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  1. Hatem

    Time for Oil Change

    Why do I get the feeling this is more of a setup than a genuinely curious question? Lol. Maybe it's as myth and there's no truth to conventional mineral oils expanding the seals and once you introduce synthetic oil, the seals shrink back reducing wear, creating less deposits and crud, essentially cleansing the engine and so why would you want to reverse that process? The switch to synthetic from mineral is only beneficial, whereas the other way around is the opposite. I believe there's quite a bit of truth to that.
  2. Hatem

    New trailer advice please

    There ya go! Niiiice.
  3. Hatem

    Time for Oil Change

    This is pretty important and some people don't know about this and some who do will downplay it. AND, in the case of the OP, it doesn't sound like he knows what the original oil was that's in the boat so he might not have any choice but to do with the synthetic, given the scenario. Unless you know exactly what oil was put in before (or what it currently has), then I would go with a synthetic motor oil because of that principle. If you have mineral oil in the engine, then you can put mineral oil in again. But one you have put synthetic oil in the engine, you should NOT go back to mineral oil and since you're asking what oil to put use, I can only assume you don't know what's already in there, so go with a synthetic just to be safe. Besides, I think most would agree that synthetic oil is simply better anyway. And I would stick with VP products because of the OEM concept. I always abide by that as much as possible but that's just me.
  4. Hatem

    I can't figure out what engine my boat has

    Sorry, bruh. The pic was up for a while and now the link is dead. One of those weird internet things. @RichMarionOhio used to have a 1987 198XL and it had a 4 cylinder Mercruiser 165 HP 4-cycle engine in it. Unfortunately is was set ablaze by some lowlife arsonist and he ended up buying a newer boat. But he would know more about these models and maybe he gets this tag and chimes in. One of the rarer, nicer fellas on this board. Here's the link to the pic of the Mercruiser 140 again, maybe you can see it now? https://boats-from-usa.com/sites/default/files/boats/chaparral/31105/chaparral-198-c-xl-324867.jpg Another one. Does look different than the one in your boat, even the engine mounts are different. Probably a Chevy small block and not the original Merc 140 if it has a GM stamp on it. Just a guess.
  5. Hatem

    Where is Water Heater Breaker!

    Just FYI those pics are not of my boat; I have a bowrider but am a bit familiar with some of this shhtuff since I was going to buy a cabin cruiser but opted for a BR instead. Oh! Well, that kinda explains why it's tripping, like others mentioned. Question is, why are the outlets doing the same thing? Sounds like he connected the feed off the same circuit as the water heater. You'll have to find a way to pull out one of those receptacles and trace the wires and disconnect them off that circuit. Not an easy task but maybe you can ask the previous owner to help you with that since you're able to contact him and that would be much easier and quicker. Then connect them to a separate circuit, maybe tie one of the outlets to the Head Outlet circuit? Then piggy-back the other two off of that one. Then they should work off of shore power or the genset, provided it has enough amps to supply all circuits. Is it in the rear portside of the bilge? Yeah, you have to cut out the transom to get to it LOL! Just kidding! I have to be careful when I say these things because the FMC gets all bent out of shape and they think people will actually take these things literally. I think (form what I remember) is you might have to remove the Kohler genset to make enough room to slide it out? Definitely a tough one.
  6. Hatem

    VP DP- s banging/clanking

    Nooo! Why would you want to do that? I would do exactly what Curt said. Unless you have no other choice to get the boat from a dock to the ramp to get it on a trailer, then maybe. But even so, I'd get a tow just to avoid breaking anything further. Plus there might've been things that settled and once you start it up they move into areas you want to keep them out of.. Plus, if you didn't hear anything at 1000 RPM, I doubt you'll hear or feel anything by turning the props by hand but it's definitely worth a try. Either way, it sounds like one of three things: Engine coupler, U-joints or the lower unit. If that clanking was that noticeable over the noise of an 8.1, that's no small piece of equipment that's banging around, unfortunately. Unless you can get it on a trailer, pop the drive off and check the U-joints, shaft, coupler to eliminate those, then I would take it to your nearest shop mechanic asap. Keep us posted and good luck.
  7. LOL! We need to find out if Denny has a TV also... ....remember him busting our balls about trying to hook up a TV on a boat and he said something about "oh hey, you get out on the water to be on the water why would you want a TV" grumpy old man shtuuufff, you know, but not nearly as bad as Calopadopadus but imagine if Denny does have a TV after giving us so much @#$%@# about that? LOL! Fess up, Denny!
  8. Hatem

    Chaparral 180 ssi

    I hope you're not in Canada? lol. We went through this before, someone got a boat as a gift from an auction and couldn't find out what year it was and it had some really shady plate on the transom with some very bizarre information, like the add for a carpentry company LOL. But check for the hull identification number somewhere on the starboard transom and the last two digits should indicate the year.
  9. Hatem

    I can't figure out what engine my boat has

    NADA lists the original motor on those as the Mercruiser 140. But other boats of the same year seem to mostly have 200 or 220 HP Chevy small blocks in them. Maybe that's what you have.
  10. Hatem

    Just cause we have a bunch of airplane lovers

    @SST, check out this sideways landing of a TUI Boeing 757/200 coming into Bristol Airport in southwest England yesterday. He's coming in with 40knts crosswinds from a nasty storm they've been enduring that has caused traveling chaos there the last few days. But what's particularly strange about this landing is that he kicks the rudder after he touches down sideways. I'm pretty sure that 99.99999% of the time this trick is performed, the pilot kicks the rudder a second or two before touchdown to straighten the aircraft so that it's parallel to the runway and the rear wheels aren't sideways. he might've timed it incorrectly and got lucky because the runway was wet and slick from the rain and has been praised for it. But I think that had the runway been dry, it might've been a bit more treacherous on those tires. What think?
  11. Hatem

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    In our situation, there is also the drum windlass option which I think is actually perfect and more likely to be a better option than a conventional gipsy windlass. The OP in this thread below is doing exactly that on his 97 Sunesta and there's a pretty good discussion on that thread about that drum system. There's also a different option for the bow roller plate instead of the one I bought which goes on the newer 277's and 287's I believe. I've also already bought everything from thaat bow roller plate to the windlass anchor to all the electrical cables etc. and it would cost me too much to change it to a drum, even though I really would prefer that but it's kinda too late. But take a look at this thread and you'll learn a lot of very cool things that you might find handy, especially the video I posted of an installation that is almost identical to what you and I need to do to keep our bow ladder as well. I'll post the video here anyway, but definitely check out the discussion on the drum windlass. You might like that better than the horizontal one.
  12. Hatem

    Boat ramps on Winnipesaukee

    I guess no one on this board, ey? Did you make the trip? I've been thinking about heading up there sometime, just to see what it's like to boat a lake and freshwater but I hear it's pretty nuts in the summertime. A lot of clowns speeding in no-wake zones and drunken goofballs and fights and all that. Can't be that bad all the time but everything I hear is that it gets pretty crowded during the 3 months. Where do you boat out of CT? And is that a 257 or 277?
  13. Hatem


    I have a friend who's in the Swedish military and part of a tank regiment. Told me about part of their training is to sleep and live outdoors for several weeks in -35F degree weather in the winter lol. The reason that came up is because I was telling him how we work outside in our winters and how tough we are.........lol. You should easily be able to find out how thick your transom is by removing one of the busted screws and sticking a wire in from the outside while a friend on the inside tells you when it comes through. Pinch it and hold the spot against the outside transom with your fingers and pull it out and then measure that length of wire. Then you'll need to add whatever extra for the thickness of the brackets themselves and enough to add whatever else you need on the inside such as washers or a plate and the nut to tighten it. So transom thickness + bracket thickness + enough thread on the bolts for washer/plate & nuts.
  14. lol, I should've known better haha. Is there anything you don't have, Denny? I know, you're going to need one of those laptop brackets the cops have in their cars for that Dell.
  15. Hatem

    Where is Water Heater Breaker!

    Were you on shore power or using your genset? Your Perko switch selectors shouldn't help you with the water heater if I'm not mistaken since they really only control the main 12vt circuits unless the one labeled'"cabin panels' is the culprit. Is this what your setup looks like? What I would do to check things first is go to your panel (which I believe is on the starboard side of the cabin as soon as you go down the stairs) and make sure the main breakers are on shore power and the switch is OFF and that you're plugged in tight at the dock tower and cord is all the way into the boat receptacle (which in your case should be on the starboard side of the boat right outside the same vicinity of this electric panel) and make sure everything is snug and no problems. Then flick the main breaker switch on (which I believe this is the exact panel one on your boat) and the switch is on the top breaker not the bottom one for the AC (keep that one off for now) and make sure all your switches are in the OFF position first before flicking main. Then turn all your main appliances witches on one at a time and you'll notice the 4th switch from the bottom right is your water heater and see if it works or not. Also find out which switch activates your cabin plugs and if it is indeed on the same switch as the water heater which would be a bit strange. But try that first and see if either the water heater and/or plugs work.