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  1. I have a couple of calipers. I have one that i use a lot doing my woodworking that you probably saw while turning Denny's flag pole, but I also have a much better and more detailed one I use for my carvings and such but it doesn't have a digital readout to give you micrometers etc. They should arrive Monday and so I'll do a step by step process on the mods thread. Or if @Jessedylan doesn't mind, I'll post it on this thread since it's related.
  2. Hatem

    Just cause we have a bunch of airplane lovers

    Nice. Can you pronounce that in Arabic? lol. Their MiG-29 fleet is the older, earlier models like the As & Bs and I think they're retired them but kept the S models active but unfortunately those are still older models as evidenced by the nasty, black smoke those RD-33 engines produced at the time until the Russians finally figured out what the US and French and Brits were doing using "smokeless" engines. Not the newer MiG-29s and specifically the 29M/M2 which is the lesser variant of the newest of that line in the MiG-35. But here's the interesting part - would a low flyby like that ever be allowed by or at any US air force base? I remember back when the Berlin wall fell and everyone was in love with the other and the US sent a squadron of F-16s to either the Ukraine or one of the Russian states at the time and did a swapping of flying in the other's jet and one of the US Captains made a comment that the when the pilot did an inverted flight OVER the runway and the base itself, he was shocked that had that been done on a USAF airbase, the pilot might've been more than disciplined and might've even lost his wings. Safety standards are a lot more stricter and followed in the United States and most European countries than those buying and being trained by Russia. I thought that was pretty interesting stuff. I thought the Viggen (below) had the double delta, not the Drakken? They're both amazing and easy to confuse.
  3. That's really interesting. I guess it has everything to do with what you feel more comfortable with and are more used to doing. Drill holes all the time! The seal was the first thing I noticed since the fluid was dripping out of that location. I raised the drive and took a few more pics. Not sure if I'll be "micing" it (is that a process where you have to take them to a shop and they put it in a special measuring machine for micro measurements?), but I'll keep an eye on the fluid once the repair kit is installed. I think if it was scratched to the point where it would cause a leak, you would see an obvious scouring or some kind, right. This looks more like the seal just had enough. The other side looks the same but I figured it makes more sense to change them both. Billious of blue blistering barnacles still need cleaning.
  4. I've been waiting for a few days now since you posted that last line to see if you end up getting the same treatment as I did, but you never challenged the Fellowship of the Miserable so you were likely not to get anything, lol! Hilarious, the hypocrisy. It's also a real shame that it was done in a super vindictive way instead of proposing a counter argument that can be discussed politely and positively and people can learn. But since there is this personal agenda against yours truly, we have to deal with it and crush it. A bit of interesting information in case anyone is still interested in this topic that was actually hijacked and attempted to be destroyed for personal reasons and nothing to do with subject matter. Part of my licensing to complete my yearly continuing education certification for license renewal is that a whole day out of the five is dedicated to OSHA training and safety standards in the construction industry (sort of a refresher course and any added new safety codes and I've had my license for over 32 years and keep up with all the OSHA safety standards) and one of the oldest codes ( which is actually more of a building code than part of OSHA but for some reason almost always makes it's way into the OSHA class) that used to be a very prominent was this one: "an attached garage structure must to be 4 inches lower than the rest of the habitable house". Meaning you needed a 4 inch step from the garage to the rest of your house. The reason behind that step is to prevent gas fumes that collect low to the ground from parked cars to enter the house. So since the fumes collect at the bottom....read what causes the fumes. Floor Level Old habits die hard. Building codes used to stipulate that the floor of an attached garage be four inches lower than the floor level of the house. The rationale for requiring this little step was that it would prevent spilled gasoline, gasoline vapors, and carbon monoxide from getting inside the house. Today's residential building code does not include this requirement (presumably, cars are less likely to leak these days), which means that an entire house (garage included) can be set on a concrete slab poured at one height. So I look at it as if I have any spilled or leaking gasoline in your boat which is responsible for almost every single boat lighting up and be sure there is no spilled gas mixed with the rain water. What I have is a bit of oily water from oil change spills and very minor, but absolutely no gas leak. So the fear mongering that has permeated this thread is EXTRAORDINARY, especially the comment about the neighbor vacuuming his GAS TANK!!!! WHY THE @#$^#^ would anyone vacuum a gas tank is beyond me and the majority of reasonable people. I will leave it at that and I'm glad you posted.
  5. Thanks, Curt. I would say that replacing the knock sensors on the WS6 and discovering the completely corroded valley plate and cleaning all that mess and replacing the plate was a bit more difficult than drilling that flagpole hole, despite it being at an angle and drilling an approximately 30 degree angle with a holesaw bit into fiberglass using a jig wasn't too bad. Done a lot of crap like that through the decades but interestingly enough, I've never worked on a cylinder. Glad to hear it's relatively easy. Removing and replacing the intake manifold and throttle body (which btw I was strongly thinking of upgrading to a high performance FAST LSXR TB & manifold but just didn't want to put the $ into it at the time) was A LOT more difficult than drilling an angled fagpole. Thankfully I took a lot of pictures before dismantling because I had to refer to them as I was putting everything back together. But thanks for the advice on the cylinder work. I like the idea of a careful and soft scotch brite pad brush up and down the rods. Here is where it's leaking right at the O-ring which if you enlarge the picture, you can actually see it popping out at the bottom which I pushed in and crumbled lol but you can also see it at the top left popping out a little. Some corrosion at the around the interior edge is visible also. I'm guessing the rods are good and not scratched at all, but I'll take a closer look. I always stay away from them when cleaning and tape them when painting, but you never know. You can really see some cracking and drying out of the Orings too. Hey @Jessedylan, sorry your thread took a bit of a nasty turn. Hope you don't mind me posting about my cylinder issue. I won't reply to that last post since insulting comments like that tend to follow me every once in a while.
  6. Talking about YOU waiting 24 hours not the OP.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/331837734371 That's what I ordered. Can you tell if it's a complete replacement on the interior of the cylinder?
  8. LOL! Maybe wait at least 24 hours before saying that? Yeah had to do mine after the first season I got it when it was only 4 years old. Wondering if it was like mine, mounted on the exterior of the outdrive assembly itself? Terrible design by Volvo. I slip mine in salt water every year and I can't power wash that area because of how delicate all the hoses and the gasket is, so I have to carefully and painstakingly scrape all the growth that gets on it. Sucks. Yeah, same here but now I have this leaky cylinder but I'm actually looking forward to it after the intake manifold plate and knock sensors I just did on my TA. That was quite the project but a lot of fun and I've never rebuilt a cylinder before. I don't even know what I bought TBH. I think I have to take out the entire inside of the old cylinder and put in a brand new one, not just change the gaskets and O-rings and all that PITA stuff. Glad you're back and running. When my sender went, the gasket basically went and oil was seeping out of the bottom and mostly resting on the transom assembly shelf.
  9. I'm sure you've figured it out by now but curious what was the issue? Trim sender gone bad? I currently discovered my portside outdrive cylinder slightly leaking even though it didn't show any issues during the season and you can see the seal popping out and a bit of oil spewing out. So I struggled to see whether to buy a whole new cylinder (pretty expensive) or order the repair kit which I did, for both since it was much more reasonable than buying the entire cylinder. Just gotta figure out how to take the old one apart and install the new "guts" in is what I'm guessing looking at it and getting it filled with oil. I would ask if anyone has even repaired one of these but judging by the way people responded to your question, I'm sure we'll figure it out.
  10. Hatem

    2019 is a wrap

    Nice picture. I didn't even know you posted it because that winterizing thread is going berserk and unless you quote me or whomever, won't see it unless I stumble on it like I just did. But your current pooch has an amazing smile on him, you can clearly see it in that pic of him you posted. I had no idea that dog in the gif was an Irish bulldog, just thought it was funny the way dogs behave. On my street, I stop everyone walking their dogs and say hi and pet them and tell them they're not allowed to walk by my house without saying hello and allowing me to pet them. Most are super friendly and lick your face and love the attention.
  11. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Talking about a near miss on another forum on a member who was drifting and fishing and had to get out of the way at the last second to avoid a collision and someone brought up that incredible video I posted earlier that I'm sure everyone has seen already which he said it reminded him of it. I asked if anyone had any information as to where it stands at the moment. Turns out, since it was in Canada, under the Canadian Shipping Act, there were two operators in the boat that ran over the one fishing and both were fined, only. No criminal charges brought about according to the member who answered. He said he had no idea why they didn't deem it a criminal act and charged him under the penal code, which means he/they was fined a certain amount that is probably not disclosed. I'm guessing it was probably a hefty fine.
  12. Hatem

    Yet another winterize question

    Glad to see someone else step up. Exactly. I even empty the exhaust manifolds right after engine is brought up to steady temperature using muffs and not my flushport. I do that just because I'm always using the flushport connection to flush the engine in the slip and even in the driveway. But before starting to run antifreeze through the engine, I just want to be sure the muffs are working and it is circulating and keeping the engine at 160 degrees and maintaining it that way for at least 10 minutes. 5 years on an 8.1 Doing it next week. The only drawback I see in not pulling the plugs is that if there is any sedimentation or crap or whatever (someone mentioned sand) but wouldn't you see that when changing your impeller? I don't see any sand or any foreign material in the impeller housing and let's also not forget that VPs might be different than Merurys. OP is talking about a VP 8.1. Yep. Same thing I said when I mentioned a former Sea Ray mechanic who taught me this method said they did the same exact thing when he was working for a rather large, Boston dealership. Yeah you use up a lot of antifreeze and you never keep it low in the bucket. As a matter of fact, when I end up using about 7 gallons of antifreeze before it's shooting nothing but pure pink out the exhaust, I have at least half the 5-gallon bucket still filled with AF.
  13. Hatem

    Just cause we have a bunch of airplane lovers

    I like it! Very realistic. I like the part where the P-51s are getting ready to take off in the video. When you first open the page and see the French Mirage 2000 wow, one of the most beautiful aircraft ever and I could never understand the dynamics of how a delta-winged aircraft with only flaps and ailerons can be that maneuverable. I mean once they ended the Mirage and started building the Rafale, at least that went to the delta-canard combo and the canards basically acted like the horizontal stabilizer which is a HUGE moveable surface that affects maneuverability. But the Mirage, without any functioning canards was quite maneuverable with just its delta wings. Granted the Rafale took maneuverability to another level, but still, amazing how the strictly delta winged Mirage was so maneuverable and that's the first one that shows up on that page in your link. Speaking of Chinese, their response to the new 5th generation fighter jet is doing rather well. I think they have 28 active J-20s already!
  14. Hatem

    Just cause we have a bunch of airplane lovers

    LOL! Nice slide in there. I know what you mean, they could be props. The Iranians are quite notorious for doing exactly that. As you know quite well lol, I follow military aviation much more than civil but a funny story: you know -- and I'm sure you've heard of the Russian SAM systems the S-300, 400 and now they have developed the 500. The number somewhat corresponds with the amount of kilometers one of those missiles can bring down an aircraft. They also toute them as very difficult to defend against which is a huge reason why Turkey has ordered quite a few batteries of the S-400 which caused the initial rift between it and the US which ended with Congress denying Turkeyand from buying 130 F-35s!!! Yet they're still adamant about buying the Russian system at the risk of losing a HUGE order of supposedly the greatest fighter jet out there. I think the Turks are crazy and are playing a game of chicken with the US. Then back in 2012, the Iranians claimed they had bought the S-300 and the funny part is that they paraded one of them, and we all laughed at them because they were clearly not the real thing and total props.
  15. Hatem

    Just cause we have a bunch of airplane lovers

    Well, I know for sure that the one which looks like the Reaper or Predator that they call the Wing Loong is quite operational. They've sold it to numerous countries (including the motherland which is using it on ISIS trying to infiltrate through the Libyan border and obliterating them with just the few missiles it carries). There's some great footage I have of that I'll post it when I have some time to find it. I swear you couldn't tell if it was an American drone or this Chinese one. The Saudis and UAE have also bought quite a few and their (the Chinese) are designing a UACV which will carry more hardware than the Wing Loong. Also, TP, this is a small effect of how the US (and not to get political about this at all, just an observation and you're more than welcome to reply to it) is the refusal of the US to sell any of their drones except to "certain" allies and in that region, they don't allow anything close to UAVs let alone UACVs and so these countries have been forced to look somewhere else that does not abide by those rules. There's actually a designation to that protocol I just can't think of it ATM. But, they are VERY useful for these countries that not only use them for recon, but for attacks in many isolated, desert regions. 10 countries so far have ordered them and most are using them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAIG_Wing_Loong