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  1. Who's gonna come up and goin us?
  2. I can't wait to get out there this summer man. Hit the islands, hit the bays, hit Boston harbor, hit the fireworks, hti he Annisquam RIver and meybe even trailer down to Cape Code and Marth Vinyard and Quabbin Reservoir and all sorts of hidden gells.
  3. Hatem

    Transom Seal

    Just be as sure as possible that it is in fact the transom seal and not one of the items that @Bt Docturmentioned. Those are also culprits to many a leak stories and MUCH MUCH easier to replace/fix than the transom seal. You also mentioned that the rock you hit was a couple of years prior to noticing the leak happening, which doesn't sound like it's related to the leaking since it most likely would've started leaking almost immediately after hitting the rock and not a few years later. Take a closer look at the different bellows coming through the transom and see if the leak is in one of
  4. Hatem

    Transom Seal

    If it is in fact the transom seal, then it's a bit more involved if I'm not mistaken. You'll obviously need to pull off the outdrive, then in order to remove the transom assembly unit which has the seal on the back of it and is up against' the boat's transom, you need to un-bolt it off of the inner transom plate (inside the boat on the inside of the transom) which the engine also sits on that plate. Hence why the engine also needs to be removed. The Volvos are just as tedious also. So you have the engine sitting on that inner transom plate (the plate acts as the rear motor mounts for
  5. Speaking of geezers, I hope you and your wife stay nice and healthy throughout this pandemic. Hopefully this year marks a turnaround that benefits all of us and keeps us all healthy and safe until this thing that has destroyed so much in its pathway is finally put to bed once and for all. Have you been vaccinated, yet? Get out there and get it done for you and the Misses.
  6. Hopefully this turns out to be true. Even the best of the best of current bottom paints that are environmentally safe still can't fight off all marine growth like we (particularly us salt boaters who slip all season) would like to see.
  7. Thanks for the correction. Good to know. I think it appeared to me that was when they started with it because of the way they advertised it on the brochure. But it makes sense that method was being used by them before then.
  8. Wow man, WTF happened to this forum, man? It's dying a very slow and painful death with the brutal spamming and lack of decent posting. Shame.
  9. Do you have an access panel to the inside of the arch on the bottom of it or is it one of those two-piece arches? Maybe a pic of the arch would help. Most of the newer ones have access panels on the bottom side of the arch and at the ends where they bolt to the side of the boat to snake wires through either of those.
  10. Ha - ha - ha karma is a biatcha.
  11. Hey TP, don't quit your day job, pal. Oh that ferry is a #$%^$%&$! He comes plowing through the harbor doing at least 50 and those catamarans push off some pretty decent wakes off each one. If you're just still fishing or whatever and have to absorb that wake, good luck. You need to be moving to roll over it nicely. Anyway, saw this on Twitter and poor doggo was holding on to all that poop for a loooooooooong time lmaooo the poor thing finally had to let it go. But then he has the decency to go to the bow and drop all 10 logs but look how fa
  12. Hey Wu, one of the easiest repairs on the boat. I just used 5-minute epoxy and glued all the threaded bolts onto the back of the covers with that epoxy. It's a 2-part resin and hardner you can buy almost anywhere. I get it from Home Depot and there are different lengths of times I believe a 3 minute, a 5 minute and a 10 minute but I'm used to using the 5 and it's an equal amount of the resin and hardner that you have to mix with this type so it's very easy you don't have to figure out how many drops of hardner and all that crap. Gobble a bunch of it onto the back of the threaded
  13. Sorry for the late reply, although I'm a little reluctant to post on this thread now loool. Anyway, I don't think I need to replace the Y-pipe either so it should bring the cost down to a much more reasonable price. I'll eventually get to it.
  14. I'm out of Danvers and slip in Salem right between the House of Seven Gables and the Salem Ferry. Beautiful spot and great access to points north like Gloucester and we head down to Boston many times during the season. It's about a 45 minute cruise under 30 mph and a blast. I've posted billions of pics on this forum of the hahbah and that whole trek.
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