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  1. Hatem

    This is for Hatem

    On the subject of working in the automotive industry for 50 years which BTW, Denny, is quite the feat in of itself so congratulations on such an amazingly consistent career that not too many can claim, check this out which pertains to forum subject and boats etc. My son and his partner just bought this trailer rig for their Bobcat and other landscaping machinery to haul around to their different jobsites and they pulled up to the house a couple days ago to show me and I was quite impressed. Not only did I really like the brass-colored chains and the fact that they had crisscrossed them like you're supposed to do... But check out this new sensor that is mandatory by law now in the state of MA for all trailer hitches to have this electronic disconnect mounted on the hitch to notify you should there be any disconnection whatsoever. Ever seen this and has it become law in Ohio yet? I was intrigued by it since I haven't had it requested on any of my equipment but I haven't bought anything new like this and I wonder if they will make this mandatory for boat hitches? Not sure if this has been posted already and if it has, I apologizefor bringing it up again but I found it pretty interesting. Next time I'll take pics of the inside the cab and what it's connected and what device is in there and if it's just a red light warning or if it actually sounds and makes racket. But it is law in MA now to have this disconnect sensor on trailers, just not sure about boats but I would guess the same would apply. He did have the other end of the wire hooked to the chain which I questioned and he did find out that you actually have to have it hooked to the trailer hitch itself (not the chain) since that would be the breakaway point and trigger the sensor.
  2. Outstanding. I have a pair of uncles who flew the MiG-21 in combat many decades ago. I'm not surprised you didn't get a warm welcome. These types of problems are serious headaches for dealers because of several reasons. First being who's going to pay for it. So we've been hearing many similar stories on this forum about this similar type of thing and the results are mixed. Some say the dealer talked to Chaparral, settled the issue and took full responsibility and made the repairs and actually did a good job. Most of the time, though, we hear the opposite and I think the because of the frequency of complaints about these specific problems with cracks and gelcoat repairs, Chaparral and mostly the dealers get very overwhelmed and they try to do whatever it takes to shy away from even looking at the problem. But, if it were me, I would make the appointment with the dealer and take it in and have them look at it under the condition that it was originally bought from there. I don't think it matters that you are the 2nd owner and I don't think you should pay for a warranty transfer. Those are almost always automatic as long as they are within the warranty period. So maybe do that as soon as possible before you get a surveyor involved since that will cost you a good chunk of change out of your own pocket and you can avoid that for now. If they give you trouble and go the route that you caused this, show them how it's on both sides in almost the same identical place and try to find out about any inside stresses from bulkheads placed there so that if you do see them, you can point them out. Best of luck and keep us posted.
  3. Hatem

    Yacht Device install on a 2005 Volvo GXI-E

    BAD ADVICE and yet another dangerous mistake that could've cost someone unnecessary money and hurt someone? This is just hilarious. I guess not LMFAO! Maybe next time don't be so quick to give bad advice. No comparison between the two. One was so full of himself and mistakably sure, while the other only asked if you were sure and to double check first. A much more prudent and precautionary approach. Now I don't blame you at all for being parsimonious about investing in all of this. If you need 2 Gateways just to connect the engines, who knows what else you need to incorporate the two or does it stop there? I'm sure you've researched it and it would be interesting to know if once the two gateways are set up, it would be normal procedure from there on or would you need additional junction boxes and or adapters or whatever. And what screen would you use for this if you did it? Would you use your current GPS or add an additional MFDS which I've recently found out a lot of people do and use them both to share all sorts of data between them.
  4. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    I think that's pretty much the only way something like that can happen, right? A lot of guys out at the same time reported huge swells, I forget the numbers but some predictions were in the 10 to 15 foot high swells but usually swells, even close to each other wouldn't cause such a thing. This had to be a major wave that just timed right with the boat to cause it to flip stern over bow. That's some scary stuff. Then knowing there are great white sharks in those waters in large numbers must've been quite frightening. Hopefully they were able to get up on the hull and sit there out of the water until rescue showed up. I have my EPIRB set up and it's a floater so it once it gets ingulfed in water, it knows the boat is sinking and it automatically separates, activates and floats. I feel much better with that but when I was at West Marine the other day, I'm looking at all the new, compact ones they have and I can't believe how small they've become.
  5. Hatem

    Looks like water in my lower unit oil

    That was the greatest, 14 second video I have ever seen, SST! So are you back in the water after the end of that video and everything is good to go? Boat looks GREAT as usual but I still think you need custom HG Flat mount which I would be happy to do for you, just send me a design you like and what kind of wood you want to use and I'll whip one up for you in no time.
  6. Hatem

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    These are not mine, but a collection from several other boating forums on this unit to show its FULL CAPABILITIES as per the title of this thread. This should show you that you can get A LOT more out of your unit no matter which one it is. Some side-scan shots that look pretty decent/ Now this is sonar detail that you can only get with an GCV 10 CHIRP at 800 kHz, but look at how outstanding it is even for fresh water boaters who would like to have these features. And of course you could hook up your Ipod to the 741XS and probably most other 700+ series models and use that for your tunes. You can run Ipod and Bluetooth and have their full functions and control on the screen. You can run your Ipod while underway and change the music from XM to Ipod to FM to bluetooth to anything all from the touch screen that's already in front of right there in front of you. One touch and its back to the chartplot screen. Many other things we'll list later.
  7. Hatem

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    I'm glad you're the only one still here and not too affected by the childish behavior going on and even from me, I admit it since I have the manhood to admit unlike others. So I truly apologize to you and others reading this thread that is still great and filled with excellent info that would've had a lot more back & forth had the nonsense not happened. It's a shame they succeeded in that and others are afraid to participate because of that, so kudos to you 100x for posting occasionally. I do to the this pace as part of my Mass Audubon volunteer service and we do a program called "Winter Raptors" where we drive a bunch of people who subscribe to the program (usually fills 2 days with 3 vans) to all these certain areas in Massachusetts that are knows for certain types of birds of prey and one of them is this place. But because this trip is in winter, hence "Winter Raptors," there are a lot more eagles at that time because they include the migrating ones from Canada and Maine. This time of year will only have the year-round residents which from the info we have gathered through the years of research and counting is about 5 pairs. There could be more scattered further away from the island itself but we'll see. With raptor (or even just any bird watching), you can spend 12 hours and see absolutely nothing or in 10 minutes, see things that you never thought you would see in your lifetime. I'm bringing my Canon 70D in case we see one flying I can get a good shot of it and yes, absolutely I will post it. I'll post a pic of a close-up snowy owl that my friend Norman is licensed to catch, tag, install a transmitter device and release. Talk about beautiful pictures. EDIT: BTW, HERE IS THE WEBSITE FOR ALL GARMIN UPDATES AND SUPPORT IF YOU NEED ANYTHING SHORT OF CALLING THEM DIRECTLY. https://www8.garmin.com/support/nosoftware.jsp
  8. Hatem

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    Maybe in your mindless wet dreams lol! You got the floor wiped with your face on radar thread and the electric switch and so many others, waaaaay too many to list as well. Keep dreaming, just don't wet your pants all the time. Dude you just looked like the joker of the century just now when you were so busy going after me with anything you could find you exposed yourself for not knowing the difference between bread crumb trails and setting waypoints LMFAO! Now I could sail with that and clean the floor AGAIN, but frankly, I'd rather move on. I'll wait for your comeback although we'll be out all day today God-willing safely boating and looking for a particular destination.
  9. Hatem

    Why water goes in here

    lol, yep. Pull it out and all kinds of nasty stuff from the bilge comes pouring out lmao.
  10. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    lol, you know some will say that for the most part these animals will only be inquisitive and come and check you out and when they find out you're human and not a fish by either looking at you or taking a little nibble that doesn't taste right to them looool, check this really quick video out that puts all those theories to sleep! These are aggressive creatures and will take the right opportunity to make you pay. So this guy is Greg Skomal, he's the head of the great white shark conservancy and he's been the one researching all these whites here in the Cape and installing transmitting buoys and counting them and he's also part of the director's board at the New England Aquarium which gives him a lot of this authority to go out looking for these animals and harpooning tags into them. Well, guess what, a shark that gets a tag harpooned into it -- even if it's at the lower dorsal part that apparently doesn't really hurt them -- is probably going to get quite pisssed off and isn't that like the last thing you want to do to a great white shark, pisss it off? So not sure why this GW acted the way it did in this video but my guess is that Skomal tried to harpoon it before and either missed or whatever, but essentially pisssed it off royally. So it tried to return the favor and watch what this thing did! It's truly incredible. I don't think anything like this has ever been recorded and funny how they didn't talk much about this specific behavior of the animal.
  11. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Wow, very cool, Waterfun. Thanks for posting that. Crazy, granted that one was swamped so no fault of the owner, but it seems to me that those center consoles are so fast and maneuverable and think newbies to that style boat get a bit complacent about how far they can push them. But in the Monomoy one, the biggest discussion ATM is how does a boat flip over stern over bow?
  12. Hatem

    Yacht Device install on a 2005 Volvo GXI-E

    No one would argue that point! Must be a fun job. Anything military-related is just awesome and the US military has the latest and greatest. Protecting them is paramount. LOL! That is hilarious but very understandable and I've been there, done that. Question for you, are you sure you need two gateways, one for each engine? Maybe that is a requirement for the 2006 models but I have seen several twin VPs hooked up with a single Gateway. Take another look at that again and find out for sure because I'm getting it and we should do it together on a thread and have some fun. BTW, big congratulations on the wedding coming up! Awesome times. We've (Cindy and myself) have been married for a little over 30 years. Starts out great, then gets a bit difficult but then a system settles in on its own and works great. At least that's what happened with us. Yeah, I found out the first season I bought the boat that using it to its worth, you have to give up a lot of the extra curricular activities which is VERY DIFFICULT to do in he summertime.
  13. Hatem

    Why water goes in here

    Honestly, he's right. All the other gentlemen who said it's a "ski locker" are right, and just incase that term is ufamiliar to you (I don't mean that as an insult) is because the manufacturer calls it that so you can store your skis and such equipment in there. I don't ski so I store most of my fishing rods, hooks, gafs and cleaning brushes in there but I'll tell you why he's right. When I first bought my boat (276ssx), about a year later I was inside there laying on the floor trying to disconnect the vacuuflush tank to remove it and empty it and clean it and then put it back. But then looking around, I saw a water mark about a foot high all the way around the inside walls of the ski locker. I was like WTF is that!?!?! There was water in here at some point? And the boat was practically brand new 3-1/2 years old with only 40 hours on it so I thought maybe the boat sunk at one point and they changed the motor and cleaned it up and I had bought a boat that had sunk!!!! I freaked out and called the seller and told him and even sent him pictures. He laughed a little and told me that the previous owner would fill the ski locker with lake water and use it as a fish tank to put all the fish he caught in it until he got to port, took them out and then opened the plug and drained the water out the bilge and out the butt plug. Needless to say, I was quite relieved. So that is essentially what the salesman was saying to you. If water is getting in there, then you must be doing some pretty heavy duty and aggressive boating (nothing wrong with that at all) and a lot of water is coming on board and overwhelming the floor deck drains which are supposed to drain the water OVERBOARD and instead are looking for the nearest point to drain down into and that happens to be your ski locker. Make sure that if any water gets in through that hole, that it drains either overboard or into the bilge. Can you see below where that drain hole goes to? Either way, easy fix that might take you half a day depending on your skills but really not a huge problem. When you get water in there and at the end of the day, if you are slipped, use a wet/fry vacuum to pull out all the water and check the cockpit floor drains to be sure they're not blocked because all that water coming into the boat should easily drain out those drain holes. Make sure the hoses are clear and if they have ball valves that they are open. I opened a thread in the Newbies section on how to SAFELY drain water out of your bilge using a wetvac. Make sure you follow the same instructions and only use it if you are not smelling any gas. You'll be fine.
  14. Hatem

    2018 247SSX Swim Platform

    Best thing you've done at this point. Once your attorney contacts them, watch how fast they move on it lol. What new boat did you buy? Very interested in knowing.
  15. Hatem

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    Wait, wut? What happened to the Mark Twain quote? Why did you repeat it when that donkey quoted it and you're still trying to have an actual discussion pertaining to the topic of the thread with me? I'm actually glad you're trying that TBH, but to call someone stupid and then pretend everything is normal is far from normal. If someone like that guy who has done NOTHING positive on this thread except attack me and claim my posts are dangerous AND use the old Mark Twain quote to call me stupid is beyond unforgivable and you re-iterating that point is so disgusting that do you think I, or anyone for that matter, would take that lightly and just forget about it and move on as if nothing happened is crazy! Would you do that? I doubt you'll answer that question. I hope you're done with your stupid vendetta against me and we can actually turn this rather important thread back to a normal one. To answer your question, no, creating routes using Home Port is not the only way or the easiest way. With these GPS' you can create a new waypoint from any point. Many times you're creating a waypoint (which BTW I you asked @brclark82 it the bread crumbs were the same thing as a waypoint, the answer is NO. How easy would it have been for me to jump all over you for not knowing that, like you did to me on the Simrad thread about the radar dome being level with the water?) But I chose not to do it again for the betterment of this thread and maybe, just maybe some of the newbies will start participating and asking question or even the big-time experts will start giving their input once all this BS is put behind us. Bread crumbs are exactly that, those black lines left behind the boat creating the boat's trail so you can use it several ways. You can use it to follow it bacc t o wherever you were (either homeport, or the last location you were at or use it for other information such as seeing crumbs over blue water. If you have them over blue water, that means you've been through that water which is less than 20ft and you'll know you made it through so it's safe to use it again and you won't bottom out or hit a rock. A waypoint is a point you set from anywhere you are to a certain destination and you follow it, just l described in that posts a few posts above. On Clark's and my 741xs, the waypoint line is created in a magenta color so it's very visible but like I mentioned before, there are issues with that because the line that is created is perfectly straight, and almost no travel around harbors and islands (and I'm assuming lakes) is straight, so you just have to rearrange that waypoint line to follow deep water. This guy explains perfectly from minute 2:37 to 4:15 so you don't have to watch the whole thing. That is the waypoint I'm talking about which is NOT the same as the bread crumbs trail. I don't think anyone but you and maybe a few other would do that since all the functions and information to create all these routes and comforts are already in the GPS. So why bother with doing something on the computer and then transferring it to the GPS? Maybe if you actually posted a thorough post with a good explanation and (God forbid a pic or two) would be a lot more helpful and maybe some newbies or others reading that would actually prefer doing it that way. But seems like a lot more work with all the info and tech capabilities built-into these great new GPS.