play room between the 2 hinge leafs when they're shut together. A better solution for you might be to fill in the current holes in the jamb/frame side and sand them down as best as possible, prime just enough to protect the worked surface and then re-drill new (correct sized) holes for new screws an inch or inch and a half (up or down) away from the current ones in the piano hinge. Then use a countersink drill bit to create a countersink in those holes for the screw heads to countersink into the hinge and be flush with it. That way you don't get any binding when you close it (which is probably the problem). Then line up the hinge and door on the frame, mark the new holes you just drilled in the hinge onto the jamb/frame and drill the correct size hole at the new locations and refasten the door. It looks like you have enough room to even add a couple more holes and screws for good measure. This way you're not drilling into the repaired holes that might not hold. Make sure you get the right, stainless steel screws and know the size of holes & countersink before you proceed. This should work nicely.
  2. Looks great, Rip. Keeps water out in general.
  3. Indeed. A lot of surface area to buff out on that monster. Also a pretty deep, swim platform. You can put chairs and a dining table on that thing, and fish quite comfortably off it at the same time. Is there also a lower helm in that model, or just the one on the flybridge? What about joystick for docking? Not sure that was available in 2007. That's a perfect candidate for one of those stern joysticks. I can't imagine backing into a tight slip with my skills and that thing! I think these SR's are better looking than the Meridians, but that's just me. Hopefully one of many boats that gets to escape Irma. Good luck to all the folks in FLA.
  4. That is beautiful! Looks like it got that nice buff job and looks brand new. Everything you need for a great time on the water with friends and family. Congratz!
  5. Wow. Labor day is tomorrow, I hope this beauty is in your slip?
  6. Brilliant. No wonder your boat is so clean.
  7. Keep us posted on this thread if you do end up purchasing and installing one of these. I'd be curious to see how you make out with the installation and then using it next summer. Cheers.
  8. Outstanding! What a perfect fit for that Garmin GPS. That was a boatload of terrific mods, pun intended. Thanks for the update and all the pics.
  9. Good to hear from you TP and Jim, beautiful family, and dinghy and doggy! :-) Need more pics of that beautiful SR. Exoset, excellent mods on that boat, wow! Very impressive thanks for sharing them. What a difference that hardtop made to the whole look of the boat. Keep posting the progress I'm very curious to see how it all turns out.
  10. Come on, we're not fooled. You're sig pic is clear as day it's more like "since the 30's"
  11. Yummy, JT, nothing like a good slurp of sea salt water mixed with all sorts of oils and lubricants and sealants and bilge cleaners, diesel fuel in your case haha! That'll clean your teeth who needs toothpaste just dip your toothbrush into the bilge water. Just busting 'em on you. Hope you have a great season this year in that beauty of yours. Cheers. Have you added anything cool recently?
  12. Are you installing the transducer yourself? I'm still learning to use the functions on the 741xs. I might know how to use 6 of the 100 features on that thing. Still trying to decipher fish from weeds and other stuff below. Fish-finder and depth-sounds was the primary reason for getting it, but it has so many other cool things on it. Couldn't imagine anything more complicated for this layman. Couple of fellas on here have those speaker pods mounted on the radar arch. I believe Monkey Seal is one of them. Maybe he'll chime in.
  13. Great read, Drew. And beautiful boat BTW! Some neat stuff on that thread so far. Really like the 3D diagrams of the structural layout that was posted. Looks like it shouldn't be too - too bad. Affected areas might not be that excessive after all. Good luck!
  14. ^^ Wow, glad you made it through that. I can't imagine. Yak is still at it with its latest 130, despite Sukhoi stealing the show from everyone including MiG who's hanging in there. I think there's a partnership with them so that legendary aircraft name doesn't die out.
  15. Good one. I thought Carver was a decent builder, wouldn't they have thought of adequate self bailing? Just curious. Good to see you too, TP, thanks. Would love to tag along to Bimini, just got a lot going on for a while. Hope the lake will be great for you this year. Cheers. How's the SR coming along, Drew?