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  1. Hatem

    PSA: Buy the correct batteries for your boat!

    Agreed. I don't see any benefit to rotating two house batteries within the same bank. Especially if you have specific starting and house batteries. Rotating a strictly starting battery with a house ones is actually not a good thing. The only way I see a possible benefit is if all batteries are the same, such as all-purpose ones. But the rest of your point about charging patterns makes a lot of sense. If one is showing a drastic difference in voltage from the other, then you either have a bad battery or it's not charging correctly.
  2. Hatem

    97 Sunesta 232 electric windlass project

    How you making out with this project? Any updates or are you taking a break?
  3. Hatem

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    So with this new fad in yacht designs and innovation, adding masts and sails for sail-assisted, hybrid propulsion systems with trans-oceanic capabilities is the creation of such masterpieces (also by the Dutch, I might add) as this beauty. The Black Pearl, inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean. I guess saving on fuel would be worth the discomfort of the listing that comes with sailboats? I don't know, but when you think of luxury in the hundreds of millions of $, not sure that would be very desirable. Then there's this thing, Sailing Yacht A. lol.
  4. Hatem

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    2 crew per person, talk about being spoiled. So many cool processes throughout that whole build but the two that I find really fascinating is how they shrink-wrapped the entire hull and tops before transporting it out of that assembly hangar to the finishing one. They wrapped every surface of that thing skin tight and built tent-staging around while doing that. Not sure if they were hiding the process or if it has something to do with containing the heat? But why would they shrink wrap it for that transport? To keep moisture off the steel and prevent any rust from developing? The hull is steel but the top levels and roof caps look to be aluminum but still, they shrink-wrapped those surfaces as well. And then that fairing compound is fascinating. Would love to know what that is that they get to adhere to steel and aluminum plates for years and years and is a solid base for the gelcoat. I would think with that finish gloss and application that it's more than likely to be gelcoat and not paint.
  5. Hatem

    Pensacola area hot spots

    Are you near NAS Pensacola by any chance? That would be pretty much #1 on my list, to find the best spot to catch the Blue Angels flying around at anchor.
  6. Hatem

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Well the only 40-foot Chaparral is the Premier 400/420 and they stopped making them a few years ago. Not that many out there. Now they've stopped making their Signature series with the exception of the 270. So if you want a new(er) Signature 350, you'll have to look for the any left-over 2018 models or a used, previous year. Good luck.
  7. Hatem

    Signature 330 Holding Tank

    Once they get kinked, they usually don't un-kink themselves on their own and he would continue experiencing the same problem. Seems like it's cleared itself.
  8. Hatem

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Makes sense. I would think the Dutch give a lot of consideration for high efficiency and fuel management protocols etc. But when you build something this gluttonous, hard to believe there's much energy efficiency going on. I suppose it's all proportionate. Speaking of energy efficiency, they're putting masts and sails on some of these things now.
  9. Hatem

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Curious what powers that thing, whether it be a fully dedicated generator producing enough power and using less fuel or it just has its own gas or diesel powered engine?
  10. Hatem

    Towing a Dinghy

    Dang, I thought you were messing with my head again, bruh. . They look pretty tight for inflatables. We already have the kayak but these would be great when it's time to get a paddle board. Awesome. Although I must say, that does increase my innate and desperate fear of great white sharks and those would be much easier for them razor daggers to penetrate, lol. You know, we have a bunch of them up here now. Guy was boogie - boarding at a Cape Cod beach and GW bit him in half. 1st fatality in Massachusetts in 86 years. A month prior to that, a doctor figured it would be fun to swim with a pack of seals right where there was a shark advisory, yaaaay. Almost lost his hip, leg and arm. I suppose you have a better chance in a kayak of either type but you're going in the water whether you're on a stiff or inflatable paddle board.
  11. Hatem

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Pretty cool 6 minute time-lapse video of 3 years building the 87 meter LOA Feadship Lonian. That's what, 260 feet? lol. @Curt, check out the bow thruster they put in it @ minute 4:06 they used a forklift to lift it into position . We were talking about forklifts on that other thread. Also really interesting how they finish the hull with such massive amounts of fairing compound and gelcoat. Truly remarkable and this is not even showing any of the interior work.
  12. Hatem

    Towing a Dinghy

    I've tied a kayak on the swim platform and cruised with it no problem. I had to back out of the slip a little until the swim platform cleared the dock so there was enough room since the kayak stuck out on both sides a bit. Jumped in the water while my wife handed me the lines and I dove under to tie the lines through the stern eyes and back up. Put a few towels under and next to the kayak so it wouldn't scratch anything and tied it really well and went to Boston harbor doing about 20mph. Held perfectly fine and didn't even move a smidgen. If you think enough, there's almost always a temporary solution. Now that we use the kayak more often, thinking of a permanent solution and might get some brackets for it. Maybe something like these that can pop in and back out when not in use so they don't stick out all the time. Or like this.
  13. Hatem

    Signature 330 Holding Tank

    How does a vent hose for a holding tank on a 2004 Signature 330 kink on its own?
  14. Hatem

    VP 5.7 GXI-j Distributor Timing

    I think the problem was that he was using a Vortec distributer on a VP 5.7 Gxi and after he installed it and it ran perfectly except for the slight misfire a WOT, he decided to check the cam retard setting with most likely a Rinda since he was using Diacom software and was getting a reading of 0/+1 which is pretty much where it should be. But then he went to check the correct, listed cam retard setting, that was the problem since he was told 3 different settings. And when one of those suggested settings was 42 degrees, he said he couldn't even set it past 30 before the engine stopped running. So there was something wrong going on and even without that, the fact that he was told by a Volvo Penta dealer that the setting was 13 degrees +/-5 AND the repair manual was 45 degrees +/- 5, it was a head scratcher. That's why I was asking Chap243 to let us know what his mechanic says when he gets to it and in fact it's firing nicely throughout all RPM ranges. Maybe the Vortec distributer he was using was the wrong one or defective or something, who knows. It just would be nice to know.
  15. LOL! Been there done that too. Except I usually wake up to either a rodeo show, monster truck mania or inevitably "a new vacuum that beats all other vacuums" infomercial.