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  1. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    I had the link posted but I lost it by accident when I was trying to edit the post for grammar. Dammmmit! Anyway, the title was DRONE CAPTURES CAPSIZING BOAT. I think it was an add for the boat maker themselves that they all do that unfortunately this one went terribly wrong. It's quite amazing. But looking back at that very unfortunate and crazy accident in the video I posted above, check out what this drone captures. I think it was the making of an advertising for this type of boat but you know he was in big trouble prior to what ended up happening. He didn't have that And yesterday with the crazy fog in Boston Harbor that we could actually see from 35 miles north of the city, a ferry runs aground. Boston channels are very strict and you need to stay well within them. While many venture out of them to reach the islands and all that (including yours truly), you're taking a huge chance because there are A LOT of shallow and dangerous spots including shifting sandbars. 4 injured in this. This is what fog in Boston can look like! You really need to know how to use your radar.
  2. Hatem

    What have you "jerry-rigged"?

    That is very cool! At least it works well and that's all that counts. I'm trying to think it there is anything you can add to the chuck of the drill (something off the shelf) that has some teeth or some sort of bite that would dig into the tires a little better but can't think of it ATM. I bet there's something out there. Just tighten into the chuck and let it bite into the tire a little more. looooool, that is pretty funny. If he knew anything about cars he would've known blue smoke is oil burning and WHITE smoke is burning you tires. Clown, lol. Oh I have a ton of cop stories I could go on for pages LOL. Do you have a pic of Camaro? What year is it, 1989 or earlier?
  3. Hatem

    This is for Hatem

    With the disaster that happened yesterday in the above post, I now officially know what a fish goes through when it gets hooked. Too bad I panicked slightly because man that would've been a great set of pics showing a tuna-sized hook find it's way (barb and all) through my left pinky. Couldn't pull it out, of course, so had to cut the skin with a razor to make room for the barb to slide out but man I should've taken pics of that! I think I had a tetanus shot in 2016 but I'll have to check. First time using that floating first aid kit and I couldn't believe all the stuff that comes in it.
  4. Hatem

    It is 8: 25 am.

    Seriously? Well, I'm gonna have to teach you because I don't believe for a second that your bilge is as dry as bone as you so often claim. I think that is the biggest BS lie perpetrated on this forum. You won't even tell us what year and model Chaparral you have and you expect us to believe the dry bilge bull? Pics, It's way too simple, you just right click on the pick, pess copy and paste it. Bagabing! Done. If you're trying to get them off your phone or your pictures albums, you need to upload them on a free image hosting site like what use which is Imgur. Notice how easy it is for me to post any pic I want? Look at this beautiful Pursuit (I think) being worked on at our marina. BING....there's the image. Notice the wood box on the ground? It says Mercury so it must be an engine. And engine that flat? Has to be diesel. m More fun easy posting images JUST for you! That looks like an engine? I meant to ask but I'll be there again and find out a lot more. Look how filthy the bowthruster is. Terrible! But look at the clarity of those pics all taken from my Samsung Note 9. So maybe someday we'll see this Phiblo phantom boat with this miraculously dry bilge ALL THE TIME which I would put $100 on that's it's not even close!
  5. Hatem

    Just cause we have a bunch of airplane lovers

    I think you're right. Nice to have another addition to this thread who's interested in aviation in general. I bet that thing never really opens unless the nozzle has vectored straight down (or is well on it's way) which means the aircraft is in STOVL mode which is much slower speeds below a certain amount of knots that would allow that panel to fold back like a loose Chevy engine cover. Ever see one of those things fold back on the highway?? loool. BTW, how much of this great thread have you been through? Seen any of my airshow pics? Here's a little present for you in case you missed it, taken by yours truly. Take off was ok, but not half as impressive as that of the F-22 which I have a bunch of pics of.
  6. Hatem

    97 Sunesta 232 electric windlass project

    Outstanding! That little bit of cosmetic repair of the gelcoat and cuts is nothing. Well done, looks great. My wife and I went out offshore quite a bit until we reached an underwater dip of 175ft according to GPS and the Smartcraft depth and l used both, the toggle switch I installed (very similar to the same location you did) which is great because you can watch the entire motor work, line move etc. I dropped the anchor all 150 feet (thankfully I had tied off the end really well to the inside of the bow eye and then pulled all 150 feet of line and chain in one shot. The line (because of my limited rode room) got caught and caused the gipsy to spin without bringing in any line. Small adjustment (as well as tighten the cap which was a bit loose) and it ran right back pulling only about 30 remaining feet. I dropped it again and pulled it up and nothing! No tangling or anything. Then I tried it from my helm switch. Dropped all 150ft of line (I chose a 175ft deep area because I wasn't interested in the anchor grabbing anything, just wanted to test the line going in and coming out. I already tested the anchor grabbing and that worked great, although we were in shallow water. Will need to run another anchor grabbing test in something like 30 to 50 feet of water. This time I just wanted to see the motor and rode coiling operation and from the helm switch, both times up and down 150ft with not a single tangle, slip or any glitch. So I was VERY happy with the result. I do want to give my rode more room through a couple of methods I have in mind (don't want to give one of them up just yet) but the other is actually since I will be installing a bow thruster myself this fall-winter-spring, it's location might allow me to remove the current bulkhead wall that limits the space and rebuild it to allow a lot more rode space, I mean A LOT more space and since we're wood workers who have worked with glass laminating and even gelcoat spraying, I can guarantee you the bulkhead will be 1000X better than the current one. So we have a lot more work to do here and should stay in touch.
  7. Hatem

    It is 8: 25 am.

    Take it easy. You know how I feel about people who support censorship, right? I was just trying to get you fellas to add a little more to your posts besides some campfire itinerary. Give it a little more excitement like those skiing pics and things of that sorts. Safe weekend.
  8. Hatem

    This is for Hatem

    I actually had a whole thing typed out for you earlier this morning before I headed out with just the wife this time looking for whales and doing some fishing but then I forgot to press "Submit Reply" and now looking at what I wrote doesn't make sense since we're back lol. Basically what I wanted to tell you is because my U turning is working out great, even though I'm not lined up exactly to pull straight back into my slip but into the guy with the Whaler's slip which is ok. I bump the throttle in revers a couple of times (don't forget I have a single duoprop no twins otherwise I would be Manfred Von Richthofen of backing boats by now). So once I bump throttle back and forward and straighten out a couple of times, I'm finally lined up with my slip except here is the problem! The finger dock is on portside and helm, of course, is on starboard so I can't judge how close I am to the dock to get close enough unless I have my son with me who is an ACE in guiding me in. Here's the stud himself who's so tied up with his new landscaping busy he barely comes out with me or us, sucks! Today, with my wife, she's telling me "go left, no too much, go right, no too much come back I almost jumped into the water just so I didn't have to listen to that @#$%@# anymore! And of course, rubrail took a little smack from the piling because of all this mishmash going on. I even had one of the attendants came running down to help us out of the kindness of his heart but he blew it beyond belief! What those marina kids do is tie off the lines onto cleats as soon as possible. I told him after the whole disaster was over and we were ok that the best thing to do is pull the midship line and boat tight to the dock and that is it! Then wait for me to come out and if he wanted to, grab the radar arch and pull the whole boat, it's really easy and I do it ALL THE TIME when I'm solo. I practically drive the boat in and out of the slip holding the arch. But I digress. What do you (or any others) suggest? A mirror mounted on the top side of the windshield on the portside that I can snap on when docking and pull off when cruising since naturally I wouldn't want that stupid thing hanging out there all the time. Or is there another solution besides "practice makes perfect"? I can't leave the helm to take a look because then there goes the bow and the bow goes regardless! Man is it irritating! Need some good advice.
  9. Right. I have a new one I ran from the bilge ALL the way to the anchor locker for when I ran my wires for the windlass. I snaked it though a bunch of Chaparral clips that are already there for docking light wires etc. So now I have access to running wires all the way from the bilge to the point of the bow. Love it. al I did add additional clips of my own since some of the Chaparral ones where wicked small and just enough for whatever wire ran through it already. But I will be getting inside there, believe it or not, so I can loosen not that bolt you see right there in the middle holding that tub which is actually the bow seating, but a similar setup with laminate I need to grind out to remove my forward ski locker so I can install my bow thruster. What I end up doing after depends on TBD (To Be Determined) since I have a HUUUUUUGGGEEEEAAAAAG center ski locker, I only use that forward one to store the bow and midship fenders when underway. But I can always toss them in the center ski locker and still have room for a rhinoceros to get in there and sleep cmfortably.
  10. No problem. I figured your setup is about as close as mine despite the two boats being slightly different. Some more pics of where the bottom portside arch lands and the relation of its location vs the cooler. So good idea by you to remove the cooler eve though you think or saw the wires behind the switch box. This was you can still access them easier. Starboard side requires a bit more paneling stuff to be taken off.
  11. Hatem

    It is 8: 25 am.

    Most beautiful windlass anchor I have ever seen! And of course, belongs to this amazing 40 or 50 ft Sabre. I can't imagine him trying to back out of that spot! That's the new breakwater the marina built and added a few slips to attract larger boats. It also looks like they used mahogany decking for the new docks.
  12. Hatem

    It is 8: 25 am.

    ^^^^ Now that's more like it, SST. I'll be here in about 1 hour heading out solo today for some fishing with my new lures and my new G3 Vision card all hooked up and updated. It doesn't get any better than this.
  13. Hatem

    Serpentine Belt dust 8.1 Volvo GSi-g

    There must be some aberration here! My name being put aside the Boat Guru of all time? The Dally Lama? A commoner mentioned with Jesus Christ at the same time!? It's like a slave from the city of Argos standing next to Zeus! Just an inside joke, 1 More, nothing against you or making fun of you. Quite the contrary actually. Thank you for the appreciation, it's much appreciated! Wait, that's a bit redundant....oh well, I think you get it. Couple of places actually have them. The first I was told was Power Products that specializes in Volvo marine and Volvo car products and I buy a lot of stuff from their local store and I asked them and they told me they can get that pulley and others in SS. There are others that I forget at the moment but I do have them written down somewhere. They average about $130 per pulley. The other trick I did and since I'm the wrecker/destroyer of the forum, this won't go well so don't do it, ok? I'm just telling what I did just for the sake of your own knowledge. As a woodworked/builder for 30+ years, I took the entire brand new belt and folded it over to compact it a bit more and built a 4-sided birch plywood box exactly the length of the double folded belt but about 1/4" narrower than the belt so that when I put the belt in it, it stuck out the open side by that 1/4". Then and I ran it through my table sander in my shop. It's sort of a jointer that keeps things square but has both, and sanding disc as well as a sanding roller. I ran it on the disc (since you can square off whatever you're sanding) and took off maybe a total of less than 1/16" off of both sides of the belt. I feel the belt is too wide for that one pulley and not just that, next time with the engine off, run your fingers on those sharp lines inside that pulley in my picture. Run then with just a little pressure so you can get a feel of how sharp those #$%$&$% things are. I have kitchen knives that are less sharp than those rings. Then if you look at the inside of the belt which runs along those sharp slats, it's shaped like tire treads. So now you have treads rolling over knives! It's like WTF!? So since I knew I would be replacing that pulley with the SS one, I put it on my drill (prior to painting it) and sanded down those sharp edges with 220 grit sandpaper. Not much, of course, just knocked off that sharp edge (as we call it in the trade) because it's ridiculous how sharp those are and since most of the flaking is right around that pulley, I bet you between the width of the belt and those sharp edges, that's the culprit as long as your alignment is good which mine was on the money. Does this look familiar? You can see a bit of flaking right under that puller and up on the stringer/platform near the battery. I have better pics that show MUCH MORE flaking that I was getting, just can't find them ATM. You can also see the "tire tracks" on the inside of that belt and how they run across those sharp edges on that pulley. I have no doubt that is a contributing factor. So far, I have just about that same amount you see in this pic maybe a bit more and it's coming from that same pulley, it seems.
  14. Hatem

    It is 8: 25 am.

    I post every day with excellent pictures and interesting ones also to go along with the conversation instead of just boring crap about what we'll be doing today at the lake wow that's so fascinating I'm jumping out of my seat! "Woohooo, going to the lake and having a campfire woo #$%$&$% woo hoo! Don't ever include me with the ones that don't even come close to the caliber of the Destroyer, Clops!
  15. Hatem

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    @Denny, is yours the 600 also? Do you know what the exact diameter is on the inside of the gipsy where the line comes through? Is it 44mm? If you get a chance to peak in there tomorrow while you get ready for that fishing trip, would you mind taking a measurement for me? I think the 44mm is the size of the hole and not the actual size of the inside of the gypsy which is what I'm looking for. I'll check mine too first thing tomorrow morning and compare. Do it only if it's not too much of a hassle for you. Thx.