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  1. That's pretty cool. Reading through your posts I never knew they made a remote to access the info on the charger and then couldn't figure out how they worked until what you just said here. I'll have to check my new charger that I'll be installing this winter to see if it does support a remote, now that you've peaked my interest since that would be great because it's location is not necessary difficult to access, it's just facing the side of the compartment instead of forward, a bit difficult just to look at lol. A remote would be awesome. I also need to check and see if this new charger gives you the individual battery readings for each battery and if that would show up on the remote. Wouldn't that be nice.
  2. Hatem

    Props: How They're Made

    Ever once in a while there's a technology that's developed that pretty much blows the doors wide open. In this case it's in the manufacturing process and I guess the sky's the limit with 3-D printers. Speaking of props, has anyone tried making them out of carbon fiber yet? Seems like an ideal material for just that.
  3. Hatem

    Where Can I Install This Fresh Water Pump?

    Can I ask how under the sink would be lower than the fresh water tank? I'm just curious but in a 1998 Sunesta 232, isn't your water tank in the bilge/engine compartment and your sink in the cockpit? That would put the sink higher than even the top of the water tank, unless I'm missing something. Also in your first post, you said the pump is "UL listed and ignition protected" which means it's perfectly fine in the engine compartment. "Explosive environment" is much more extenuating and a disclaimer in case you decide to use it somewhere crazy, like inside a fuel tank or something. I would think you would want it to sit right on the same platform as your water tank and connect it right to the bottom of it like most of them are.
  4. Hatem

    Newb here 2006 252 Questions

    "Lifetime Sirius"? That's pretty good. Never realized they offered that at any point. It probably won't be as fast as whatever Bajas you had, but then again it's not designed for that kinda speed but I bet it's pretty quick with very decent top end. Trim tabs will help it get on plane faster and help you adjust the boat's tilting if you're overloaded to one side or the other. Post some pics when you get it.
  5. Hatem

    Stopping a Boat on Plane.

    Hello Newbies & veterans. Thought this instructional video would be very helpful about a specific part of boating that not too many address since it's a bit boring and not as sexy as actually getting on plane or hitting 50mph or your boat looking rad. But it is a very important and safety related aspect of boating that I think all newbies (and seasoned) boaters should take a look at to learn the skill of how to properly stop when coming off plane / refresh your skills that might've crapped out through the years of complacency. It's only 3:41 long.
  6. Hatem

    Props: How They're Made

    When I first saw the video, I wondered why they didn't mold the entire wax prop in one shot. Then I thought that maybe it's not necessarily impossible to take apart like they did with the hub first and the blades from the die cast, but then I realized this gives them the option of placing different prop pitches as well as different amounts of blades per prop like you said. Crazy. Too bad they couldn't use the wax itself during the 3D printing process, that way it melts away a lot easier than plastic. But I suppose the difference is not unmanageable between the two mediums. You said you have prototyped several new products this way, may I ask what exactly? You've peaked my interest. BTW, I had no idea you replied to this thread when you don't quote me. It doesn't notify the person you're addressing if you don't quote them. The only other way they find out is if they randomly check the thread.
  7. Hatem

    Just ordered my first drone

    Taking stills from the video is not easy apparently. Plus the white from the boat on a 97* day without a single cloud is creating a lot of light reflection and too much brightness that can't be adjusted for some reason. Should be able to see a lot more definition with 4K than that. We'll get it. EDIT: Actually now that I remember, I took the flag and rods off so nothing was in the way of it taking off and landing it on the sunpad.
  8. Hatem

    Just ordered my first drone

    Still need to work on getting quality stills from the video footage.
  9. Hatem

    2350 SX help

    I thought you were in Canada. Either way, don't you need a valid HIN to register it here in the US? That's how they keep track of what year it is based on the last 2 digits of the HIN as well as making sure that nothing stolen is reregistered under a different number. Amazing that you got it registered without an actual, valid HIN number unless that V-23-334 is indeed a valid HIN number for pre-2001 boats in Canada. Or is it 2006 like you said? This is still very strange. Here it says: Registration is optional for all pleasure craft, regardless of tonnage and length, as per the Canada Shipping Act, 2001. Note that the registration requirements based on tonnage are no longer required. https://aceboater.com/en/registration-boat
  10. Hatem

    Just ordered my first drone

    Nah, don't waste any money on a startup. They're pretty easy to operate and you can practice flying it safely in your backyard off the deck, landing and taking off until you're ready to do it off the boat. It's all the other electronic gimmicks, adjustments etc. that take a while to understand, at least for us. And depending on which one you get, controlling the camera gimbal manually or setting it up to face a certain way or use the 'follow me' feature are all the things that take a bit of time to learn and get used to. But either way you'd have to deal with that even if you practiced on a cheaper model first. One thing about this Mavic Pro is it's incredibly sensitive to any input from the controls. And it's reactions to the controls are incredibly fast and sudden. Learning to smooth out those reactions is where the practice comes in handy, especially landing it on a rocking boat. Very fun to fly and the footage is outstanding.
  11. Hatem

    Is transom seal an engine pull

    That is very true. Plus you don't get to see if there is any rot damage to the keyhole in the transom and address that before it gets any worst, if indeed water is coming in from a bad seal. I would put a bead of 4200 right around the housing plate where it meets the transom, for now like Dennis suggested, without even pulling it out and getting behind it, then let it dry and see if it does indeed cure the water penetration problem. If it does, then you know you'll have to address it properly in the offseason and then it'll be easier to remove that outer bead on the outside and not clamped in by the transom housing being tightened on it. Then pull the engine and outdrive before winterizing, check the transom keyhole and do whatever needs to be done to it if it needs repair. Then you can change the seal on the outdrive and do it right. If the temporary bead doesn't fix the water penetration, then at least you'll know the seal isn't the problem.
  12. Hatem

    Any opinion on Mantus Anchors?

    Denny, great idea on the zip-ties to mark the spot where you need to slow down pulling up the anchor, but I noticed something and hope you don't mind a bit of constructive criticism? I'm looking at the lower picture and I think that was right after you installed it, looks nice and brand new but I see the center of the gipsy is installed exactly in the same line as the center of the roller, but the chain comes into the side of the gipsy so it's at a bit of an angle to the end of the roller. Shouldn't the gipsy be a little offset to portside so that the side where the chain & rode come in and out of it be exactly on that same center line of the roller? And did you end up taking out that rear, white roller on the bow roller itself to reduce that offset tension? It looks like it's missing on the top pic. Or is that the way it's supposed to be installed with the chain a little offset like that?
  13. Hatem

    Is transom seal an engine pull

    I'm actually seeing several people using that as a permanent solution to a leaky seal. They're pulling the drive and transom plate out just a little to get a bead of 4200 behind it and then tightening it back up again and sealing it. Not sure that's the best way to do it, but certainly seems like a much quicker and easier solution than pulling the engine out to get the drive out and get to its seal.
  14. Hatem

    Serpentine belt

    I'm still getting chaffing from my belt. Scares the heII out of me after we come back after every outing and I open the hatch to flush, I see belt flakes, just a few on the portside of the bilge but I keep hoping it'll stop flaking like that but it never does. Something is obviously not right since I shouldn't get any flaking whatsoever. Even if it's minimal like it is, something is off it's just almost impossible to determine what it is exactly. Here's an interesting thing - the service manager at the local dealer where I had it taken a couple of years ago when the pump was really wobbling to have it completely changed and tightened up, told me that this is very normal and that it even happens in every car, we just don't see it and it only shows up so obviously in our boats because our bilges are white gelcoat, lol. I said yeah, ok, whatever you say. But what about all the other boats that don't have a single spec of flaking in their white, gelcoated bilges? LOL.
  15. Hatem

    Just ordered my first drone

    Been practicing with this thing like crazy, got a ton of cool footage in the process of editing. But we were moored at a cove and sent it up... ...and then! Luckily landed it on the pad as soon as we saw the gloomy skies turn in a matter of seconds. Dam New England weather lol.