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  1. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Here's the full video to that sailing boat incident. A bit tough to watch these older fellas struggle with the jib in headwind like that. Plus it doesn't appear they had an outboard mounted to get themselves out of that situation faster. Apparently they pulled out of the harbor and realized it was way too windy and furled the main sail and tried to go into the headwind with just the jib, which is pretty much an impossibility as you have absolutely no control of the bow. That sailboat got destroyed. Luckily no one was hurt badly.
  2. Hatem

    Towing a 274 sunesta

    BTW, @ColdOne tows his 276SSX with an F-150 5.4 Lariat. I don't think he's ever had any issues and that's a pretty heavy boat, I think just a little heavier than the 274 Sunesta.
  3. Hatem

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Oh, well that's a good thing. For us kinda fellas, we wish they gave us more information so we know exactly what they did and what was going on and why and when and by whom. Busybodies. I even tried looking it up and nothing on the paint issue, but something else. Here's the service bulletin they sent out but there's no date for it (I'm guessing sometime around 2009) and they say nothing about why they're replacing it and what exactly did they do to fix the problem. Pretty interesting. https://www.perfprotech.com/blog/tech-articles/new-mercruiser-gen-iii-cool-fuel-module-service-bulletin The above link on the service bulletin explains some of the changes which were with the hose fittings and those have been changed, this link also says the same thing and the focus is on the cooling hose fittings which break because they're thing and the result is the cooling water leaking into and mixing with the fuel and then causing the problem with the fuel rail and injectors etc. Nothing about the paint whatsoever. I find that very strange. Were there two separate problems? I know one problem is that there are too many gaddam generations with Mercruiser! Perhaps this was the first problem in 2009 and this paint issue is more recently. What do you think? Chimicles & Tikellis is investigating possible class action claims against Mercury Marine arising out of alleged defects in New Gen III Cool Fuel Modules, used on most Mercruiser engines since at least 2009. Mercruiser’s Cool Fuel Modules have reportedly been plagued with problems since they were introduced. In 2009, a new gen version was released which changed the Cool Fuel housing design to utilize screw-in plastic fittings to which the raw water cooling hoses attach. The threads tapped into the aluminum housing extend much further into the housing than the plastic fittings, however, leaving a section of the threading that is exposed to raw water. Because the walls are thin where the excess threading is located, the aluminum housing can leak cooling water into the fuel side of the housing. This sometimes appears as white spots on the fuel side of the housing at the location of the threading. When water leaks into the fuel side of the housing, it can cause the low-pressure and/or high pressure fuel pumps to fail, as well as potentially causing damage to rails, injectors, and other engine components. If you have experienced fuel pump failure or water leakage with a New Gen III Cool Fuel Module, we would like to hear about your experience. Please fill out the “Email us about this Case” form below. https://chimicles.com/mercruiser-mercury-marine-cool-fuel-module-defect-lawsuit/
  4. Hatem

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Aside from finding out if the new pump is also painted inside or not, has anyone ever found out why they painted them in the first place? Considering this is a common problem, you would think they've made changes and did away with painting the insides. The one in the video I posted (which I think is the same one on TP's engine) looks like it's made out of some type of PVC/plastic so why would they paint it? Many gas tanks are plastic so that shouldn't be the issue. Unless the internals are aluminum and they need a protective paint? I'm prerty sure the Volvo pumps (which are also painted inside) are aluminum, even the high and low pressure canisters so painting them seems to make some sense. Why not make them out of some high-strength plastic and no paint?
  5. Hatem

    Need help replacing coupler to Bravo 3

    And it will. You've had a rough stretch there to no fault of your own, but give yourself some credit, too. You dug your heels in and took on some pretty difficult work, there. It sounds like you've done an amazing job. Things are bound to turn around and I bet you'll have a great season coming up.
  6. Hatem

    Buffalo NY Boat Show this weekend.

    Went to the New England show last week. Posted a few pics on the cruisers thread. Nothing new really trending, just most of the stuff that's been around the last couple of years. A lot of center consoles that seemed to have more interest than any other types. Obviously they sell the most out of all boats so they'll always be hot. There were some really cool pontoons. West Marine had a booth which they haven't in the last few years. Chaparral was represented by a Connecticut dealer and most of the models they were pushing were the newer surf/ski/wake and H20/Suncoast more than the SSX or other lines. No Signatures at all. Sea Ray's exhibit was EXCELLENT as usual. Take some pics.
  7. Hatem

    Anyone have these?

    I saw some cool, new docking shtufff at the New England boat show last week, I wish I took some pics of these things, but I'll try to describe them anyway. I think these people were local to Massachusetts but not sure, but they just invented these buckets and are trying to work with West Marine to promote and sell them and I thought they were pretty ingenious. They basically took the same rubber material that fenders are made of and designed these buckets with a flange on the top that you would screw/bolt into the top of the dock platform in certain areas and the buckets themselves are about 1/2" thick rubber and are made to hold the fenders. So all you have to do is put the fender in it and you can park the boat up against it. Then when you leave, pull the fender out of the bucket and throw it in the boat and you're off. It was genius and of course, my son and I thought to ourselves why the @#$^#^ didn't we think of this!? Even without the fenders in the buckets, you can back the boat right into them and they flex and stop the boat gently without any damage, just like a fender does. The best part is you don't have to worry about tying off the fenders and all that aggravation AND, the buckets also keep the fenders out of the water so they stay clean and don't get that wicked annoying marine growth on them. Really thought it was fantastic. Kicking myself for not taking any pics of them.
  8. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    That would be my worst fear in that situation, having the boat slam and pin you up against one of those pilings. It's a little hard to watch because you know those people are kinda learning and didn't expect that wave to do that to the boat. I'll never forget our first year with the boat and getting caught in a quick-moving storm that suddenly produced 6-footers and I had my family AND my brother in-law's as well in the boat and at several occasions, it felt like we were vertical coming off a few of those waves. Then the boat slamming back down in the water was frightening as @#$^#^. I learned all about quartering waves that day. Funny how you end up doing what you think is best during a moment of panic and then find out later that it is actually a learned technique.
  9. Hatem

    Water in bilge

    Yeah, you definitely don't want to do that. Good thinking. That's a good idea to do that because then at least it can help you determine if the work done on the steering pins with the aftermarket kits was done correctly or not. There could be a slight chance that the cutout made on the transom housing was not sealed correctly with the new cover & sealer and water is still getting in through one of the two worked areas, especially being that the location of that steering pin & cutout is right at the water line in most of these boats with the B3. So when you're putting around at wake speeds, you're not pushing the stern down low enough to have water accumulate around that area. But once you punch it, the top of the outdrive housing sinks a bit lower as the stern drops and it has a lot more water exposure. So that's a good thing to at least try.
  10. Hatem

    Chaparall transducer placement I/O

    Much easier than the thru-hull I descried for you. You should have directions with the package that you buy.
  11. Hatem

    Towing a 274 sunesta

    Which one do you have, the Sierra? According to this towing capacity chart for GMC vehicles, you should be all set towing a Sunesta 274 if you have either the Canyon on up. What year is the boat also?
  12. Hatem

    Does anyone own a Sunesta 274??

    What does it have for upgrades?
  13. Hatem

    Chaparall transducer placement I/O

    I'm assuming it's a thruhull transducer and not one of those outside, transom-mounted units? If so, typically those are mounted through the bottom of the hull at the nearest point to the boat's center of gravity and close to the keel. Usually the COG on our style boats is forward of the engine and near the forward engine compartment bulkhead. If you can safely get under the boat while it's on the lift, then it can be done. You'll have to drill the appropriate - sized hole, put a bead of caulking/sealer on the flange, slide it through the hole and hold it in place while the other person inside the boat does the same thing with the washer and nut and tightens it. Then connect your wiring. Make sure you put the right type and amount of caulking and tighten it well. You don't want it to leak for obvious reasons.
  14. Hatem

    Improvement of steering

    And a couple nights prowling and dining South Beach.
  15. Hatem

    Seat disassembly

    Can you unscrew those two brackets right there? It looks like maybe those are holding that particular cushion in place to the frame. Try looking underneath, also. Sometimes they screw the cushions from below the frame directly into the bottom of the cushion seat which should be a solid material, like plywood or something. There's definitely a way to remove it. Welcome and BTW, your English is perfectly fine.