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  1. Hatem

    VP Impeller removal tool?

    http://www.marinepartsexpress.com/cart/index.php?ID=3843948 .....? Might have to call them to double check the proper thread diameter.
  2. Hatem

    VP Impeller removal tool?

    Until you get that bolt and sleeve tool, use a similar threaded carriage bolt, turn it into the threads on the impeller and grab the bolt head with channel locks or pliers and pull it out. Same exact thing as that sleeve except you'll have to use a tiny bit of muscle instead.
  3. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Yeah these guys are definitely pros! They did the whole thing by the book. Tied off their little boat to a tree first lol (that's smart!) and then went over to the pontoon very slowly because they even considered any waves created by their boat might be enough to push the thing off the edge. But, I thought that concrete edge is what held the pontoon from going over, it wasn't! It was that floating branch to the right of the pontoon that got wedged between the uprights on the side of those half circles and the boat that stopped it! You can see it in that last drone pic and in the thumbnail of this rescue video! Crazy lucky.
  4. Hatem

    Fresh water guy looking to the Bahamas??

    Well, good thing Navionics is listing statute miles, because using nautical miles is goofy IMO. Almost everyone except I suppose all yous pilots is accustomed to statute miles, simply because we travel almost exclusively in them on roads every day. Thank goodness no one decided to come up with a 3rd type of distance calculation and term like "aerial" miles, or something like that, just to convolute things even more! lol. I always think of distances in terms of statute miles and never think of nautical. It's bad enough having to figure out kilometers to miles as it is. Yeah, Google Maps is probably calculating the exact distance from the center of town to center of town, which might account for the 4 mile discrepancy. I just use my GPS to get distances. In the boat or in the truck, they're both pretty spot on.
  5. Hatem

    Replace Carpet with flexteak flooring

    Is the deck floor wood, or fiberglass? Not sure on 98 models. But if you're ripping it all out, I'm guessing the entire floor is covered, right? So do you plan on re-covering the entire floor with the synthetic teak, or just certain areas? What about the floor if it is wood? You'll have to sand it down really well and glass it and I would even gelcoat it first before installing any new covering. Seal it well and completely beforehand.
  6. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    You never know. You might actually be spot on considering the decisions that were made throughout that whole scene. They're lucky that older fella with the black cap came to their assistance and helped them before it slid further down the ramp and went completely under. The incompetence level was staggering, not to mention that there is a reason why that trailer axle collapsed. That trailer looked awfully flimsy for that boat's weight. If that driver told me it was unsafe to tow the trailer & boat and then water started getting into it like that, who would just unwinch it at that point?!?! I would've been screaming telling the driver to pull right up out of that ramp immediately, lol. Anyway, not sure where or what happened here exactly, but waiting to find out. Until then, got a caption for this? EDIT: Found out it happened around April 14th at Lake Adger dam in NC after severe weather untethered the pontoon boat from its mooring and it drifted to the edge of the dam, just barely getting suck on the concrete edge of the dam. The boat was later rescued before going over by NC wildlife officers.
  7. Hatem

    VP DPS trim sender questions

    Ah, ok. Come to think about it, I missed/forgot the part where you had an alarm and engine light. I didn't get that, but then again the engine wasn't running so not sure if I would've gotten an alarm for the transom switch. I had my sender replaced a few years ago. Had the dealer do it and that put a major dent in the old wallet. Crazy how expensive that effing thing is.
  8. Hatem

    Fresh water guy looking to the Bahamas??

    It wouldn't be a problem at all. Towing the boat to Miami or anywhere in FL from our locations is more treacherous than that crossing. Your 256 will scream across that stretch without a single problem.
  9. Awesome, thanks, TP. Tough to get it in Buffalo, really? That's interesting. Usually these types of exotic woods are solely relegated to woodworking stores like Rockler or Woodcraft etc. But sometimes you can find amazing selections just at specialty wood lumberyards. But those are mostly flat boards sold in linear foot, vs woodworking stores that have blocks and thickness timber for these specialty hobbies or crafts that they sell by board foot. A lot of guys like to turn bowls, for example, and any type of burl is a common type of wood they look for or that you can find there. For a flagpole like that, it needs to be a minimum of 2"x2" by whatever length in order to knock off the corners and get enough material to turn on the lathe. HAHAHA, nooooo! Put it on and don't worry about dinging or scratching it lol. All the 20 year-old chicks are gonna be checking you out now, Denny.
  10. Hatem

    Changing water impellers on Volvos 5.0L GXI

    That's amazing that they're self correcting. Considering how tight and stiff those vanes are in compressing them to get them in that they would flop and face the other way lol. But that's good to know since you know that MUST be a very common mistake many people make.
  11. Hatem

    Replacement Carpeting Related Questions

    I don't think one is better than the other TBH. As long as they're both binding material, they should do the trick. Of course Sunbrella is a reputable name, so that might help you make the decision. But if it were me, I would get a matching binding so it doesn't stand out. Personal taste. Not sure about colored ones, but SS carpet snaps you can find almost anywhere online. Marine Carpeting, Amazon, Overton, EBay, Maybe even Cecil Marine or any West Marine stores in your area or online.
  12. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    lol, I thought that might've been it too. I'm guessing the battery was submerged or some of that water got to one of the harnesses or cables and made a connection for the lights.
  13. Hatem

    Fresh water guy looking to the Bahamas??

    When I saw this, I had to go back to google maps and check where I got 93 miles from, especially from Miami to Bimini since that's the straightest and shortest distance from the Florida coast to Bimini, and Fort Lauderdale is actually further north which makes it a longer distance. A bit perplexed. So I found out I misread 93 "kilometers" which is actually 57 miles from Miami and from Fort Lauderdale it's 61 miles. Did you calculate it when you made the trip and got 42 from Fort Lauderdale? That's a significant difference and 20 miles less than from Miami. Weird.
  14. Hatem

    VP DPS trim sender questions

    Check your remote transom switch connector first. Open the cover and check the little black plug connector behind the switch for any corrosion. At the end of the season last year right after I pulled the boat out of the water and was cleaning it at home, I went to lower the outdrive and it got stuck and would keep running in the going down position or the going up position. Turns out the switch in the remote had corrosion at where the wire goes into it and was fried. Bought a new one for $40 and installed it. Check that first (if you have a transom switch) before messing with the REALLY expensive trim sender.
  15. Hatem

    New motor wont start- need advise.

    First thing I would do to be sure it's not a fuel-related problem is get a can of starter fluid and spray it into the intake and see if it'll start and run until the fluid burns out. If it does, then you have a fuel-related problem. Check fuel pressure then go from there. Is it a distributer or an ignition coil pack on that 5.7Gx-i? If it's either or, the next thing is to check your electrical system. Check and see if you're getting adequate spark. You know how to pull out a spark plug and wire and jump it to the negative terminal on the battery? If you don't, I can show you the procedure it's really easy. Try that first. Then check any of the ignition related fuses. If all that looks good, then follow your spark plugs back to whatever system you have on the 5.7 Gxi. There's really simple and very safe tricks with a pair of screw drivers and a jumper able also hooked up to your negative terminal on your battery to test if you're getting enough or any spark from the ignition coil pack, or like I mentioned before, to your spark plugs if you have a distributer. If you have only an ignition coil pack, check the wire from the ignition coil to the ECM. Make sure it's not frayed and you're getting 12vlts from that wire. You can just pull the quick-connect and stick a volt-meter in there. Check the ground wire on the ignition coil pack. Check your crankshaft position sensor. Find the harness wire to it and test the voltage coming out of it to the ECM. If all the above checks out, then it would be time to move to the ECM which Curt mentioned.