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  1. Rob, looking at those terrific pictures you took and I've always mentioned this on this forum about the hardtop and its design and I think it's the best looking design, shape, style etc. out of all the boat manufacturers out there. I've always said Chaparral nailed it on this one as it's perfect! I don't have a hardtop on my 2010 276ssx but a radar arch and even those were designed perfectly, at least the fixed ones of those years and earlier. It's a bit beefier than the Sea Ray arch which adds to that neat look and matches the hull so much better than the thinner ones on other boats and even the newer Chaps. I think they needed to thin them down because now they're folding them down and all that (which I think is kinda cool and very helpful in not just boating under low bridges and other things like that, but also during trailering, especially long distances. But these hardtops are just spot on perfectomundo! I Googled "White Chaparral 330 2014) and these are some of the images that came up. That hull is just super cool-looking! Had a blue one in our marina for a couple of years but the guy ended up selling it and always admired that thing. But the white, I think, it the best and most appealing color to me. Even with the innovative fork bow, it still is very sleek-looking! You can see the creamy tone to the hull white. Love that contrast to the standard cap and gunnel and most of the interior white which is probably the same on all our Chaparrals. So here's something interesting for you, Rob; this boat seems to have the flushport connections also but they're placed on top of the round-over stern gunnel. This is also a 2014 and he has 3 connections so I'm guessing one of them is the water tank? Probably top one is and then port flush and bottom one is starboard engine flush. But the interesting thing about this is how it's different than yours which of course it's MUCH better where they places yours for several reason, mostly to keep them out of the direct exposure to the elements. Looks like that dude in the above pic is enjoying the Volvo Penta IPS joystick and spinning that thing around in place! lol. How do you like your VP joystick and do you find yourself using all the time to dock?
  2. Ah, ok. That's what confused me, the use of the term "manifolds" or their "rear part" is still (or at least I consider it) part of the exhaust manifold and the elbow or riser (which BTW is also a wrong terminology to use 'riser' for the elbow, but I know why they all do that, so that's understood) is still just the manifold, hence the confusion on my part. But really, they should just call them "elbows" and be done with it. It gets confusing because for example, on my 8.1 -- and because it sits so low in the bilge in relation to the water level outside -- I have to have "extensions" and also in my case, the extensions are long as in 6" before they connect to the elbow to bring that level up high enough. So the term 'riser' would fit much better for those extensions rather than using them as synonyms for the elbows. I guess the elbow does bring the exhaust up a little (in some cases) and then towards the Y pipe. But they should really simplify things. I'm still very curious how Volvo was able to isolate the cooling of the manifolds through the closed system and use the raw water for the elbows and keep the two 'solutions' separated from one another when the exhaust flows right through the two. So there is either a catch valve to prevent any raw water that is being injected into the elbows from back-flowing into the manifold or just the way they connect the hose/tube for the raw water into the elbow is done in a way that it forces the water to exit only, no matter what. Either way, it's quite innovative and I would go as far as to say that it's a plus for Volvo vs Mercury, unless the latter has also developed something similar to limit the corrosion factor to just the elbows and not the manifolds. That's huge IMO.
  3. Great! What a gorgeous boat. I've always liked the all-white Signatures like that and @jeffk's 310 is also all white. But you can see the hull white has a touch of creamy color to it which makes it more interesting, and those flushports right on the stern over are a neat feature. I would still open the hatch a bit to be sure there aren't any leaks when using them to flush the engines. Thanks for the pics, really nice boat, enjoy it!
  4. Yeah that guy allowed the seal pup to get on the boat which I think is ok. It might've been lost and exhausted or in some cases like here in the Cape and other places, it's escaping a shark and looking for shelter. But then it got onto the bench seat and started rubbing it's snout on the guy's legs etc. He ended up knuckle-petting it's throat area a couple of times but that's risky as the thing -- despite the friendly behavior -- could've reacted differently and bit him pretty hard and caused all sorts of problems. But it is tough to resist when you're confronted with such a friendly, wild animal. Those people with the whales were ridiculous. Giving the pup whale a kiss on the snout is like WTF?! lol. And speaking of seals, some of the problems we've encountered here (and I think in many areas with large seal populations) is some of the fish species that fishermen are catching have worms in them. These worms are because the fish are actually eating the seal's feces and one of the main species with that problem is haddock. Some of the local fellas who go out during haddock season and catch them talk about finding worms in them when they're cleaning them out for cooking. The seal population here might end up being some type of epidemic, not only because they're causing the increase in the great white shark population during the summer time, but for the diseases that they carry and it's effect on the surrounding environment. And whales, these pics were taken by a local boater 2 summers ago just outside our harbor, maybe about 5 miles out. This is what worries me is if we're floating around near a school of pogies like those in the pic and then suddenly these fellas decide to have dinner! Their tales alone can cause serious damage.
  5. "In the past" which makes me feel old since that's what I have. But, despite that, I think it eliminates the need for that huge heat exchanger that a lot of the block and other things such as the fuel pump and exhaust elbows depend on, but you certainly have the corrosion issues especially in salt water which comes with their costly replacement. Even so, I think a closed cooling system is always better, as it maintains a better, constant engine temperature. Not that I doubt you at all, but can I ask how you know that the rear of the manifolds are still raw water-cooled? Is there a drain plug there to drain it? And how is it separated from the closed cooling system? The only thing I can think of is that it's an isolated chamber for any spillage or backflow from the elbows where the raw water hose is connected to, because there is no way that can mix with the closed cooling system.
  6. NP. I just looked up the info on the 2014 Chaparral Signature 330 with Volvo Penta engines since I'm assuming you have what, twin 5.7s in your boat? I found this: UTILITY 40 Amp Battery Converter/Charger, 100% Perma Panel Marine Coring (Lifetime Warranty), Aluminum Fuel Tank, Anchor Hull Guard - Stainless Steel, Corrosion Protection System, Electric Horn, Electric Outlets - 120 Volt, Electrical Connectors Are Water Tight And Triple O-Ring Sealed, Extended V-Plane Hull, Fiberglass Hardtop with Exlusive Foredeck Walk-Thru Hatch and Stainless Steel Grab Hand Rails, Fire Extinguishing System - Automatic/Manual, Galvanic Isolator, Heavy Duty Bilge Blowers, Integrated Polished Stainless Steel Anchor Roller with Rope Locker, Kelvar Reinforced Hull Laminate, Lifetime Limited Hull Warranty, NMMA Certified, Premium Hydropel Resin, PVC Rubrail with Stainless Steel Insert, Shore Power with 50 ft. Cord, Stainless Steel Hardware, Including Electro Polished Thru-Hull Fittings, Large Bow and Stern Eye and Flush Pull Latches, Transom Stereo Remote, Trim Tabs - Electric with Indicator Lights, Triple Battery Set-Up with Crossover Switches, Water Heater with Heat Exchanger, Integral Swimplatform with Three-Step Stainless Steel Swim Ladder, https://usa.topboats.com/usa/used-boats/chaparral-330-signature-3 Is that what you have and can you post a pic? Are those in the shore power compartment or are they separately located? Wondering if this is a factory option or if the previous owner had them installed? If and when you use them to flush the engines, I would still open the hatch and observe things while it's being flushed to be sure it's flowing correctly and none of the hoses or clamps are loose and water is getting is spilling in the bilge. The 330 is a beautiful boat, congrats and would love to see a couple of pics.
  7. Why? Look at this beauty (this is a 277 though) but the 257 is identical just a bit shorter even the latest models. Why would you ruin it with a Yamaha blob on the sticking out of the back and the obtrusiveness it would cause, specifically this style of boat? 2nd boat I looked at when I was shopping back in 2014 after the 327ssx and IIRC it had a Merc engine in it, not sure which one. IIt was black without a wetbar just all seats all around and it's always been one of my favorites for a daytime boat. L-O-L!!! Outstanding! Yeah, you need a bigger lake, my friend. Maybe some day you can trailer north and we can hook up and go find Denny and maybe Delaney and check out the Great Lakes and open up all 4 or more boats!!!! Since I know you avoid salt water like the plague looool, so naturally you have a red carpet open invitation to come up here but we're all salty dogs up this way. But if you change your mind, it is an "open" invitation. But I would definitely love to get the 276 into the Great Lakes and maybe even SST and Roady can join us. The only problem is those lakes are so huge that Chaparral owners and members who live at one end and the others at the other end could be hundreds of miles!
  8. He does now as it seems he's edited his posts from 6.0 to 6.2, which is a good thing. Either he was told by one of the salesmen that it was a 6.0 and then read our exchange and your comments and realized it was a 6.2L and edited his posts, or had just made the assumption from the beginning on his own. Either way, it's ok. As long as he has the correct info on which engine it is. So looking at that briefly, it says "heat exchanger to elbows" which would be hard to believe that nothing trickles back down into the manifolds, but it is noteworthy that the VP engineer himself says it right in that video of the 6.0L that the manifolds are part of the fresh water cooling circulation. Maybe there's a check valve between the elbows and manifolds that's supposed to keep those two types of fluids separated? Or the hose for the raw water comes in at a point where it wouldn't backtrack into the manifolds? If raw water still gets into the manifolds, that means it's mixing with the fresh water (which I'm assuming is the antifreeze in the closed cooling circuit, right?) and that's not a good thing, I would think.
  9. Open the hatch, find the lines/hoses where they come in from the stern and follow them to whichever engine. Or you could hook one up, run the water and look at your outdrives to see which one has water coming out of it without the engines on. The water should flow through and out the outdrive and that will tell you. Probably the easiest way to do it BUT, make sure those are flushport connections and not something else!
  10. Yeah but those are non-poisonous snakes, right? They're not like the infamous cottonmouth or any of the vipers etc. I don't know, snake, or whale? I wouldn't mind an encounter like this, just don't decide to jump over the boat! And probably not a good idea to touch them, either, but I know it's hard to resist when they're this friendly. And if mom suddenly gets angry, lookout! lol Friendly young seal comes on board and hangs out close to the owner and even lets him pet him.
  11. Hatem

    Underwater lights

    It looked like you were cruising pretty good on the way back there for a little while. First time I got a good look at that all-white 310, looks awesome, everything except for how it got ruined with the sticker on the transom panel there ugh! So how far did you get before that one engine started having problems? Were you almost halfway or almost back or did it happen shortly after leaving Bimini? Definitely looks like a great time if the weather cooperates. I like the way you put the video together, from start to end of the whole trip and just enough of each portion. I didn't realize you had a triaxle trailer. How do you like it? Sometimes I'm glad I had a biaxle but because of the size of the boat, sometimes I which it was a triaxle since I'm about 700 lbs bellow the max limit of the trailer, but it's probably closer than that with the additional stuff in the boat.
  12. But the OP said the VP option was the 6.0. Are you saying that it's actually the 6.2I now that Chaparral is offering and not the 6.0L? You have the 6.0L in your boat, right? Is that 6.0L VVT L96 in the video I posted a different model than yours? I'm just curious because the designer/engineer narrating at minute 2:46 - 2:58 says the exhaust manifold is incorporated within the complete fresh water cooling system and so there are no corrosion issues and will last the lifetime of the engine. Is that a different model he's talking about? I'm just guessing, here, but I think that the only raw water cooling that comes into the engine is for the heat exchanger on that model, but maybe I posted the wrong one? Not me, even in salt water. Just not a big fan of outboards and prefer to have full use of the swim platform, but to each his own. You'll have to keep us posted as to which one you settled for.
  13. Hahaha, glad you took that the way it was intended. I can see you in one of these, though! I get that every once in a while when at a set of lights with the TA. In my younger days I would take them up for it but not anymore, lol. The older reflexes and such aren't what they used to be and definitely too much to lose should something go wrong and some of these guys out there today are nuts. Do you get challenges on the water? That would be cool, actually. BTW, I've never seen Lake WallenPaupack, but are there areas large enough to open her up for a good stretch?
  14. Hatem

    Underwater lights

    That's a great video, TP. The 250 looks great also. Too bad, but I understand the need to upgrade with the kids growing up. It's a much better reason than just having twofootitis only! And those nurse sharks and ramoras are not too shy, are they!
  15. I hope the open invitation is still in effect because that's definitely on my list, to experience that beautiful fresh water of the great lakes. Might be a shorter trip than to Florida. It would also do quite the flushout on the 8.1 lol!
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