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  1. Hatem

    Portable Battery Pack

    I had a starter pack when I first bought the 27 6 and figured better be safe than sorry. 2 house batteries and an engine starting and proper usage of both and I never needed it. Afer a year layoff because of surgery and health issues, all batteries died so I went to test it on the dead batteries and it was dead as @#$%@# itself lol. Pulled the truck right upside the boat and jumper cables jumped the boat right up. Ended up upgrading the batteries and chucking the pack.
  2. So wait, what are you saying that it's made to drive with the platform submerged? Tying to figure out if that's what you mean, but I think those are meant to come up before any type of cruising is to happen. Then stop, even shut off engines for that platform lowered and fun starts and when it ends, it's raised, engine on and then next destination but I dont think they allow you to drive it with the platform down. As a matter of fact, for safety reasons they'll probably have the engine rigged so you cant turn it or props on unless it's all the way up and locked also. Unless i misunderstood you and you meant it would be better if they allowed you to do that? You know the famous Blyman Bridge thread, right? That would be the ONLY TIME I would need to lower my radar arch with radome and bimini is if we just happen to be there at the right time of tide where we could sneak under it and most of the time, we wait a maximum of 10 minutes for the bridge to go up and we got full clearance. About a month ago, I radioed the bridge operator and asked him what was the clearance (because tide was unusually low? And he said 15ft. So I had my son lower the Shakespeare antenna and keep an eye and we had plenty of clearance as he watched to be sure the radar made it, but we had an extra 2ft to spare. Other than that, absolutely no need whatsoever and if I had a garage I needed to get it in, wouldn't be a problem for this builder to raise the opening and door as long as the inside ceiling is high enough. Plus I posted a video of that thing when it first came out and it was rocking 2 inches side to side at planing speed lol. I think that was the Boat Test video so that makes you feel a lot better about the durability of that mechanism. Hopefully they've improved on its strength A LOT more since that one video. You know how close I was to upgrading to a 327ssx in 2015? All I had to do was sign the paperwork and send a deposit on a brand new '15 with twin 8.1s like yours with EVC and VP joystick. My wife and son said why, we love what we have and it's fully paid for, what's the need with such short seasons and they were 100% right and glad I listened to them. I installed the windlass and it's like a dream anchoring that boat now. Next is the bow thruster and it'll be even better. So I totally agree with you there. The jump will need to be a HUGEEAAH one like to an Azimut 45 or 47! but honestly, as much as I love boating, having a boat if that magnitude will center your life around it and we have other things to enjoy.
  3. Hatem

    How would you address this leak?

    Well that is certainly good news that can help you feel a bit better for the rest of your day.
  4. Hatem

    How would you address this leak?

    Yep, that's why I mentioned in my first post that if that is the case, then there is quite a bit of water logging going on because those are solid stringers. They just don't allow water to travel though them until they get to a point where they are completely saturated and every time water gets to the water-logged wood, it's very easy to travel and I truly hope that's not the case like I also mentioned. Definitely take it out for another spin to be sure you sealed the brackets and we know that part is taken care of. Them we can address whether in fact there is that much water logged in the transom that it has made it's way to the stringer. I personally think you have poorly glassed stringers and the water collected in the bilge through the years has found it's way through one of those bad spots and gotten to the motor mount. That's your best scenario otherwise, a wet transom does not dry out very well and needs to be fixed and that is a major project. Lets mentally voodoo it out and hope the transom is ok and it's what I'm thinking. Absolutely and that means there's A LOT of water in those stringers leading up to the starboard motor mount and we don't want that! Try the moisture meter first if you like. But like I mentioned, once you get to the point where we know where the water is coming in from, you'll want to fix that motor mount, right? So the crack will at least need to be opened up to see how much rotted wood is in there and how far back does it go and by the time you take off enough glass on the mount and it's still saturated, either keep removing the glass or drill a few holes at certain increments to see if the wood shavings coming out are wet or dry. If you get to one that is dry, then we have some idea of how far back the rot is and I'm not talking about using a 6" hole saw to drill a hole all the way through (just kidding with you), I'm talking about a 1/4" hole about 1/2" deep. If it's wet it's gonna need fixing anyway and if it's dry, it's a wicked easy fix that I can easily show you how to do it that will last as long as the fiberglass' lifespan.
  5. Hatem

    How would you address this leak?

    Yeah like I mentioned, you need to be sure where that leak is coming from and like I said, hard to believe it's coming from the swim platform bracket and think about it for a second how much traveling will that water need to do to get from the transom swim bracket bolts to a front motor mount? And by judging at this picture... ...that could have a ton of water in it or just a tiny bit and the transom brackets are a separate issue. And don't be afraid to drill a 1/4" hole in there it ain't gonna kill it or hurt it because either way, you're gonna have to grind out that crack and see how far back the rotted wood is. So a hole or two is not a problem and is actually a way to test to see if the rot is expanding. Again, it also depends on what climate you're in. If you're in a warm climate (like I mentioned in my previous post) then you don't have to worry about any freezing yet. Long way before that ever happens lol. So I would definitely try to rule out the transom brackets but no way to find out unless you actually take it out, right? So do that and then immediately address it. EDIT: Do you have a picture of the top of the motor mount and is it being crushed at all? Post a pic of the top of the motor mount if you can.
  6. Hey man, it was nice seeing you at the New England Boat show, my friend. Hope you're doing well and you guys are selling boats off the shelf! Sorry we didn't get to chat for a while as we were really into looking at some of the new elements Chaparral is doing with these new boats and the quality of the build. That's a beauty of a boat. Not a huge fan of those hydraulic swim platforms only because it's more systems to maintain and keep from breaking down, but great to have if you have a handicapped family member or a pooch that would help either get up instead of using the ladder. But what a gorgeous boat and very appealing to me. The only other thing I don't like about these new Chaparrals is the folding arch. I just have a problem with the strength that a hinged connection gives out over time, but they seem to be very popular with guys buying these new boats, lately. Looks fantastic. It's interesting because it's essentially the latest version of my 276ssx and it has come a long way.
  7. Hatem

    How would you address this leak?

    Hard to believe that is the source, my friend. The stringers don't get wet unless there is water getting to them, so how is that happening? So you think that the swim brackets were the source of the leak (which is not uncommon, BTW, we see that A LOT on this forum) but for the water to enter from the swim brackets, then travel all the way through whatever hull material you have on the 2004 220ssi transom all the way to the motor mount stringers seems either unlikely or that it has been going on for a very long time and that hull and stringers are quite water-logged. That means the hull material from the transom, down to the bottom of the transom and bottom of the hull where the stringers attach or meet are soaked and that water then finds its way about what, 5 ft all the way to the motor mounts means the stringers are completely soaked. Usually the more common way these the motor mounts get that way is the bilge itself accumulates enough standing water to get through any bad cracking in the gelcoat and lamination in the bilge itself at the stringers (and depending on if the water gets high enough to the motor mounts) then begins soaking them for a very long period of time until the woof swells enough to crack the fiberglass lamination that you're having. I doubt this is coming from the swim platform brackets TBH unless the scenario I outlined before is what is happening, which means you have a very water-logged transom and stringers all the way to the motor mounts. I don't know what part of the country you are in, but if you have winterization to do, then go ahead and put it in the water and see what happens and enjoy the next month and a half of boating and then let it dry for a long time. But if you're in a warm climate, I would still put it in the water if you're curious but I'd get it dried up asap and then strip as much of that glass around the motor mount crack as you can and see how far back it leads you and if the stringers that the motor mount is siting on is rotted all the way to the transom, because that would be the case if your prediction of the source is correct, unfortunately. Fixing all that will depend on how badly water-logged the stringers are and if you want to fix them with new ones which means engine comes out, stringers come out and all new stuff put in. But either way, that boat needs a long time to dry and maybe several holes drilled in several areas to see how much and how far the water is logged in that transom and stringer, not just the motor mount.
  8. Hatem

    Oh no Mr. Bill !!

    Yeah mine wipes such a small percentage of the windshield that the only way it would be effective is if I'm sitting on the seat (not the bolster where I am 98% of the time) and even then, it seems like it wipes such a small area that I would still need to get up and look above the windshield. So I have to pull the boat out sometime during the week next week to get ready for my trip to Cape Cod and this will be the first time I do it with the windlass. I'll have to take off the anchor and back the trailer in further than usual and do a few tricks here and there to get the thing over the winch roller, including pulling the winch roller further up. The thing I've been dreading for a while now is finally here. Then I'll have to do it again a week later!
  9. Hatem

    Port engine stall/drive seize

    Great news! And the new Simrad GPS and radar can get you out at night nice and happy and safe. Just gotta keep an eye out at the other guys who cant see you. Good news.
  10. Hatem

    Port engine stall/drive seize

    Been meaning to ask you how did you end up making out? I'm assuming they weren't able to get you out that weekend you were looking to? There's still some time unless your marina gives the early boot for haulouts? Honestly, I'm a bit surprised he said that nothing should be done to the portside drive with that movement that it had. I would think outdrives operating off joysticks should be tight and in perfect sync. Hope it's going ok.
  11. Hatem

    1990 Chaparral 1900 SL

    Hey now worries. I am partial to boat repair as far as body is concerned than actual engine work which bores me beyond death, if there is such a thing, lol. Sometimes I find some things interesting but I think it has a lot more to do with the repetitiveness of the same problem by different members on this board. I figured I had the right boat since it was on a listing but you'd be surprised how many people actually get those wrong. And I got you on Clopadpadus (my nickname to him which he's never mentioned if it offends him or not but it sounds like he likes it, so I continue to use it! LOL) Let us know how far you get to exposing that gaddam engine and BTW, bash Volvo all you want (even though that wasn't what you were doing) because wait until you get a dose of my Mercury bashing. It's like none other you'll ever see lololo! I'll be interested if and how you manage to get that center console out as I'm sure it's held with brackets, screws or bolts or a combination of all. Cheers.
  12. Hatem

    1990 Chaparral 1900 SL

    Hahaha, don't take the things Cyclops says too seriously. Some here are strictly "Go get it serviced by a pro" and some of US are more DYI'ers. I tell you, though, because it's quite an old boat, you won't find many here with such experience working on those oldies, even the guys with older boats that do all (or most the maintenance) themselves like @Denny and his isn't even that old have their limits where they will seek professional help but it would be most helpful to show pics of what you're talking about. Probably can't use the attachment of your files because this forum doesn't support large files, so best way is to upload them on a free image hosting site and that automatically turns them into jpg format where you can easily copy the link and just past it right into the quote box, kinda like what I'm about to do right now off of Google and images of a 1990 1900 SL. This is the boat? The back seats are definitely removable but you just have to find the way they screwed or bolted them in. Usually at the bottom of the cushion just barely hidden by the cushion itself and then a bracket at the top where it slides in. They might've changed methods since but keep looking and try staying off your chest as much as possible or put a pair of soft pillows under yourself so it lessens the pain. @Drew would know a lot more than I would since he had a very similar year and style boat. If this is the same style boat, looks like the portside seat cushion is missing in this pic so those must be removable and then that center console most definitely either gets unscrewed or unbolted and then you might have to deal with those carpet-covered side walls to exposed the engine a bit more. Hopefully Drew will chime in and let you know exactly how to access that engine.
  13. Hatem

    This is for Hatem

    So I backed in a little too far at Home Depot even though my rearview camera was ringing a few more inches and because the truck sticks out so far, I try to get it back as far as possible but that's where I stopped. I don't think my Chaparral hitch cover got damaged from this, here since after parking I went out to see how far back I was since my rearview camera was indicating I still had another foot or maybe less. This looks more like someone at a recent restaurant either pulled in or backed in too far and didn't leave a note like an honest person would. Shame, now I need to order a new one from Joe at Cecil.
  14. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    So this jet skier made a very bad decision and you know how they always like to catch your wake. I think that was what he was trying to do but instead of catching the wake, he turned way too early and caught the boat's bow! In another video, the guys in the boat came back and one of the dudes dove out of the boat to rescue the jet skier and saved his life since he would've probably died according to the reports on his injury. I think because I can't find the actual entire recording from the house that was video taping, the news edited the collision because supposedly it was pretty graphic, but this is the best video of it on YT that I could find. Scary stuff.
  15. Hatem

    Oh no Mr. Bill !!

    Awesome. That boat has every single possible modification except for one that I can think of that you probably don't need, despite having an Alpha drive. What else can you add to that beauty of yours? Speaking of my trip in a couple of weeks to Cape Cod, specifically Chatham to see great white sharks, I had a kink develop or a rock thrown at it (whatever the proper saying is for that when your plan is thrown for a loop, oh yeah, that's it!). Since my son is embroiled in his new business and they're getting ready for fall cleanup, he might not be making this trip with me and my friend Jonsey who was definitely coming with me fell asleep behind the wheel coming home late from visiting his mom at her house and it was quite the drive (very long distance) and he was so tired the poor guy that he fell asleep and veered off the road and plowed dead center into an oak tree. Worst is he doesn't have collision so the tree is covered or anything he hit but not the totaled 2005 Ford Explorer that was in fairly mint condition. Needless to say, the poor guy is very depressed and doesn't feel like taking this trip even though I told him it would help him get his mind off his issues and the repression of the crash, but he's not having any of that. So it looks like a solo trip which makes it even more challenging! Hope we can pull it off. I was told by local fishing guys who have spotted MANY this year that the best way to find them is cruise the shore line back and forth. So that's what I'll do and maybe, just maybe It would be great to see something like this: Or I'd be really happier with just something like this: If only I could tap in on this spotter plane's CB lol! I would enjoy this type of encounter much more.